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Remix DJ's Rule! (10-4-2012) 10:17 PM

Dennio's Critique

Just let this percolate in the background while you do something else,  it get's good.
22 video/track playlist.

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-4-2012) 12:37 AM
Got something fun for you guys tonight. Thanks to DJ Skrilla for bringing this to my attention, and uploading it for us.  In 2004 some of the guys on the BBMB Remixes board....  Well,  I'll just let you read the thread yourself... HERE.   1 hour, and 24 minutes of 2004 remix goodness from some of the OG's of the Beastie Boys remix scene..

Click To Download
Full sized covers with tracklisting included in .zip file.



Remix DJ's Rule! (9-13-2012) 11:42 PM
Get your hard drives ready, headphones on, drink in hand, and get ready to drop out for a couple hours and listen to what I've got for you tonight!  Ready..... Set...... GO!!!!!!!!

The old mans' with us tonight for the first time in a while. Chromium05 banging one out like only he can.
(Mini-MegaMix)  MCA - Tribute-Mix

Another old guy, Kai Tombo. Our 9th hosted DJ. Sending out the jams from the other side of the world.
Right Right Now Now - Hooooo Mix

MCScoobyT I thought I had already put this up at some point, but couldn't find it. Well here it is! 48-1/2 minutes of love from Scoob.
(MegaMix)  The Yauch Tape - An Anthology of MCA RIP part 1

DJ Melle & Son.  The dynamic duo that always reminds me of fun times I've had with my Pop. bringin' the jams tonight with...
Long Burn The Fire - Happy Hour Mix
Pass The Mic - Soul Clappin Mix
Funky Donkey - House Of Bricks Mix

The new guy, neuroleptick, is back at it again!  Droppin' some dirty beats, and I love it!
Triple Trouble - Double Drop Mix
Pass The Mic - Artifact Mix
Stop That Train - Flonk Mix

Hope you guys are all doing good!  I miss this place....


Remix DJ's Rule! (9-4-2012) 10:03 PM
Guess what kids!! NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!! Please welcome the newest member of our little family. neuroleptick. He comes to us from the U.K., and more importantly he comes to us with the required THREE MIXES!! ;-p
So What'cha Want - Can't Front Mix
That's It That's All - Fidget Dub Mix
We Got The - Dtronic Mix

You guys/girls need to hear this! No, I'm serious! Solid Steel Radio Show 31/8/2012 "Beastie Boys‘ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album made entirely from the original sample sources" This thing is 64 minutes of Oh My Gawd!!!!

OH, and check this Beastie Boys Remixed; 100% Reggae Riddims, Dancehall, Roots, Digital Dub.
Mixed by DJ i.e. of Up-Cut Sound.

Don't get all happy just yet,  I'm still not fully "back"  pardon the pun.

Big Hugs!!


(9-3-2012) 10:40 PM
Note to self:
No more drinking and posting.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-31-2012) 10:19 PM    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sis!!!  You Old Hag!!!
Ok kids,  I'm here tonight with a question.  My back is still kicking my ass, I can't stay at my desk for very long before the pain kills me. I have a few 'new' DJs on hold til' I get better, and I feel like a real asshole for making them wait to be hosted. What to do?? I really want to get back into things, but I'm not well. My head's in it, but my body ain't ready. Are you guys ok? Do I just need to suck it up like a real man and get the Fuck busy updating the site?  I feel like a real loser for being away for sooo long...   The site was built to be an "archive of Beastie Boys remixes" but is that what it's become?  An archive?   I don't know if I'm ready or prepaired for that shit.    I may be down, but I'm not out.   No worries, I will be paying the hosting for as long as I can afford it.  If I have to rent my junk by the hour,  you guys will have a host.

I still rock the Beasties 8 days a week, in the car, at home, iPod etc.... I'm still reeling with the fact that Yauch is not with us any more. It's seriously got my head in a haze.  Like I should be doing something profound, and healing for the BB community, but I really don't know what.   I have an idea for a Remix Contest.  It's an idea that I've had for about 2 years, but I don't know if now is the time, so soon after MCA's passing.   I'm going to need the help of one of MCA's friends on this one, and I'm a little worried about asking for help.  I'm in a pickle, don't want to offend,  don't want to seem like I just thought of this after MCA's passing, but it's been in my head for a couple years now......  What can I do without seeming like I'm trying to take advantage of a fucked up situation..  Adam is gone.  I would have given everything I own to have kept him on this earth, but we all know that there's no way I could have single handedly saved him by trading my possessions. It is what it is. Should I reach out and for help from a friend of Adam's to help with a contest to get things back to normal around here?  Does the site stay put as an archive?   What to do.........

Listening to Cat Stevens tonight on vinyl and feeling down..

"And if I ever lose my legs
I won't moan and I won't beg
Oh if I ever lose my legs- Oh if...
I won't have to walk no more"

.... Help me.......

Much love,


Remix DJ's Rule! (7-19-2012) 11:07 PM
I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking.. Got my 2nd spinal shot 2 weeks ago, and I'll say, I'm back to about 85-90% Feels Good Man!!! I've had a couple new DJ requests and if I haven't got back to you I'm sorry, Soon, Soon.......

Got this in my inbox the other day and liked it, you'll probably like it too. Ch-Check it Out...

Dia2ill's debut music video. This video is a tribute dedication to the
late and GREAT Adam "MCA" Yauch of The Beastie Boys. RIP.

Directed by Duy Tran

All you old school guys on the site, does this video remind you of anything??

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-4-2012) 12:11 PM
I know it's been a rough month for all of us, and it's not likely to get any better. The one thing I can take solace in is that all of the Boys seemed to be down with people making remixes of their tracks, and I believe Yauch would like for us to continue having fun with the pellas that we have, so without further a-doo-doo (Rhyme).  Here we go...

The kids, DJ Melle & Son have dropped three four new Beastie Boys mixes on us, and have been waiting patiently for me to get to them,  so go ch-check these.
3 The Hard Way - Regulate the Mix Track
Crazy Ass Shit - Can't Stop Mix
Flowin' Prose - Keep The Heads Ringin Mix

Ch-Check it Out - Mission Impossible Full Theme Mix

Damon Tedesco also back today with a new smooth jam, with a haunting sample twist that brought back some bad memories.
An Open Letter to NYC - Beastie Boys Mashup

And then there's this dude,  MCScoobyT, wishing power to MCA.
Instant Death - Part II (MCA Rest In Power remix)

Keep your chins up kiddos. Do what I do,  jump in the car, open the sun roof, crank Check Your Head to 11, and drive fast.

If anyone knows how to get ahold of Biz Markie, send me an e-mail. Thanks.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-4-2012)


Adam "MCA" Yauch
August 5th, 1964   -   May 4th, 2012

We miss you already...

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-2-2012) 10:32 PM

Please head over and check out my friends at freshcassette.com they're doing good things on the #PWR2MCA project. Full mixtape and all that jazz. They love us a little, but not enough to ask us to host their mixtape. :-\ Still they're suppa' cool, so GO and ch-check it out.. Tell them S7 sent ya'...

Is it 1200, or 1500 miles to the 5 boroughs? The world may never know....

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-24-2012) 12:15 PM
Well would you look at this, I'm back, and so are you.. Welcome to the monthly update... Yes I know, but I'm still broken, and really no hope for me to be pain free any time soon.

Let's just get with this..

Beatmaster dropped a new track! It's been waiting, so let's stop the waiting, and go take a listen.
Crazy Ass Shit - Come on Remix

The Hippie Ripper dropped two new tracks. One had me all emotional, and the other... The Doors?
Crazy Ass Shit - Sweet Ass Shit
Say It - Play Dead Jam

Then there's this guy... R2Dj returning with a fat (spelled with a PH) new tape. 15 tracks to help support the PWR2MCA project. Go take a listen, it's niice!!!
Sriracha Consortium Part VI (A Dedication to MCA)

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-21-2012) 10:00 PM

These guys below have been waiting weeks for their mixes to be put up,  and I'm sorry.  But here they are now.

These two kids have been busy little beavers haven't they?!  DJ Melle & Son with:
Tadlocks Glasses - Principles Office Mix
Long Burn The Fire - Stay In The Mix
Long Burn The Fire - Letting Go Mix

The man who rips hippies, The Hippie Ripper has also not been asleep. Keep an eye on him,  some day he may well be running this site. So be nice to him.
Nonstop Disco Power Pack - Flower Power Packed Disco
Long Burn The Fire - Rieger Jam
 ( I love TAXI!!)

Our old friend Chromium05 also dropped a new track,  crazy as ever, crazy ass shit?!
Crazy Ass Shit - Blue Daisy Mix

Oh and check this out,  MCScoobyT's very own Podcast.
S7's Hot Sauce Oh My Back Is Killing Me PODCAST by MCScoobyT 
Until I can work for 1/2 hour or so at my desk and get this put up on the site and into the RSS feed, you'll have to SoundCloud it..  The Download is enabled, so you can download it there also.

A month to the day,  I'm sort of back.  I got my spinal steroid shot on 3-15,  six days later, and I feel different but am still in a lot of pain.  I'd love to be here updating, scouring the net for fun mashups and remixes, playing in the BBMB,  and twittering the Yauch fan club girls,  but alas it still kills me to work at my desk at home.  To all the people who've e-mailed me with your well wishes,  THANK YOU!! As I've said many times before,  you guys really are the best.  I'll try answering some of your e-mails tonight.

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-21-2012) 8:15 PM
Hey kids,  in case you haven't noticed,  I haven't really been around recently. I do however have an excuse.  As weak as it may sound, I have not been in good health for the last few months. I've had almost constant sciatic nerve pain. (Back/Leg)  It's been pretty bad, and it's seriously painful to be sitting here at my desk at home.  Chiropractor six times, 12+ regular hospital visits,  X-rays,  MRI,  physical therapy three times so far, muscle relaxers, steroids, pain killers,  and now they want to give me an injection in my spine.  Are we having fun yet???!!!!

Soooo,  I have been,  and will continue to be taking some more time off.  Sorry guys  :-(

In the time since I've been gone,  Beastiemixes passed it's 6th year of being online!!!!  Whoo! Hoo!!  Thanks to all who've contributed over the years to make Beastiemixes the WORLDS LARGEST Beastie Boys remix site in history!!  You Guys Rock!.

Upon my triumphant return:
I know that there are mixes waiting to be put up.  There are about 50 High Quality live shows from MCA64's collection that I need to put up. And for the longest time,  I've had an idea for a contest that I'd like to get rolling with.  All good stuff.  I just need to get healthy.

After all this time,  it really kills me to be away from the site for so long,  but I need to look after my health right now..  I'll be back,  I promise!!!

Much Love,


Bad Ass!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-19-2012) 9:56 PM Check Check,  On Two... You guys still here?

Big night tonight,  some old guys showed up.

7x5 Dropped a new jammie,  and as always,  he brought the funky flavor..
Nonstop Disco Powerpack - E Flat Remix

Some old dude Chro' something or other..  Oh yeah,  Chromium05, dropped a 2-pack of electronically twisted goodness as only he can.
Long Burn The Fire - MonoPoly Mix
Tadlocks Glasses - MonoPoly Mix

And then there's the new guy RudGR.  New,  but his jam had me head bobbin' and my foot tappin'
Ok - Circus OK

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-19-2012) 12:00 AM
I know there are mixes waiting.... Sorry, I haven't been around lately, but my back is still killing me... Chiropractor 6x, and Hospital 4x in the last month. I PROMISE, they will be up later today.

See yesterday's SOPA blackout page for information on the ongoing struggle to keep the internet free, and keep us doing what we love to do.

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-4-2012) 9:38 PM
Wow,  I go away for a few days,  and come back to this!!

Chromium05 With:  OK - Holland 1945 mix
TheHippieRipper With:  Make Some Noise - Hall O' Fame Mix
Beatmaster With:  Pop Your Balloon - 7A-org beat
DJ Melle & Son With:  Rhymin' & Stealin' - Illin' In The House Mix
                                &:  Say It - Sleng Teng Riddim Mix
RudGR With:  Say It - Genesis-Say it

Put on your big boy headphones, crack open a 40,  and enjoy 20+ minutes of kick ass Beastie Boys remixes.


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