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Remix DJ's Rule! (12-23-2011) 5:15 PM
Well well well, Got some goodies for you guys tonight, first up is a super fly mix from the dynamic duo of DJ Melle & Son... OK!!
OK - Oldie but Goodie Remix

Next up,  a 17 track mixtape by BT entitled Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (The Remix Album).  This thing's fun from beginning to end,  droppin' this on the iPod as I type this.

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-15-2011) 7:43 PM

Beastiemixes Podcast No. 22 (End of the World 2012) Hosted By DJ AK47

Or download the full High Quality file HERE

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-11-2011) 5:57 PM
The Dubmeister General,  E-Dub,  made an appearance today and he was carrying with him a manilla envelope, inside said envelope, (marked: Top Secret) was a Beastie Boys remix that was too hot to remain a secret. May I present to you.......
OK - Bloggie - Mixdown

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Remix DJ's Rule! (12-06-2011) 10:07 PM
Tadlock, uh, I mean, MCScoobyT dropped a 10 track mixtape today, A Tribe Called Beastie (Beastie Boys -vs- A Tribe Called Quest) Juicin' it up with a few of the new pellas, Noice!! Go Ch-Check It Out!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-06-2011) 12:39 AM
Two new mixes for tonight,  one from the prodigal Son,  and one from the prodigal Son and Father.

First up,  a jammie from the Kids,  Dj Melle & Son.  A Seven minute journey through sound and space,  that should have you reeling by the end.
Non-Stop Disco Powerpack - Rock Steady Mix

Next up,  a mix that brings things back down to earth with what sounds like some b-movie samples??  Dj AK47 with:
Intergalactic - Live From Earth

Lift with your legs, not your back!!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-27-2011) 9:48 PM
Two new jams tonight. One new pella jam and one older one, and both are noice!!!

First up tonight is DJ Melle & Son with a track that would be great to bump in the car while on a road trip to a place that is yet to be determined.
So What'Cha Want - E.94th St. Playground Party Mix

Next, is the "first mix off our new album". Ok,  it's the first mix off our new pella collection,  SWOOORRRRD!!!   MCScoobyT with:
Long Burn The Fire - Sword Sword Sword


Remix DJ's Rule! (11-26-2011) 5:30 PM
Happy Thanksgiving weekend!! Black Friday, Haha, F-That, I've got the best present of the weekend!! May I present to you,  The Hot Sauce Committee Part Two A Cappella Pack!!   18 tracks, of 100% Awesome quality pellas.  Be sure and read the "Read Me" file. Click the cover to go to the pellas page. You'll see it,  it's marked !

Also tonight,  a mix that's been waiting for me to get off my dead ass and put up,  DJ AK47 tonight with:
B Boys In The Cut - ft. MGMT and Riff Raff SODMG - Electric Feel Mashup

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-15-2011) 9:06 PM   HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow) DJ AK47!!!!
DJ AK47 with a Birthday remix for tonight.  Well,  his Birthday's on the 16th,  but we're getting a jump on it. All of you punk asses better wish my homie a Happy Birthday in the Shout Box, or I'll...........  Well,  I won't do anything, but it would be the nice thing to do.  :-)
Pass The Mic - DJ AK47's 22nd B-Day Mix (11-16)

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-14-2011) 12:21 AM Life is much better now!!!!! Really....
Quite a turn out in the last few days, days which I've been ignoring my responsibilities... Days which I've spent.. Not here....

Dj Melle & Son kickin' out a 8.5 min jam that's just,  shall I say Jamtastic!  Is that a word?  Maybe Not,  but it's true.
Make Some Noise - Kraftwerk with the Beastie Boys Live in Moscow

Next up,  a fellow you may have heard from before,  DJ Ak47,  with a timely mix, that I refused to deliver on-time... Love does strange things to people. For me,  it makes me extremely late,  so here it is,  5 days late.
Pass The Mic - 11-11-11 @ 11-11 Mix

Next up,  RudGR, kickin it DOWN a notch and takin' it all easy listening style,  chillin' it down a bit with a slow one.
Body Movin - Body Movin (Soft Version)

For anyone keeping track, life has taken a pretty big turn for me,  and all is now well...

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-6-2011) 9:49 PM
Our man from Finland, I think our ONLY man from Finland Squer, droppin' 3 new jams tonight. All three of different styles and flavors, I'd suggest you sample all three flavors and decide for yourself which flavor you prefer..
An Open Letter to NYC - Airplanes with Hayley Williams
Hey Ladies - Funked Up Ladies
We Got The - 40 Miles of Moog Eruption

Next up tonight,  RudGR,  with a big-beat jammie,  that'll have you bouncin' round' your 600 sq. ft. apt. that seems more like a cardboard box than a home. Have Fun!
An Open Letter to NYC - NYC Countdown

Life is strange,  you never know who you'll meet, what you'll have in common with them, and what path you will take.  Life's an adventure.  Take the path that makes you happy,  and just see what happens, you may be surprised!


Remix DJ's Rule! (11-1-2011) 1:25 AM
I'm still alive, and I'm going to try and explain away why I've not been around for a week or so. My life is currently going through the "Rollercoaster of Change".  Parts of my life are in the Shock/Denial and other parts of my life are in the Hope/Readjustment area... Please bear with me as I work through my issues.... I consider you guys some of my closest friends, and it's un-fair to neglect you, and I wouldn't if my current situation was easy to deal with. I am trying to deal, and you guys are ALWAYS on my mind.  Wish me luck!

Let's just bust this shit out and have some fun.

DJ AK47 with a snappy little tune tonight,  layin' it down kick back with:
Sure Shot - Jazz Potato

DJ Melle & Son with a 8 minute smooooth one, had me all relaxed...  Thanks!!
Shake Your Rump - feat. General Levi & Enya

Next up tonight,  my favorite podcaster,  EdE with a jam that will put the snap in your garter belt. Mallrats? Yeah,  thanks for making me feel old, Jay and Silent Bob, and THEN he drops a Beastimixes Rap line,  OMG!!!! WTF!!!!!  Lovin' This!!!! EdE,  you're a crazy MoFo!!
Just a Test - Mallrats

Last up tonight,  but certainly not... Yadda Yadda...  RudGR droppin' a track that's got way more energy than I have right now,  but had me head bobbin' anyway.. This would be great to rock in the car while driving way over the limit.
Intergalatic - Music of the future Version

Buenos Noches mi amigos.  Until we meet again....

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-24-2011) 10:54 PM   Holy Crap!!  Look what I've got for you tonight !! Sorry I sat on these jams.  Life!!

7x5 BACK!!! After a long hiatus, welcome back my man.  Smoooth as ever!!
Too Many Rappers - Greyboy Remix

SureShot Shayne. Detected some Sabbath in there,  and a subtle Clockwork Orange reference, nice.  One of my favorite movies!
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Leader of the Droogs Remix

DJ AK47,  droppin' some Macho Man on us,  Wow,  never expected that!! Saw the remix title and didn't realize it was "that" Macho.
Hold It Now Hit It - Tekken 6 Mix (Macho Madness Remix)

Let's just keep it rollin' tonight!  Here We Go!!!!!

DJ TMG Showing som Chili Peppers love.  Living in Cali.  This song get's a lot of radio time here. I love living in Cali.
Hold It, Now Hit It - Californication

Also tonight I want you to show my homie some love.  Go HERE and vote for my man Roger Ortega.  He's got a chance to do big things in this world,  and he could use some help from you guys to get him over the top. Check his tunes on MySpace,  or hit up his FB page...  Just do it,  Personal Army!

Remix DJ's Rule!
(10-20-2011) 12:45 AM Another late/early update
We've got a small load of super duper quality mixes for tonight,  really,  I've been rockin' these for about an hour already,  download them all, and be sure to share them with your friends.

First up tonight Squer with a trio of goodness, I wish he'd stop by more often,  he always brings the jams.
An Open Letter to NYC - Runnin
Body Movin' - Stronger
Intergalactic - All Stars Mix

Next up, DJ AK47 combining the Chili Peppers's funky slow jam with Beastie Boys lyrical genius.
Root Down - Scar Tissue Mix

Last for tonight, my two buddies,  little and big,  tall and short,  Melle & Son!!! Droppin' a jazzy, smooth, brass filled jam.  You may even be able to sneak this one on the hi-fi when you have a date over for pasta and a bottle of port. I'll say it's the wine Mmm, it does go well with the mix, delicious again, Melle.
Crawlspace - All Natural Corner Pocket feat. Beastie Boys Mix

Remix DJ's Rule!
(10-16-2011) 1:22 AM
Good Morning!! I'm starting early today. OK, actually I'm starting really late yesterday. :-) Thanks for understanding when I decide to take a day or two off.

DJ AK47 droppin' a couple new tracks for his DJ AK47 vs DJ SonicFreak mixtape.  This fool likes videogames as much as I do,  and you should!
03_Ch-Check It Out - Smooth Super Mario World Remix
04_Pass The Mic - Rainbow Road Remix

Remix DJ's Rule!
(10-11-2011) 11:47 PM
Lots of good sheit tonight...  I've been off for a few days for personal reasons, but I'm ok tonight,  and I want to make sure you guys know that I'm O.K.  So..... Guys,  I'm OK.....  There, I said it,  and I mean it,  my life has been weird for a few days,  but I'm fucking moving on,  and it's for the better...  Right Anon. advice giver,  You were right,  weren't you??  Ok,  now I'm just talkin' shit that doesn't relate to Beastie Boys remixes,   I'm sorry,  but I have issues..  I'm FULL of issues......   Anyway,  on to the the business of the day. Actually about 5 days worth of awesomeness that I've been sleeping on because I'm a lazy fuck with issues....

First up tonight,  my man, the prodigy,  the youngster, one of the O.G. Beastiemixes crew with the scratches,  and the tables, DJ ZAP with a couple jammies that kept me Smilin' the whole way through....
Car Thief -vs- AOTP
Pass The Mic -vs- Aesop Rock
Too Many Rappers -vs- Mobb Deep

Up next,  RudGR, with some mad beat crazy madness, jammin' this track:
Hey Ladies - Kill the Ladies
No ladies were killed durring the remixing of this track. (That I'm aware of)

Next up,  someone you may have heard of before ;-\  DJ AK47,  Crazy boy of the East side, with:
Root Down - Meeting This Young Girl

And then there's this guy,  I can't believe this guy even shows his face around these parts anymore,  he's been away so long. (Glad to see him back)  Ede droppin' a crazy lovesong to his boyfriend Roger. :-{  huh!?
Stop That Train - The Uh Huh I love Roger Ortega Mix  Like 5% Beasties, 95% something else???  Really Ede?  Don't make me travel to Kansas for "the talk"..  :-)

That's it for tonight kiddos!   All's well with me..  I hope all is well with you...

Wish me luck my friends,  I still need it....  And I really appreciate it..
Your Host,


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-5-2011) 12:27 AM
What's up my homies?  I'm doing ok,  little drama in my life, but nothing to worry about.  Especially when I've got some super duper jammie jams for your listening pleasure...  You guys feelin' me on this?  It's not about the drama,  it's ALL about the music.  Music is KING!!!!!!!!!!

First up tonight,  DJ AK47 dropping a little relaxed jam tonight makin' me feel all comfortable and ready for a nappie nap... Hey Nappie Nap mixes have their place!!!!!
Shazam! - Misty Air

RudGR's mix was only a little more effective at keeping me from mimis,  maybe I'm just getting old..  40 is technically "over the hill" but come on....  Ya'll shoud check tonights mixes and see what they do for you.
Sabotage - Sabotage of the year

Am I getting too old to be in the "Scene"  I don't feel it,  but you never know.....

I'm allergic to cats, in case you didn't know.  Please DO NOT mail me any cats!  I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Peas out my brotha's

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-3-2011) 11:25 PM
7th most populous U.S. State, State my Mother was born in, half of my genes came from, REPRESENTING!!!!!!!
TtownMc,  my favorite corn bred DJ on the site,  mi familia!!! dropin' a-nother, hot one!
Lee Majors Come Again - Chi Town Cut-Up - Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-2-2011) 10:55 PM
Lots of goodies tonight, I'm just going to get down to business and throw these out... Props to all of tonight's DJ's for droppin' some serious goodness.

DJ Zap AKA DeeJayZap with a scratchterpiece!  Make Some Noise -vs- Quarashi

DJ Melle & Son,  My personal favorite favorite Father/Son team curing insomnia?! With:
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Insomania Mix  Maybe I should try mixing to cure mine....

DJ AK47  taking it back to a simpler time,  a time of better/harder/funner games with some 8-bit jammies...
Pass The Mic - Welcome Home 8-Bit Remix
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Cowboys from Hell 8-Bit Remix
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Safety Dance 8-Bit Remix
The Brouhaha - Twisted Transistor 8-Bit Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-30-2011) 12:54 AM
Uploaded this hours ago, and forgot to announce it... Duh... RudGR hittin' you up today with some juice. No that's not disco you're hearing. Dupstep!?
Super Disco Breakin - Super Disco Breakin Dupstep

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-28-2011) 9:03 PM
Hold on to your hats,  5 new mixes, from 3 different DJ's tonight..

First up,  Please welcome our newset remixer,  oh yeah,  NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!,  warm welcome to
Dane Bramage,  required 3 mixes and all of that. Check his page.

Next up,  a guy that's been here since the VERY beginning...  One of my favorite DJ's,  DJ ZAP,  with his newest Beastie Boys remix. Knock it off,  All that scratchin' is makin' me itch!
Gratitude - Beastie Boys Remixed Cover

Then, the Nightmare mixer,  DJ AK47 droppin' a little Hello to Brooklyn with:
Hello Brooklyn - Just Like My Nightmares

(Please note:  I do not discriminate)

Request from DBGuy,   Beastie Boys -vs- Oingo Boingo (Dead Man's Party)  GO!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-26-2011) 11:48 PM
Shabba-doo, Shabba Dee.....  Short time member, DonRaketo, but quality mixes, I'm jammin' these mixes on the Grado's,  and yes,  I'm smilin' and head bobbin'...  Check em'.
Hey Fuck You - Remix
An Open Letter To NYC - Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-23-2011) 8:45 PM
I need a little something from you. I have a friend, he's donated a serious TON of stuff to the site, he's here to help us out, but now he needs a little help of his own, he's had a rough couple weeks... If you can be as generous with a little money as this person has with cool stuff for the site, drop a couple bucks into his PayPal account. Thanks, Silence7

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-22-2011) 8:23 PM  Happy Birthday Turkey Legs!!!
OK, down to business!
Our resident Frenchie, AdZud, droppin' a dis' track tonight, Whaaaaa?? This is the beginning of a mixtape entitled "Looking Down The Riddim Of A Dub"
01_Hey Fuck You - I disclaim any responsibilty if Dj NeOn takes it personal, but I wouldn't mind

Next up,  our newest Dj,  DJ TMG,  Rockin' out another jam for us today.
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Greed

Then there's this guy (DJ AK47),  he's got a few mixes on his page, just a few,  and here's his newest!
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Here's the Proof

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-18-2011) 9:02 PM
Guess what kids! Oh hellz Yeah!! NEW DJ TONIGHT!!! Please give a warm welcome to DJ TMG!  I checked myself, and yes, the required 3 mixes are in fact present. Rules are Rules ya' know.. :-) Anyway, go check out her mixes, she's NEW!

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-16-2011) 9:32 PM
Good evening friends I have something to admit tonight, I'm only the Beastie Boys No. 2 Fan.  Yes, I know it's a shock,  but my collection of vinyl/cd's/promos/posters, etc...  is way too small to be considered to be No. 1.  Sorry...  I know you're disappointed in me, and I feel bad.

Now on to the good stuff... DJ AK47 droppin' some jammies last night,  as I slept on the couch,  But I'm awake now, and ready to rock.  Are you ready?? DOWNLOAD....  BAM!!!!!!!!
Make Some Noise - Drinkin' Fine Wine Mix
The Blue Nun - DJ AK47 Reissue

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-10-2011) 11:38 PM
Lots of Bad-Ass mixes coming out for this track. RudGR up tonight.   Wow, I'm loving this, it's got a drum-line / cheerleader feel goin' on, Bang Bang Boom!! HOT!!   Headphones?  Yes!
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Don't Play No Drum - Ft. Nicola Roberts

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-7-2011) 6:54 PM
Day late and a dollar short, yep, that's me, Sorry.....
Headphones on for this next one, and I'm not talking about ear-buds, I mean the Man Sized headphones!!! TtownMc kickin' a hornets nest of beats tonight!!
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Gotta Move Up Remix   Whoa!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-5-2011) 6:15 PM
Spent yesterday at the "West Coast Beastiemixes Meetup"!!  Actually it was just MCScoobyT and I,  along with his family, and a friend of mine. Met up at Disneyland,  and had a 10 hour blast.  Thanks for the good times Scoob,  and thanks for knowing how to read the Disney map... STAR TOURS FTW! Oh, and a big f-you to Disney and their parking fiasco,  Good Gawd...!

And this is how it went down.....

MCScoobyT & Silence7
Click For Larger
(Take Note:  it was hot, and we were tired)
(Please disregard the beer guts, think of us as "husky")

On with the show!

RudGR stopped by some time in the last few days while I wasn't paying attention and dropped a nice one,  It's DubTastic!!!!  Headphones on,  glowsticks in hand for this one.
We got the - We got the Dubstep

"Guess who just got back today? Them wild-eyed boys that had been away Haven't changed, haven't much to say But man, I still think them cats are crazy".....  Yep The boys are back in town....
DJ Melle & Son.
An Open Letter To NYC - Stayin' Alive Mix
Too Many Rappers - If I Ruled The World Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-31-2011) 10:25 PM   Happy Birthday Sis'..
Well Well Well, the prodigy has returned! DJ Zap back in the hizouse!!! droppin' a long phat one, you've got to check this!
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun -vs- Angst by Nero
Nice to see you're still in the game Zap.

Next up,  the surest shot on the site,  SureShot Shayne,  with a beat heavy jam tonight, this one's for the bassheads among us!
Triple Trouble - Needle to the Groove Remix

West Coast Beastiemixes meetup,  9-4-2011,  Disneyland!!!  West Siiiide!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-29-2011) 10:53 PM
Two of my best friends showed up today. Guess what they brought with them. Remix? Yes? Kickin? Hellz Yeah! Dj Melle & Son bringin the jams tonight with:
Make Some Noise - M.I.A Paper Planes Mix

Follow the rules!!!  Volume at 11 ! ! !

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-25-2011) 10:49 PM
RudGR the "Dupstep" man, back at it tonight droppin' a crazy one.. Check this..
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Dupstep Remix

Did my peeps enter the contest below?? I wish you guys luck wining the boombox, that thing's pretty bad-ass... iPod in, crankin' the jammies! Hellz Yeah!

‘DON’T PLAY NO GAME THAT I CAN’T WIN’ – released August 15

With the release of their latest single ‘Don’t’ Play No Game That I Can’t Win’ feat. Santigold released in August, The Beastie Boys and TDK Performance have teamed up with this amazing competition offer!

Beastie Boys and TDK Performance team up to offer the chance to win a 3 Speaker BoomboxST800 High Fidelity Headphones and the band’s latest album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two on vinyl plus back catalogue!

To enter the competition head to: http://www.facebook.com/tdkperformance?sk=app_160102664065821

Having travelled through time and space in previous videos, Beastie Boys enter yet another new frontier in the brand new “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”: Under the direction of Spike Jonze (who has previously worked with the band on the classic “Sabotage” clip among others), Ad-Rock, Mike D, MCA and guest vocalist Santigold become action figures. GI B Boys, if you will.

The transformation comes with a price: “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” finds Beastie Boys and Santi pursued by a team of assassins hell bent on their termination. Over the course of the epic clip, our heroes make one death defying escape after another, traveling across land, sea and sky as they elude and combat snipers, zombies, sharks and more.

“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” is the second video from Beastie Boys’ universally acclaimed Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Capitol), the first being the extended video for “Make Some Noise” a/k/a Fight For Your Right Revisited, which was directed by the band’s own Adam “MCA” Yauch and which Time magazine described as having more stars “than in a Judd Apatow flick.”

Official Full Length, Ultra HD and Explicit Director's Cut

Remix DJ's Rule!
(8-22-2011) 9:39 PM Ain't really been around in a few days, I'm back, sorry.
Tonight, some of my favorite guys are droppin' tracks. This was a great welcome back!

Next, aka, Next of Kin (Award Winner) with a DPNGICW mix that will make you reach for another Corona!
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Dub No Win I Can Play

Also tonight the remix dynamic duo of DJ Melle & SON (Son capitalized because he does all the heavy work) droppin' two new jammies. OMG, the DPNG mix has a nice surprise, it slows and gets all cool....
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Bam Bam Chant Mix
So What'Cha Want - NUKE DIS MIX

I may still have some personal days off before the end of the year, we'll see.. Hopefully not.

Sorry kids, 3 remixes is a SOLID rule!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-17-2011) 10:58 PM
Taking the night off, today has been a rough day..
Here, have this. Sexy!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-16-2011) 12:02 AM
Holy Wow, Look who's back. It's the Frawg!!! Bringin' the best from the land of Toast, and Fries!!! I love your food, and your mixes!!! Adzud tonight with:
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Bubblin' remix OMG!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-15-2011) 12:17 AM
CosmoKramer making some noise tonight sampling one of my favorite Summer time tracks, super nice.!
Make Some Noise - Summer In The City Remix

I'm taking all of your survey answers to heart, and I have something in the works.  It will be authorized, or completely un-authorized, we'll see how it works out.  Either way I have a super swell prize package, all packaged up.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-12-2011) 1:34 AM
I was all ready for a nappy nap, when......... Make Some Noise Pella!!! It's a DIY, But extremely good! Ripped from Rock Band 3 using some sort of magic, check it here.  Thanks Cosmo. Cosmo Also updated his Make Some Noise - Movin' Out Remix to reflect this pella super awesomeness. So Re-Ch-Check it Out!!!

I've been reading comments on the Survey,  and I thank you.  Keep the suggestions coming,  I really do appreciate them.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-10-2011) 8:09 PM
DJ AK47 tonight, continuing 2 mixtapes (DJ AK47 vs DJ SonicFreak & Make Some Fucking Noise!) and adding a "Misc." mix tonight...
02 - Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Keyboard Cat Remix
04 - Pass The Mic - Bowser Theme Remix
Make Some Noise - The 5th Exotic

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-8-2011) 7:55 PM
RudGR, one of the new guys, but not one short on skills, just listen to tonight's jam and you'll know what I mean.. Spicy!!
Root Down - Root Down

Also uploaded a donation tonight,  So What'cha Want - Mixer..  If you don't know what a "Mixer" is,  in this case, it's a .zip file that includes.
A Cappella,  Bass, Drums, Guitar, Instrumental (all together), & Samples.  All in one nice little package for your remixing pleasure. You can get it on the Pellas/Mentals page.

Now back to All in the Family.  ;-)

10:31 PM Update.  (Almost forgot)
My new friends Pat and Dave put out some new Beastie videos,  check this one.

And then check this one.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-6-2011) 11:49 PM
A to the Muthafuc**** K homeboy!!!! Oh, he's back, DJ AK47.  Well technically he was back yesterday, but I wasn't. Here they are....
3 The Hard Way - Romance Bump
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Gondola Ride

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-3-2011) 10:55 PM
Guess what kids!!?? NEW DJ TONIGHT!!! May I present, for your listening enjoyment Beastie Plaza. If you've been around the Beastie Boys scene for any length of time, bow down and give some respect to this guy. He's been pimpin' the Beasties for years! (Anyone remember beastieplaza.nl?) Go check his mixes,  I hear that there's more on the way, so, LOOKOUT!

Also up tonight one of our regulars DJ AK47 with a new jammie using one of his favorite songs. Maybe it will become one of yours?
We Got The -vs- Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin (Remix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-2-2011) 10:32 PM
First up tonight,  RudGR with a classic track re-imagined and re-worked.
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - No Sleep Till The Netherlands

Next up DJ AK47 bringin' some Aussie B.S. into the mix with.. :-)
We Got The -vs- Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-1-2011) late PM
As our one Finlandian, this guy is reppin' a whole country by himself, and he's doing a fine job, Go Squer!!!!! Squer tonight with:
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Single Ladies Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-29-2011) 11:15 PM
MCScoobyT, remixer / t-shirt bootlegger! Iron-ons, Psssssh, Whateva'! :-) Tonight dropping another supersonic DPNG track.... This dude wins the title for longest mix titles... Your trophy is in the mail.
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Save A Tree... Eat A Beaver (Micodin Beat twobeaglesandonedj.tumblr.com)

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-29-2011) 11:15 PM
Welly Welly Well...  Another DJ not sleeping on this pella...  The Makesomenoise.fm poster child (I could have done without the tub scene), MCScoobyT droppin' a DPNGTICW mix tonight. Good goin' Scoob!!!!!!
Don't Play No Game That I can't Win - DPNGTICW MT Dubba Plate-ta

Have you noticed, almost 4k....  Noice!

Have I told you guys lately,  You're the BEST!!!!!  If no,  then consider it done.  Believe it or not,  this site is one of the few things that's stable in my life. So, Thanks!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-28-2011) 7:26 PM
People,  the Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win pella is out,  and you guys are sleeping!!  All of you except one of the Original Beastiemixes possie members!

CosmoKramer today with:  Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Hyper Bass Bump Remix)  Bump this in your car, on your skateboard, or boombox held high, Volume to 12... Yayahhhh

Speaking of sleeping,  I slept on this next deelio'  You guys/girls need to check this.  Fresh Cassette Music has put together a Beastie Boys mixtape for charity. World Bicycle Relief,  giving out bicycles to people who really need them!  People with no cars that need to get places.  On top of all this goodness, there's a mixtape. 1200 Miles to the 5 Boroughs.  Ya' gotta' ch-check it.  It's full of drama,  some light comedy,  and a little horror.  Did I mention there's a racey love scene towards the end?


Remix DJ's Rule! (7-23-2011) 12:22 PM
Here they are,  the remixes you've all been waiting for,  the hottest of the hot,  the jams you won't hear on the radio,  the real underground shit,  does this make us hipsters?  I think not! Now plug in those big boy headphones,  and crank the vol. to 12.

SureShot Shayne today with:  Sabatoge - Psycho Boy Remix

Followed closely by DJ Melle & Son with:  Slow Ride - The Adventure Mix

Go GO, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-18-2011) 9:?7 PM
Mucho good news tonight.  New Beastie Boys video,  and CosmoKramer!!!!!!!     First up, Cosmo!!! With:
Triple Trouble - Angry Birds Remix  Oh, I listened,  and it's really ANGRY!

Next up,  NEW BEASTIE BOYS Video!!!!! Ch-Check it Out!!!!


Remix DJ's Rule! (7-15-2011) 11:56 PM
Old guy, and Young guy coming together to make awesome remixes.  DJ Melle & Son,  dropped a really swell jammie tonight,  starting out with scratching allways get's my attention.  Nice work guys.
Lee Majors Come Again - Stone Lotus Live Mix

DJ AK47 has some new photos in the Gallery,  check the gear!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-14-2011) ?:?? AM
DJ AK47  here to assault your ears with another smooth remix,  very kick back,  good after work, summertime jam.
Lee Majors Come Again - Transatlantic

Bootlegs page update,  Uploaded 50 new Vinyl / CD rips at 320kbps. Look for the <<<NEW  These were donated to us by a Girl/Boy/Sasquatch who loves all of us, and likes to see us happy.  So download to your hearts content.  and Be Happy!!!!  Be sure and scroll down!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-11-2011) 9:38 PM
9th DJ to ever be hosted on Beastiemixes.  I consider him a close (far away) friend,  please check out the newest remix from DJ Kai Tombo, or Tombo as I think he now prefers to be called. Ch-Check It!!!!!
We Got The - HP Sauce mix


Remix DJ's Rule! (7-4-2011) 10:32 PM and the rocket's red glare..............
DJ Melle & Son dropping a July remix from days ago, I'm just now getting to. Sorry, I've been away. Anyway you need to check this!!!!!
So What'Cha Want - Radioactive Remix
Welcome Back Boys!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule!
(6-29-2011) 9:25 PM
So I ignore the site for a few days because I'm a lazy fuck,  and I come back to awesomeness!!!!  CosmoKramer, Beatmaster, & MCScoobyT..  Whoa!!!!

Alright,  I'm just going to list em' out,  and your job is to download all of them and get your groove on...  OK?  Alright,  here we go!

CosmoKramer with:  All Lifestyles -vs- Futurama    (Futurama = Silence7's Fav. Show)
MCScoobyT with:  No Sleep Till Brooklynn - Hey Dilla, Fuck Sleep
Beatmaster with:  Ch-Check it Out - Remix 7.0

I will be receiving, soon,  a metric ass-load of rare/fun stuff,  ch-check back often..  You will NOT regret it.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Beastiemixes. Much Love!  S7


Remix DJ's Rule!
(6-26-2011) 12:18 AM
DJ AK47 tonight with the beginning of his 44th mixtape! DJ AK47 vs DJ SonicFreak
01_Rhyme The Rhyme Well - SMB 2 Boss Beat (DJ SonicFreak Remix)

RudGR also back tonight! Epic!
All Lifestyles - New Lifestyles - RudGR VS Katy B

I uploaded some goodies I got from a friend of the site to the pellas/mentals page.
Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version Video Instrumental)
Make Some Noise (Instrumental Video Version - Partial)


Remix DJ's Rule! (6-23-2011) 11:41 PM
Frawwwg, He's back, and brought us a squaredance tune??!! Really? Yep, you've gotta' check this... AdZud with:
Lee Majors Come Again - Colt Seavers -vs- Country Mike Square Dance Contest Funk


Remix DJ's Rule! (6-22-2011) 8:26 PM
Starting out kind of minimal, then the jam kicks in!! Next Beastie Boys mix up is from our newest Family member, RudGR, Check this one! mmMM Spicy!
Right Right Now Now - Guilt Right Now (RudGR -vs- Nero)


Remix DJ's Rule! (6-19-2011) 11:42 PM
This guy sure brings the fancy beats,  RudGR droppin' two new tracks tonight.  You should take a listen...
Alive - Alive 2011
An Open Letter To NYC - An Open Letter To NYC (DUPSTEP Remix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-16-2011) 9:47 PM  Still Ill, although I feel a little better today, Yay!
The Scoobster, AKA MCScoobyT, AKA that guy over there with the huge boombox!! Dropped a freaky one for us today, this thing will twist your brain inside out, use caution!!!
Funky Donkey - Brass Monkey That Funky Donkey


Remix DJ's Rule! (6-12-2011) 9:15 PM
Sorry I haven't been around for a few days kids, I've been illin' like a villian... Feeling slightly better tonight... Seems I've missed some goings on over the past few days. So let's get down to business.

TtownMc today,  rockin' a very phat Lee Majors Come Again - Somethin' For Ya Remix

DJ AK47 continuing his "Make Some Fucking Noise!" tape with:
03_Hello Brooklyn - Undercover Scubadiver Mix             Deeeep Bass...!!

Then there was this little gem... Our very own MCScoobyT won the Beastie Boys TDK Boombox!!!!  So was this the very same box used for the MSG stream of HSC Pt2 ?

Click for BIG!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-8-2011) 10:58 PM
And he's back!  DJ AK47 hittin' up the new pella I see,  droppin' a new LMCA remix, very chilly,  sit back and enjoy..
Lee Majors Come Again - Funky Guacamole

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-8-2011) 3:14 AM
OK ladies, shit just got real........ New Pella tonight! Extra special thanks, and man hugs to the anonymous donator!
Lee Majors Come Again (Cut Chemist Pella) From DJ Hero Soundtrack
I expect nothing less than awesomeness,  this pella is PERFECT!  GO!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-3-2011) 9:23 PM
Hellz yeah, RudGR back at it, 2 new joints tonight, get em'!!
Super Disco Breakin - Super Disco Breakin (HardTrance Remix)
Unite - Unite with RudGR

As a huge fan of Creative Commons licensing,  and a fan of free/geeky/super duper music...  I think you guys need to check this out. Nice job Felix!

Glue Sniffin’ Beats - Part 1 & 2

Downloadable HERE Under a Sampling Plus 1.0 License


Remix DJ's Rule! (5-30-2011) 9:30 PM
Tonight, for One Night Only!! (ok, you'll be able to get these tomorrow also)  New remixes by two of the premiere remixers on the entire globe.

First up, RudGR dropping two for ya tonight!
Ch-Check It Out - Dutch Remix
Triple Trouble - Europe Dance Remix

Next up,  the Dynamic Duo of DJ Melle & Son, droppin' the 2nd NSDPP remix.  Soundin' great.
Nonstop Disco Powerpack - Break Of Dawn Mix


Remix DJ's Rule! (5-26-2011) 11:27 PM
Two of the weirdest remixers ever to release a mix on this site, BOTH dropped mixes tonight..... Please Welcome:

MCScoobyT droppin':  Nonstop Disco Power Pack - Nonstop (disco) Death

And DJ AK47 with three more "Asis Galvin" mixes,   Booo Yahhh!!
08_We Got The_Final Fantasy 13 Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)
09_Stop That Train_Final Fantasy 13 Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)
10_Hello Brooklyn_Final Fantasy 13 Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)

Alright squids, I'm off to sleep,  I'm old and tired.....


Remix DJ's Rule! (5-23-2011) 8:25 PM
Another big night tonight kiddos' something old, something new, and something video.

Ok, first up,  I've been waiting a couple days to anounce this next remix,  It has a video to go along with it. I rarely do this,  but I'm feeling generous.

Damon Tedesco with:  Sure Shot - Mashup

for more info on this video click here

Next up, a mix I've had for a bit and never uploaded,  Joakizmo,  our man from Norway! 
With: Spam - Remix3

Next up,  one from the new guy RudGRBody Movin' - Body Movin' (Drum and Bass Remix)


Remix DJ's Rule! (5-23-2011) 12:13 AM
Big stuff tonight, first up, guess what kids...?? NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!! Yeah you heard me right! Please welcome RudGR, the newest member of the Beastiemixes Family, droppin' the required 3... Check his page, and let him know how he's doin'
An Open Letter To NYC - Puncture NYC
Intergalactic - Intergalactic 2011
Make Some Noise - Make Some Noise (DupStep)

Next up, a guy who shows up every once in a while, but always drops hot tracks, R2Dj,  with:
Too Many Rappers - Too Many Rappers (Break Of Dawn Remix)

And last but not least, DJ AK47 droppin' two more "Asis Galvin Project" mixes,
06_Sure Shot - Fairy Fountain Interlude (Asis Galvin Mashup)
07_Pass The Mic - Fairy Fountain (Asis Galvin Mashup)

Have fun kids..


Remix DJ's Rule! (5-21-2011) 12:06 AM The World did not end???? WTF!!!!!!!
Seriously, I think this fool sleeps even less than I do, and I didn't think that was possible. DJ AK47 rapidly expanding his "Asis Galvin Project" mixtape, tonight adding the following:
03_Make Some Noise - Sonic 3 Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)
04_Get It Together - Spring Yard Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)
05_Rhyme The Rhyme Well - CAPCOM (Asis Galvin Mashup)

This is an Asis Galvin / DJ AK47 Production!!!!!! Hellz Yeaaaaaya!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-19-2011) 11:34 PM
Yeastie Girlz - Ovary Action,  Yeastie Girlz - Radio Demos & Z-Trip - Z-Trip Presents- All-Access A Beastie Boys Megamix

To the Bootlegs page,  didn't know where else to put them....

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-19-2011) 10:00 PM  I have a crush, Angie from the George Lopez show... There, I admitted it!!!

Alright,  now down to business.   First up tonight,  the gun nut,  then the frog.... Good stuff,  you should take a listen..

DJ AK47 tonight with an addition to his "Asis Galvin Project" mixtape. the title put me off a bit,  because as nerdy as I am,  I watched that movie for the first time a few days ago, and wasn't all that impressed,  but this mix is fun, and you should take a listen.
Spam - Scott Pilgrim vs The World Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)

Next up,  my favorite frog,  I only love France a few times a year.  Once when the Tour de France is on TV,  and when AdZud releases new remixes.  Oh and thanks for the Fries!!  Dj AdZud tonight with:
Hey Fuck You - Sega Remix
In A World Gone Mad - The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash In A World Gone Mad

It's like a jungle sometimes.......

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-16-2011) 10:53 PM
This guy barely finished off two mixtapes, and now, and NOW, starting a new one??!! OOOh Ahhh.
DJ AK47's New tape "Asis Galvin Project" Starting off with a very 8-bit, chiptune flava' Go!! For a guy who spends his off hours playing Minecraft, and SNES games, this is right up my alley. 
First Track:
01_3 The Hard Way - Princess Peach Remix (Asis Galvin Mashup)

Learn About Cool Music Here:
These people are spot on when it comes to cool..!!! ;-)

Have a good night,  all you Beastiemixes peeps.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-15-2011) 9:41 PM
And He's Back!!!! DJ AK47 with some new jams for some older mixtapes, so be sure and hit these up as well kids.

Beastie F Baby
11_Ch-Check It Out ft. Lil Wayne - Don't Touch Me
12_Too Many Rappers - Fix My Hat


Welcome To H-Town
5_Ch-Check it out ft. Bun B, Rick Ross, David Banner, 8-Ball & MJG - You're Everything (Skips...)

Go Kids Go!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-15-2011) 12:12 PM
Well I'll be damned, he actually finished up a couple mixtapes... DJ AK47 finished two tapes today.
Strictly Hip-Hop:   added track 17  (Done)
Smooth Operator 2:   added tracks 3 - 14  (Done)

For a Grand Total of 13 new remixes for you kids to download,  and trade with your friends!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2011) 12:18 AM
Wow, all it takes is a new Beastie Boys album, and all of my homies seem to wake up and come alive with new remixes. The Beastie Boys should come out with new albums more often!

First up tonight,  an OLD friend of the site,  my man,  7x5.  I love this guy!!!! And this is his newest jam!
Shake Your Rump - Fly in the Hand Remix

Next up,  our resident wild man, the dude with the guns and chicks... DJ AK47..  Droppin' one off the new album, and one off of P.B. Good Shat.!  I had a Beetlejuice flashback!
Make Some Noise - Juicy Remix
Hello Brooklyn - 6 Foot 7 Foot

Music Appreciation Day 3
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Live Coachella)

Peter Murphy For the F-ing Win!!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-8-2011) 12:54 AM
Dj AK47 adding to his "Make Some Fucking Noise!" tape tonight,  I can tell, this whole tape is gonna' be a trunk rattler..
02_Rhyme The Rhyme Well - My Shit Bang

Sorry about the late update tonight,  but this shit has taken over my life....

Best story about why you can't afford to buy it get's a free gift code.  E-Mail me.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-7-2011) 12:15 AM
Another big night tonight!

First up today,  a man that some would consider a Godfather in the Beastie Boys remix scene... He is one of the few reason's I started collecting remixes!  Seriously!  Dj Uru-Nitro tonight with:
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Hot Sauce Remix feat Neret
Killin' it!!!!  Welcome Back my man!!

Next up,  one of our regulars,  droppin some phat bass on this first mix, on his newest mixtape: "Make Some Fucking Noise!"  Check out our resident freak's (DJ AK47's) newest jam!!
01_Make Some Noise - This Shit Slappin'
Finger on the trigger AK!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-6-2011) 12:29 AM
Oh AK, You So Crazy........ Up today, tonight..... early morn....... DeeJheyAyKay Forty7 with a crack at Make Some Noise, by some little band calling themselves the Beastie Boys..?? 3....2....1..... GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Make Some Noise - DJ AK47's Leftcoast Megamix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-5-2011) 12:32 AM
Late night update tonight. We've got some Hall & Oates action up in this spicy little jam tonight.
KTBStudioWorks With:  Triple Trouble - I can't go for Triple Trouble

The Brouhaha interviews DJ Z-Trip

Z-Trip Presents: All Access A Beastie Boys Megamix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-3-2011) 8:35 PM  NEW BEASTIE BOYS ALBUM!!!!!

Picked up a few copies of the Beastie Boys new album today for friends and Family.   Although I've already heard the tracks,  there's nothing quite like opening up a new CD and checking out the goods.

Silence7's Hot Sauce Committee Part Two review:
Great Music, would buy from again!!  Seriously,  there's something for just about everyone on this album.

I actually just spent the last two hours writing a small review for each song on the album.  I just deleted it.   It doesn't really matter what I think of the album.  Just pick it up if you like the Beastie Boys,  there will be something good on it for YOU.  There's really a little bit of everything, and I'm sure you will find a track that you love sooooo f-ing much it will make the whole purchase totally worth it.   Really!!!  I don't lie to my peeps.  Overall,  two big thumbs up.  This is the album I waited for,  I'm really loving it!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-1-2011) 8:53 PM
So,  I've got two guys up tonight.  One going electronic, and one going with samples.  You'll have to guess which is is which.

Nucking Futs with:   All LifeStyles - Bruised Mix

MCScoobyT with:  The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine - Lisa's Listening To Dope Man (Let The Beastie's Hit'em)
Be informed,  this one is close to 18mb.


Remix DJ's Rule! (5-1-2011) 12:51 AM
Boy have I got a treat for you guys and/or girls tonight, Let's just get to it.....

First up tonight,  Innuendo,  digging through the contents of his Hard-Drive uncovered 2 more mixes we didn't already have, from 2004-2005.. Whaaa???
So Whatcha Want - Curvball Remix
Right Right Now Now - El Paso remix

Next up, Ede returns with a real banger.  Lovin' this!
Brr Stick 'Em - Orient Express Larry Remix

Last up tonight, but certainly not least, is our man from Oh-Hi-OOooo TtownMc kickin' out another one of his quality mixes.  MMmmmm
B Boys In The Cut - Midnight Bump Remix

You guys should also check this mega-jam
Z-Trip Presents: All Access A Beastie Boys Megamix
Noice!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Scoob for the heads-up.

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-29-2011) 10:46 PM
Awww Yeah, two more of my guys dropped by today... DIY Pella jammies tonight. Beastie Boys, I've got about 125 guys over here who would love nothing more than a few "Official" pellas.

Anyway....  Tonight,  MCScoobyT droppin' a new mix off the Beastie Boys yet to be released album.
The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine - Lisa 'Intergalactic' Lisa and the Full Force Space Team

And next up,  our very own DJ AKFortySeven droppin' Two,  Yep,  Two new jams from the new album.  (He would really love some new pellas)
Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament - DJ AK47 Back In The Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament Business Ft. E-40
Make Some Noise - Make Some Dirty Laundry

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-28-2011) 8:57 PM
Fast Ede today with a new remix, where the hell are you guys getting a working pella for this song?!! Anyway, here it is, go get it while it's hot.
Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament -vs- Electrify

Things are picking up around here,  I may need a raise...  Oh wait..

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-27-2011) 10:49 PM
Some dude,  Cosmo something or other, (New guy I think?) is dropping a late night mix for some new song that isn't even f-ing out yet,  WTF!?  Adzud copycat??  Dunno',  but here's his version of this unknown Beastie Boys song, that's not really out yet!?.........
Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament -Vs- Flowin Prose

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-27-2011) 7:24 PM Day Late, but 3-mixes in my pocket!!!
Hory Sheit, have I got some jams for you tonight!! Get ready to ROCK!!!!

In no particular order........
SureShot Shayne with:  An Open Letter to NYC - Harvee Wallbangar Remix,  SSS, what a bad ass!

DJ Melle & Son with:  Make Some Noise - Beastie Boys vs. Blue States Mix Father and Son,  like Luke and Darth taking over the galaxy!!  Wait......  RUN Papa Melle......  Run like the wind.......

Adzud with:  Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament - Flowin Prose 4 Disarmament, I always think of him when I eat Freedom Fries, Toast, or Bread.... ;-p

Go and check out tonight's jams,  sure to please, head bobbin' fun for the whole family.  GO!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-25-2011) 10:31 PM
Tonight's DJ Spotlight...... One of the OG's of the Beastie Boys remix scene... Give this chap some play. He's got mixes that I'm jammin' all the time driving back and forth to work.
Taco Zip !!!!!

Oh, and Rival Schools - 69 Gunz (Ad-Rock Remix) top of page.

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-24-2011) 11:18 PM  Happy Easter my Peeps :-p
Alright, I've got some goodies for you guys tonight... Oh, you don't believe me? Well take a look below, you non believers!

Ede,  kicking out a new remix, that I'm sure is aimed squarely at me...  I deserve it.
3 The Hard Way -Vs- Slacker

Ede, also droppin' a DIY Pella for Nonstop Disco Powerpack (click) or see the Pella's page under DIY.

Oh,  and some Biologist guy dropped by (I think he studies the mating rituals of male fruit bats or some such thing) and expanded his Hello Funky mixtape by one track.  Anyway,  check his track also,  it's "Funky"
All Lifestyles - Funky Little Beat Remix

I also have a challenge for you guys tonight.  Identify THIS REMIX,  if you can give me a link to download the original,  can get me the name of the remixer,  etc.....  I would love you unconditionally for 2 hours,  unless you paid for more,  in-advance......

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-23-2011) 11:18 PM  
Well look who's back today, it's Sufit!! Droppin' two quality Beastie Boys remixes tonight. Fun Stuff.
Electrify - Las i Chaszcze mix
We Got The - Time in Greece mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-22-2011) 12:15 AM   Happy Good Friday?

Music Appreciation day No. 2

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-20-2011) 9:48 PM
Awwwhhhhh, Hell yeah!!! This guy, this crazy guy, he always puts out the jams that force me to put on the headphones, and pump-up-the-volume!!!!! Happy that I was the little spark that brought about two of these mixes, and happy to have a third freebie.. CosmoKramer tonight with:
Pass The Mic -Vs- Black Sabbath's War Pigs
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun -Vs- Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral
Brr Stick 'Em -Vs- Cum On Everybody ft. Eminem

Glad you're back Cosmo,  we've missed you.

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-19-2011) 1:57 AM
Expand your musical tastes............. NOW!

ROCK!!!!  \m/

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-18-2011) 12:39 AM U.S. Citizens MAIL IN YOUR TAXES!
MCScoobyT, dropped a 44 minute MEGA-Mix today, including all of the new songs off of the HSC Pt. 2 album, You should check this. It's got Everything!
HSC preview Mega Mix - Tadlock's Hot n' Saucey Bouillabaisse

Ok,  I'm going back to sleep now..  Good Night.

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-16-2011) 10:05 PM
Our man from Kansas, Ede, back again tonight droppin' one that bangs the old and the new together in a particle accelerator!
Make Some Noise - No Sleep Till Brooklyn Mix (Demo)

Oh,  and for all you slackers who didn't get out today to support your local vinyl merchant,  you missed out. But I Didn't!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-15-2011) 8:04 PM
Wow,  talk about a sample heavy remix,  this thing's got everything!  We're definitely not in Kansas anymore....  Oh Wait... Ede with:
Make Some Noise - Multitask

Don't forget to get your cheap ass out of bed early tomorrow
and spend some cash at your local vinyl dealership!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-14-2011) 11:57 PM
CosmoKramer back tonight with the goods, a new Make Some Noise remix, and a little cleaner DIY Make Some Noise A cappella. Annnd He's Back!!
Make Some Noise - Movin Out Remix

Pella HERE
Make Some Noise DIY Acapella Version 2

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-13-2011) 10:54 PM
Another big night tonight, appologies to Squer for my slacking last night.

First up,  our man from Finland,  Squer, dropping two mixes tonight,  bringing the old and the new together...
So What'cha Want - A Whole Lot of Love
Sure Shot - Brooklyn Zoo

Next up,  The big and the little Melle,  Dj Melle and Son, droppin' a mix that has some meaning for me tonight.  As I came home the cop copter was circling my house.  Don't know why.
Car Thief - All Points Bulletin Mix

Next up,  World premiere,  MCScoobyT bustin' out the first two Make Some Noise remixes here at Beastiemixes,  and a DIY, (very) Dirty pella for the afformentioned song.
Make Some Noise - Bring The Noise If You With Me
Make Some Noise - Bring The Noise If You With Me (w extra MOOG)

R.I.P. Bob Moog

Pella HERE
Make Some Noise  DIY DIRTY pella

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-11-2011) 9:32 PM
Well Holy Hell, Look what the cat dragged in, CosmoKramer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Droppin' a new Beastie Boys remix on us tonight. What's that you say? You thought he retired? Ahh, me too, but tonight we've both been proven wrong! Check it!
Unite - Keep It On and On

Also tonight, Barzin putting a nice little cap on his mixtape with an Intro
The Barzin Sound From Way Out - Intro

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-9-2011) 9:01 PM
So, our very own Scoobmeister got another chance at the 20 questions today, and got shut out by a ridiculous question that only a select few people on the freakin' planet would known the answer to...... Wow...... Nice Job MCScoobyT... You did better than I would have.

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-6-2011) 9:07 PM

Dayum'   If the the news isn't coming fast and furious now......

"I'm trippin' my balls off!!!"

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-6-2011) 8:09 PM
Today is now a GREAT DAY, Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise semi-officially and now officially dropped.... Go Listen NOW!!!!

My favorite comments I've read about this track.....
"And that ladies and gentlemen is how to drop a dope single"

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-5-2011) 9:35 PM
So, I know this dude, DJ AK47, got so many mixes his page is practicaly overheating the server anytime someone loads it. (I'm going to investigate a solution) but proceed anyway, there's some gems. Including this one.
B Boys In The Cut - Ft. E-40 (Beastin Remix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-3-2011) 9:22 PM
The ScoobMeistro General droppin' crazy as f*** Beastie Boys remixes tonight, in the form of a mixtape, and a single... The least you could do is take a listen and e-mail him your innermost feelings about his remixes. Can you do that for me?  I think an intervention may be in order....

Mixtape:  McScoobyT's - Tadlock's License
Single: McScoobyT, with :  So What'cha Want - I Want Stew

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-2-2011)
Well well well, Finally, Chro' and Nucking Futs have someone to talk their funny English language to. "I fancy a pint ol' chap." etc... Anyway. NEW DJ TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! Please throw a big party, and invite the ladies over to listen to the remix stylings of our newest DJ, Barzin.

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-25-2011) 12:05 AM
Remastered my podcast (No. 21) I wasn't happy with the levels. re-download if you want,  if not, ok.......  Just trying to satisfy my need for PERFECTION! or at least, semi-quality....

Also,  I just want to take this opportunity to say,  Thanks to all of my hosted DJ's.   Without you guys/girl  there would be no Beastiemixes.   Without all of your hard work, I would not be here.  So, Thanks!!!!  You guys are the BEST!!!  Much Love!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-23-2011) 10:30 PM
Sat on this one for an extra day. Not on purpose, but because I'm a giant slacker. This one's actually kinda' special... I love it when people say nice things about Beastiemixes!! We ALL work hard around here...   DJ AK47 With:
Putting Shame In Your Game - Beastiemixes Rap

Also tonight,  a super chill remix from our friend SureShot Shayne,  Go BOSTON!!!!!!!!
Flowin' Prose - Jack Kerouac Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-20-2011) Really Early AM
Ok, so what the hell happens around here while I'm not paying attention??? Disco danncing with the SWAT team, and stroking of rumps?? Really!??

First up tonight,  (Disco dancing with the SWAT team) is the old man, and the young man, DJ Melle & Son with: Pass The Mic-Super Disco Breakin' - S.W.A.T Team Mix

Next up, is the guy stroking his rump.  MCScoobyT  (Freak without a leash) with:   Shake Your Rump - Shake Your Picchu f. The Strokes

Beastiemixes,  WORLD'S largest collection of Beastie Boys remixes EVER!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-16-2011) 11:09 PM
DJ AK47 keepin' it Slow and Low tonight,  with his next two jams...
Rhyme The Rhyme Well_Cloud 47 Mix
Root Down - Cloud 47 Mix

Oh yeah,  almost forgot, Happy Five Year Anniversary !!!!!!!!!  Like a month ago............

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-13-2011) 4:16 AM  (Yeah, it's early)
Big things today....... First off.....
TtownMc dropped two new jams today, Hellz Yeah!!!!!!
Lee Majors Come Again - The Emerald Road Project
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Manchester Express

Next up,  I,  as in,  Silence7,  dropped a new podcast tonight... Stream,Download, or Subscribe here.

As always,  DOWNLOAD for best quality.....

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-8-2011) 1:44 AM
OK, I'm sorry I'm soooo late with this one, I've been illin' over the past few days, felt like Tyson kicked my ass.

Anyway,  we've got a guy droppin' some freakiness this morning,  crazy beats, great samples...
T.B.C. With:  Ch-Check It Out - Xetoph mix
Crank to 11, and turn this muthafuckin' party out!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-2-2011) 10:23 PM
DJ AK47 with his last mix before he heads off to see the worlds largest RubberBand ball for holiday.... Have Fun AK..............
Sure Shot - Fireball     Fireball, Rubberband ball,  Coincidence??

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-1-2011) 7:55 PM
On 1-29-2011 School of Rock - NYC did a 4 song Beastie Boys set at Arlene's Grocery, watch one of the videos below, and see the rest here...

Also check this,  from TheStar, Oct. 30th's "The Anti-Hit List"  Scoll down to No. 5
It's The Biologist's Unite - Silence 7's Roller Rink Anthem (Girl You Know It's True) remix,  that may explain the 537 downloads so far, ;-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-28-2011) 1:53 AM
Just got a cool donation to the site....
I'm Down (Final Version)  Unreleased version.   I've heard "I'm Down" before,  but never like this. I bet it was the Beatles sample that kept this from being put on the album.   Thanks to you! You know who you are...

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-21-2011) 12:37 AM
Hey Ladies, Guess who's back!!!??? It's our main man from Finland! Squer Droppin' like only a Finlandian can.
Hey Ladies - Guess Who's Back

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-16-2011) 8:53 PM

The Brouhaha Podcast: "Awesome; I F'in Saw That!, Ep. 15"

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Jim Shearer watches the Fight For Your Right: Revisited video, WITH the Beastie Boys!!  And Also features a Beastiemixes DJ during this episode!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-15-2011) 8:13 PM
It's always special when this next DJ shows up and drops a new Beastie Boys remix. He's my favorite German DJ. He's also in my Top 10 worldwide and he's been here since the very beginning! (Note his DJ number.). I'm going to quote him talking about this mix completely out of context. "sampled and mangled with various effects" This is a headphones on mix. Tibor Fredmann with:
Unite - Detroit Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-13-2011) 9:44 PM

Ahhhh  the ladies are back again tonight.  I don't get it, I treat them so bad,  yet they keep coming back...

First up, a mix that's been waiting 2 days for me to deliver it.  DJ AK47 gettin' all Uff in da' place.
We Got The - Ft. Uffie - Ready To Uff

Next up tonight,  The BiologistDippin' it once more into the unknown and pullin' out a nice jammie.
04_Triple Trouble - Smoov Bisquit Feat. Andre Nickatina and Smoov-E

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-06-2011) 8:23 PM
Should have put this up last night to give you the heads-up sorry, anyway, if you watched the Superbowl today, you no doubt saw these two commercials (Coca-Cola "Border" and "Siege"). Our very own Damon Tedesco recorded and mixed the music for these commercials with a 50 piece orchestra at the Fox Newman Scoring Stage. Two Thumbs Up!!!! Go Damon!!

Next up, Scoobmeister, MC ScoobyT, droppin' a new Mini-Mixtape,  "Talib Two Pack"
01_Stop That Train - Dub Train-in (Max Tannone beat)
02_The New Style - On on One

Then here comes DJ AK47, droppin' two new hotties.....
Flowin' Prose - Before Midnight Mix
Stop That Train - After Midnight Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-05-2011) 9:55 PM
Some dude named after some world famous rifle dropped a new video game related remix on our site that is Beastie Boys related tonight... Or some such thing. "dude" calls himself DJ AK47, and is calling his newest remix......
We Got The - Endless Nights Of Zelda

Maybe you should check it out...

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-01-2011) 9:42 PM
This guy's lady & kid must be out of town, he's releasing new mixes. New track on his Dippin' Sauce tape, I think the whole thing's already ready, he's just stretchin' out his front page time..  The Biologist with:
03 - Electrify - Big Egos
Remix DJ's Rule! (1-31-2011) 11:35 PM
Uploaded some goodies for you guys tonight... Have Fun!

Live Page
Live at Wembley Arena, London, 7 May 1999 -BBC FM (Partial Show)
MixMaster Mike - Live at Mercury Lounge, Austin, 7 April 2000
SPEAK TO US CLEANLY! TWO New Juan Epstein (MCA Interview) 2008 (Thanks to cwdoom)

Rare Page
Bosco Delrey - Evil Lives (Ad-Rock Remix) (Thanks to MadDecent)
Mexican Institute of Sound - Alocatel (Ad Rock Remix)

Oh, and this fool, The Biologist, dropped a new mix on his Dippin' Sauce mixtape.. Check it!!
Three MC's And One DJ - Bang Bang Oneirology Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-30-2011) 2:41 PM
You can cancel search and rescue,  I'm here. and so is........

TtownMc with a fun mix that put a smile on my face during this rainy SoCal day.
Lee Majors Come Again - The Hip Hop Harry Episode

DJ AK47 Choppin' and Screwin' a grasshopper for your listening pleasure!
The Grasshopper Unit - Mini Ninjas

DJ Melle & Son showing some love to the man who fell to earth today.
Sure Shot - La Fame Mix

Late update 7:48pm,
The Biologist, droppin' the beginnings of a new mixtape reppin' the West Siiide!!!! We love ALL sides here, but Bio' and I are both West Coasters...
Mixtape:  Dippin' Sauce, an Open Letter to California
Mix: 01 - That's It That's All - Thug in Me (Hot Cocoa ReRemix)

Also a few days ago Jim Shearer got a little inside scoop on the Fight For Your Right Revisited: After the Party short that was shown at Sundance this month.

Sundance, Ep. 14

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Remix DJ's Rule! (1-18-2011) 11:29 PM
Is it anticipation for the new album or just boredom? I don't care, we've been getting new remixes.
MCScoobyT today with a new mixtape, Gorillaz -vs- Beastie Boys style.... Gorillaz Beasties Beatz EP
01_Stop That Train-Phoner Train To Arizona-Gorillaz Beasties Beatz (Falls Brings The Winter And On Back To Springtime)
02_We Got The-We'll Always Have Detroit-Gorillaz Beasties Beatz
(Falls Brings The Winter And On Back To Springtime)
03_Pass The Mic-Snake Da MIC-Gorillaz Beasties Beatz
(Falls Brings The Winter And On Back To Springtime)
04_That's It That's All-That's Aspen - Gorillaz Beasties Beatz
(Falls Brings The Winter And On Back To Springtime)

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-16-2011) 9:40 PM
Well, look who just woke up, DJ AK47!  Droppin' a fat one, or is that a PHat one tonight, full of chocolatey goodness, I love this! Schwarzenegger!?
B Boys In The Cut - B Boys In The Bass

Also tonight, check this guy's Beastie Boys mixes...

Web The Free Range Human  - The Jew Style-Beastie Boys Remixes
Thanks Scoob for the heads up on this one.

Oh, and Jim Shearer is up to his shenanigans again!! The Brouhaha Podcast No. 13

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Remix DJ's Rule! (1-10-2011) 9:39 PM
Pay attention tonight ladies. Please take some time out of your busy day to download my NEW FAVORITE REMIX!!! This thing's a screamer that deserves some high volume!! Do It! 
TtownMc with:
Lee Majors Come Again - The Pole Position Experiment

Ohio's become a major player, a force to be reckoned with!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-8-2011) 10:58 PM
Sorry about the late update, I've been having some life issues over the last week or so.. But I'm ok now thanks to Family. Thanks Family!!!

DJ Melle & Mini-Melle droppin' a bouncy little pick me up tonight,  spreading smiles like peanut butter and jelly with:
B Boys in the Cut - Beastie Boys ft. I Blame Coco- Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Thanks Guys!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-3-2011) 10:07 PM
Oh look who's next, the dynamic duo of DJ Melle & Son!! jammin' to one of the new pellas.
B Boys In The Cut - Tihs Yknuf Mix
Here's hoping that MCA, Adrock, or Mike D, decide to release some new pellas for the HSC Pt. 2..

Also made some stickers for you guys.... Download from the resources page.... Scan with your "Smart" phone. (QR Code)


Inspired by this, as well as this, my Sister made me for Christmas,
Scanning directs you to Beastiemixes.com.  Nice Huh!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-2-2011) 1:54 AM
Well look who's first with the new mixes this year! He actually uploaded on 1-1-11, but I'm a little slow in my old age. Beat Salvaje showin' the Beastie Boys some love in 2011.   You need to check these out! *Scratchy Scratch*
All Lifestyles - Remix
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Remix
Triple Trouble - Remix


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