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Remix DJ's Rule! (11-19-2013) 12:11 AM

Still alive.....  If anyone's interested, I've been doing my own thing... Don't know when/if I'll be back.....

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-24-2013) 9:04 PM

Sorry we've been down for the last four days.  This happened....

We were Mirror 2, and Complete Beastles on www.thebeastles.com

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-12-2013) 7:00 PM

It's Live Kids,   The Beastles  -  Ill Submarine,  from our NEWEST DJ!!!  dj BC.

Also tonight,  OMG I'm sorry you guys had to wait so long!!  DJ Melle & Son with two new jams! You guys never fail to impress me!
Pop Your Balloon - Wild Sweet Cool Mix
So What'cha Want - Wild Style Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-6-2013) 6:16 PM

World Premiere !!!  dj BC !!!
The Beastles - Ill Submarine

dj BC is spinning in Atlanta, GA on Saturday nights at.. www.bootieatl.com, www.djbc.net
Video by Scotland-based video masher ThriftshopXL
The new double album, Ill Submarine, is coming soon
The previous records can be got at www.thebeastles.com
Cover art by Yo Yo Yosef

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2013) 10:58 PM
New track from an old DJ tonight.... This is the first Long Burn the Fire remix that I've ever heard, and the first one on the site. Go PWN!!!!!!
PWN Productions with: Long Burn The Fire - 808 Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-4-2013) 1:10 AM

We Miss You!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-3-2013) 10:22 PM

Squer, the only Fin on the site, representing his country well...
Alive - From Moskovan Keikka II Mixtape
Ch-Check It Out - From Moskovan Keikka III Mixtape
Too Many Rappers (Fuck Dying)

PWN Productions goin' futuristic with one, and old school with the other. Nice!
Here's A Little Somethin' For Ya - Space-Electro-MIX
Too Many Rappers - Chillout RMX

AdZud our little Frenchy friend, what can I say...
Pass The Mic - Contrabajo del Guerrero mix

The dynamic duo of DJ Melle & Son is back with some impressive jams.
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Storytellers Mix
So What'Cha Want - Funky Bizniz Mix

Master of Beats, Beatmaster, droppin' a grungy little track that made me smile.
Triple Trouble - Remix

Neuroleptick with an ambitious mixtape today. The Whoever Pella Project - 20 tracks of Beastie Boys Instrumentals with other vocals!


We've also got this new super clean pella for you guys to play with, Get It Together (Acapella DIY Edited) get it HERE.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-2-2013) 11:32 PM

Questlove Toasts the Beastie Boys' Induction

Erick Sermon says Beastie Boys, One of the Three Greatest in Hip-Hop

Chuck D On the Beastie Boys' rap revolution

?uestlove of the Roots talks about the Beastie Boys

Rakim on the passing of MCA of The Beastie Boys

Cymple Man - RIP MCA Video

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 Induction Ceremony - Beastie Boys Tribute

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-9-2013) 11:30 PM  Update Soon!  Are you ready???

Amsterdam, The Melkweg - Promo Gig (05/16/2004)
MMM Throwing random jams at the boys, and they shine!!!
(Click play, Volume at 11, go do your dishes, and/or laundry, be prepared to express "mirth, pleasure, derision, or nervousness with an audible, vocal expulsion of air from the lungs that can range from a loud burst of sound to a series of quiet chuckles")
When I'm in Holland I eat the pannenkoeken.........Whaaaat?   O-Kaaay......


Remix DJ's Rule! (2-14-2013) 1:06 AM  Happy Valentine's Day

Beastie Boys - MCA tribute mashup - Chromium05


Remix DJ's Rule! (1-2-2013) 10:00 PM  I'm not dead yet kids!!!

I'm back tonight, and guess who else is as well !?   DJ AKForty7,  with an end of the world jam I should have had up a couple weeks ago at the very least.  Hit it up now....
Pass The Mic - 2012 End of the World Mix

Guess who else is back!  Epileptic.  Wait, that's neuroleptick. And he's back with a whole mixtape. 16 tracks of Beastie Boys / Dj Food goodness.

Beastie Boys -vs- Dj Food


On a side note,  if anyone out there is familiar with Adobe Flash Cross Domain policies, shoot me an e-mail, I'm having a bit of a problem with a project I'm working on.



Remix DJ's Rule! (11-24-2012) 9:00 PM

Alright,  I've been sitting on these for far too long....

First up,  if you've downloaded this mix from our old pal Damon Tedesco,  please re-download.  The quality was suspect and I didn't notice when I uploaded it originally.  Quality control is really lacking around here.  You should compain to the manager.
An Open Letter to NYC - Mashup

Next up, the aristocrats from Albany,  DJ Melle & Son doing what they do.  Kickin' out the jams!
Long Burn The Fire - Here Comes the Ghetto Mix
Posse In Effect - Smooth Momentum Mix

Annnnd  then there's DJ AK47 with some vidya game / chiptune / goodness
The Lisa Lisa - Full Force Routine - Gamma Remix

If you have any mixes by Phonicoid that this guy might not have hit me up.  If you've talked to Phonisoid, or have any memories that you'd like to share either post them in the Reddit thread or mail them to me and I'll pass them along. 

Hope everyone's good.  I'm not doing all that well,  but I'm glad you got the opportunity to hear from me tonight. ;-)


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-29-2012) 10:15 PM
Hey kiddos,  I've got something good for you guys tonight.  I really don't know how to explain it..  Just think Industiral, electronic, chill music... I really can't, and don't want to clasify it.  Just take a listen.  Drink in hand, headphones on head, head in pillow, relax and take it all in. 

neuroleptick with tonight's mixtape de jour... Beastie Boys -vs- Shadow Huntaz.  I don't know who these "Shadow Huntaz" are,  but they seem like a bunch of chill ass dudes.

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-20-2012) 10:00 PM
Big update tonight,  LOTS of goodies for all the patient boys and girls.

First up,  the guys that have been waiting a fair bit of time for me to get off of my arse..

DJ AK47,  Yep, that one!! tonight with his newest jammie jam..
Crazy Ass Shit - ft. Wax Tailor, Marina Quaisse & A.S.M

Next, the dynamic duo of Dj Melle & Son. Quality as far as the eye can see.. Nice!
Pop Your Balloon - Funkdoobiest Mix

Now for the frawg. AdZud,  droppin' a track that usually makes me rage with happiness, AdZud bringing it down a notch and reminding us of our fallen friend.
Sabotage - Yauch Blues

Now for the newest kid on the block, neuroleptick..  He picked one of my favorite little weird Beastie tracks Spam, chilled it down and rocked it.
Spam - Borough Mix

Now something completely cool,  The one who rips hippies has returned!  The Hippie Ripper droppin' his full HSCP2 mixtape entitled: Blues Cheese Committee Part 2. 18-Tracks of good times funk.. Be sure and check the "Back Cover" for info on this fine piece of work.

Also tonight,  as if the previous wansn't enough,  a new "Good Friend of the Site" has uploaded Mix Master Mike's XFM Podcasts'..  Episodes 1 through 13.  We had 1 and 2 before,  Now we have a LOT more.  They're all on the LIVE page.   Big thanks D-

Silence7, over and out for tonight kiddos..  See ya' soon..


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