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Remix DJ's Rule! (12-30-2009) 10:22 PM Today's a good day!
Ladies and Germs, Chromium05 is BACK! At least for tonight... I love it when old friends stop by!
Sure Shot - Chromium's Dad's Mix
Triple Trouble - Velcro Mix

Also tonight,  the master of beats Beatmaster has dropped a new track,  Fantastic,  this one's got some spice!
Oh Word? - Ho Word

I told you it was a good day.

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-28-2009) 8:54 PM
Always late, but never absent, DJ AKFOTY7 with two jumpy as hell Christmas jams, Nice. I like the first one the best. You figure out which way I'm counting!
We Got The - Last Christmas
We Got The - This Christmas Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-25-2009) Early AM   Happy Holidays!

Take the day off,  you deserve it!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-23-2009) 10:30 PM
OH YES! DJ AK47 tonight with a new jammie that had me jumpin'!
Body Movin' - Paralyzer

Also tonight,  Videos page is now fully functional,  and I have reorganized the Live page by year,  fancy shit indeed.  Peas out homies!

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-21-2009) 10:45 PM
MC ScoobyT in the hizzouse!!!!!!! Back today with two juicy mashups!
Here's A Little Something For Ya - HALS4YvsTWISNYC
Lee Marjors Came Again - U never know just how ya look in other peoples I's

Do you guys like videos??

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-19-2009) 11:59 PM
I'm just under the wire tonight,  with a new mashup from the dynamic duo of DJ Melle & Son,  bangin' it out Dancehall style mon, with:
Paul Revere - Dancehall Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-15-2009) late PM
DeeJay AyKayFortySeven back today with new mixes, expanding on his Driver, and Bay Area Boyz mixtapes..
11_Brr Stick 'Em vs Vans vs Super Hyphy ft. A Shit Load Of Bay Area Rappers as well as Lil' Wayne

4_All Lifestyles vs Black Light Burns - Giving In Again
5_Stop That Train - AK47's Deep Lounge Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-14-2009) 10:38 PM
Both of the guys steppin' it up tonight... Upbeat, fresh jammies.....!!!!

R2Dj, tonight with a bumpin little track entitled...
Pass the Mic - 44 Magnum Mic

Squer, pumpin out two new jams for his new Beastie Boys vs. Linkin Park 2.0 mixtape.
02_So What'cha Want - A.06
03_Alive - In The End

I'm proud of you guys,  all of you!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-13-2009) 10:45 PM
DJ AK47 today with three new smooth ones tonight..
Flowin Prose - Can't Tell Me Nothin'
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Change Clothes
We Got The vs Tiefschwarz - Damage (Buick Project mix)

Squer, hot up on a new mixtape tonight Beastie Boys vs. Linkin Park 2.0
01_Intergalactic - Breaking The Habit 2

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-12-2009) 12:33 AM  Don't forget yesterday's mixes!!
I would like to personally welcome a NEW DJ TONIGHT!!! Please welcome our newest DJ, nerdcore master and friend of nYgel's... funky49 !! He's been around the Beastie scene for a loooong while, so please, go check his mixes, check his website (lots of good stuff there) and give him a nice beastiemixes welcome!

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-11-2009) 11:02 PM
Don Loop, after a LONG absence is back with a nerdy one, bangin' but nerdy.
Hey Fuck You - Empire Mix      (Beasties -vs- the Dark Side)

DJ AK47 back with a figurative boat load of mixes tonight,  23 new mashups/remixes
Rounding out, and I think finishing his Jagged Halo mixtape with 10 new mixes!
New mixtape,  The Bay Area Boyz with 10 new jammie jams!
The very beginning of another new mixtape, The DRIVER Mixtape with 3 fly new tracks for all you gamers to dig on!
That's 23 for anyone that's been counting along.

Also got word on a new DJ, you're gonna' like this guy...  I'm workin' up his page, stay tuned.

Please hit up the Child's Play banner, and give what you can.  Kids love video games,  and kids in the hospital REALLY love video games.

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-8-2009) Late PM
Boy Woolner bustin' out a new jamie tonight, Welcome back Boooooyy...
Sure Shot - Sure Hot Water Shot Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (12-5-2009) 8:55 PM
Welcome home E-dub!!!  Glad to see you out and about...  And he showed up with a mashup in his pocket,  a request fulfilment from the shoutbox.
Triple Trouble - Cypress Hill Mash

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-??-2009) Late PM
Squer! Back with 2 new mashups, and an e-mail address for you to spam the hell out of... Send this guy an e-mail or two letting him know how he's doing.
Alive - Spray Paint and Ink Pens
So What'cha Want - Licence 2 Kill

Heard in the shoutbox that The Biologist might be coming back,  Oh YES!

What are you guys getting me for Christmas?
My Amazon.com Wish List

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-29-2009) 9:55 PM
Alright ladies, we've got a NEW DJ TODAY!!! He's a producer of music for television in the UK. Only 1 mix so far (Yeah I know, 3 mix rule, yadda yadda) anyway check his mix, hit up his website and let him know what you think. He says he's got more on the way.

I present to you.....  Nice Family

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-24-2009) 11:49 PM
Squer,  keepin' it mostly chill as always,  rockin' it a little,  but mostly chill...
Five new tracks,  ch-check em' out!!
An Open Letter to NYC (All Good Things Come To An End)
An Open Letter to NYC (Where'd You Go)
Intergalactic (Yeah)
So What'cha Want (Roaring Rampage)
Sure Shot (Loon)

The juggernaut that is DJ AK47 marches on to continue his Jagged Hero mixtape..
04_Alive vs Gary Numan - I Dream Of Wires
05_Body Movin' vs Gary Numan - This House Is Cold
06_We Got The vs Gary Numan - Me I Disconnect From You
07_All Lifestyles vs Gary Numan - Sister Surprise
08_Hey Fuck You vs Gary Numan - Scar Waiting For The Ghost To Come
09_Time To Build vs Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric
10_We Got The vs Gary Numan - Metal (Club Remix)

AK and Squer have been tag teaming the front page lately!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-22-2009) 10:03 PM
DJ AK47 today with his 64th mixtape, Jagged Halo -Beastie Boys -vs- Gary Numan Three tracks so far, more on the way I'm sure. :-)
01_An Open Letter To NYC vs Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric
02_The Brouhaha vs Gary Numan - Conversation
03_Triple Trouble vs Gary Numan - My Centurian

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-21-2009) 11:30 PM  Sorry about last night Squer.
Squer here yesterday with three new bangin' Beastie mixes,   You gotta check these!
Intergalactic (Poker Face)
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun (Get 'Em)
So What'cha Want (Push It to the Limit)

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-21-2009) 12:30 AM
No update tonight, sorry Squer.............................

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-18-2009) 9:38 PM
Squer tonight with 2 new tracks. Hand crafted with love for the Beastie Boys remix community!!
Intergalactic (Boom Boom Pow)
So What'cha Want (Traveller)

I'm doing some studying up for some potential improvements to the site.  Wish me luck!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-15-2009) 10:20 PM      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW AK47!!!!!
DJ AK47 tonight with his own Birthday Mix, you would have thought one of you other slooches could have done a mix for him...!!
Spam/I Need A Beat Remix ft. Adrock and MC Milk D (DJ AK47's 20th B-Day Mix 11-16)
Hello Brooklyn - ft. T.I.

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-14-2009) 3:55 AM
Alright kiddos', it's a little late, so I'm gonna blow through these a little fast, please try and keep up with me.

First up tonight,  one of the O.G. members of the site is back with a super clean mashup tonight,  Damon Tedesco with:
Body Movin - Mashup No.1

Next up, MC Von Scoob,  The Scoobinator, MCScoobyT with his two newest Beastie masterpieces.
Too Many Rappers - Oscar Made
Girls - J's Girls  (Is this actually a mix?  It's late and I'm tired)

Squer,  taking it back to the 70's,  OMG,  Thunderbirds,  F.A.B. !!!!!
Intergalactic - Beat Dis

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-12-2009) 10:13 PM
Ok, I just read that most of whats on this site is "garbage!!" So please try to step it up a notch... OK?  Thanks!    ~Management

First up tonight,  The Hippie Ripper with a little Jesus Jones love..
Right Right Now Now - Berlin 89 Remix

Next, it's Squer with a track I like to call "I'm stuck at work and I want to go home!" but he has a different name for it, so refer to it using the name he gave it,  not my made up name.  Thanks!
Alive - Feel Like Home

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-11-2009) 9:48 PM
One of my favorite Dj's in the world, Squer tonight with a new mixtape, Beastie -vs- Beastie
7 tracks of Beast on Beast action, good stuff Squer!!!! Go check it!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-09-2009) 9:30 PM
The Hippie Ripper (Ripper of Hippies worldwide!) back today with some 80's love..  Notice: No 60's love,  he hates hippies!
Too Many Rappers - 85 Nostalgia Remix

MCScoobyT back kickin' my ass once again!  This time droppin a new mixtape:
The In Sounds From A Ways Out! Featuring 12 tracks that could have only come from the mind of Scoob!!
Also tonight with a few "Misc" tracks
Lay It On Me - Gabba Robot Friends f. Money Mark and Biz Markie
Rhymin' And Stealin' - Sailin & Stealin f. Karen O and The Kids
So What'cha Want - What'cha Want f. NINE

We're all in this together!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (11-07-2009) 10:20 PM
Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!  I'm at least partially back....  I haven't actually gone anywhere, unless you count work,  but I've just been taking a breather.... Stepping out for some fresh air...

The Hippie Ripper tonight with a hot new track:  B-Boys In The Cut - B-Boys Got Heart,  What the hell,  I know that music,  I've heard it a million times, and I cannot for the life of me pin it down...  ArrrrGH!!!!!!

DJ Melle & Son with a super nice track (Flowin' Prose - Rhyme Scheme mix) that fits together very well, mellow and smooth.  Nice work guys!

Beatmaster with: Triple Trouble - Org Beat you pullin' these beats off of vinyl?  I need to learn how to make beats like that... 

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-28-2009) 11:17 PM
One of my favorite remixers, and a fellow buckeye, dropped a mix before I started my vacation, and I don't want to hold his mix from the masses who should be listening to this track, so here it is, TtownMc, with:
Too Many Rappers - Mah-Na-Mah-Na Remix

I'm still on vacation....  I'll be back soon...  Much Love.....  S7

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-26-2009) 8:23 PM   Announcement
I will be taking a short vacation from the site, so I can adjust my piss poor attitude, and make other people happy. I'll be back, but I don't know when.   The Halloween Podcast, is now on hold,  sorry.


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-25-2009) 11:45 PM
E-Dub today with the beginning of a fresh new mixtape "The Theme Music Mix Tape" his first track...
01_Sure Shot - Theme's Theme


Got to meet one of my idols today,  Steve Wozniak of Apple Computer!!


Remix DJ's Rule! (10-25-2009) 2:53 AM
DJ AK47 this morning with the third known Pop Your Balloon mix that I know of.. Love the title :-)
Pop Your Balloon - Stand Together With Jimmy James and Shake Your Rump

I'm working hard on Podcast No. 13,  I swear it'll be done before the 31st.

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-22-2009) 9:22 PM  AK got Bootlegged!!!!
Looks like one of us got the bootleg treatment, seems five of DJ AK47's Too Many Rappers mixes got pressed on vinyl along with the Beastie's performance of the same song at bonnaroo. You can check out the bootleg vinyl here Too Many Rappers - Reloaded   AK also released a new track today with a somewhat disturbing title...
Stop That Train - AK's Last Day On Earth Mix

Squer also stopped by and dropped a few new juicy Beastie Boys remixes.
Continuing his Sure Shot - Classic Beats mixtape with:
13-Sure Shot - OPP
Squer also dropped a few random tracks.  Good stuff!!
Alive - Then I'll Be Home
An Open Letter to NYC - Remember The Name
So What'cha Want - Umbrella

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-21-2009) 9:01 PM
My favorite Dj from Finland is BACK like a heart attack!!!! Squer is back with his newest track.... Ch-Check it!!!!!!!!
Intergalactic - 4 Minutes
Remix DJ's Rule! (10-20-2009) 9:14 PM
DJ AyKayFotrySeven continuing on with his Beastie F Baby mixtape,  5 nuevo canciones!!!
03_An Open Letter To NYC -vs- Lovin It ft. Lil Wayne
04_Posse In Effect -vs- Pop Bottles
04_Posse In Effect -vs- Pop Bottles
06_Flowin' Prose - Chillin' Like A Scarecrow
07_Stop That Train - Love Me Sexy Remix ft. Jackie Moon and Lil Wayne

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-19-2009) 9:14 PM
You guys don't think that I work too? Ch-Check this... 

So There!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-18-2009) 8:25 PM
Hey ladies, I've got two new mixes for you tonight that have no pellas, but have bee mashed/mixed anyway.. F-ing crazyness going on up in this pitch!.

DJ AK47 today with: 06. Pop Your Balloon - Booty Bounce Bopper

MCScoobyT with:  Lee Marjors Come Again - Dr. Lee Marjors Came Again (PhD Blend)

Both valiant efforts,  you should really check them both out!!!!!!   Really!  I listened to both of them multiple times,  and,  I'm fairly impressed.!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-17-2009) 9:58 PM
KAI TOMBO!!!! I really missed this guy, but here he is back again. Are those samples from the "Breakcore Kid" below?
All Lifestyles - Beat Box Minute Mix

MCScoobyT with the first ever Pop Your Balloon mix that I've heard, a little on the freaky side don't ya think?
Pop Your Balloon - Pop Pop Your Red Balloon

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-15-2009) 10:22 PM
DJ AK47,  that lazy slooch,  showed up with THIRTY new tracks last night.Just hit up his page and look for the !! That ought to keep you guys quiet for a while.
Remix DJ's Rule! (10-12-2009) 9:00 PM
Just got this from a friend, heard some of you were looking for it.
In A World Gone Mad (Stand Up And Fight Mix) [From ad-2003 JP bootleg 12"]
In A World Gone Mad (Stand Up And Peace Mix) [From ad-2003 JP bootleg 12"]

Download Here!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-11-2009) 10:19 PM
DJ AK47 deep in the house of the rising sun tonight!
We Got The - The Sun Is Rising (Deep House Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-9-2009) 11:49 PM
Holy Shit, lookie who's back!!! DJ AK47... He's gone all chill on us, but he's back.. I speculated that he might have died in a steer roping event in Florida, there was some root cellar talk, some Motel-6,  training to be an astronaut, but he's proven us all wrong.. Back tonight with two new "chill" tracks..  "French Do It Better" BTW...
We Got The - Touch and Go Mix
All Lifestyles - Only In New York Mix

Have I mentioned lately that you guys are the fucking best...  Seriously,  I thought about it today,  and starting this site was totally worth it,  if only for the friends I've made along the way...  You guys ROCK!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-8-2009) 8:50 PM
Squer has a partner tonight!!

Squer all mellow tonight with one mix,  then bangin' with the other.  Download them both and find out which one is which!
An Open Letter to NYC - No One
Intergalactic - Time to Get Ill

TtownMc back off the hiatus!  Bang this one in the car while doing 90 in a 45! I think this one's making me sweat...
B Boys In The Cut - Bossy Remix

Also dropped a nice little Rare track for ya'
Root Down (Rich Soul's FreakdaFunk Mix) [From Handy Records Bootleg 12"]

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-7-2009) 8:52 PM
Looks like Squer is holding the entire Beastiemixes empire up at the moment, and he's here today with 4 new tracks. I'm starting to like this kid.
Intergalactic - Dem Miami Boyz
Intergalactic - Piano Jam
So What'cha Want - Mr. Me Too
The Grasshopper Unit - Hussle in The House

Side note:   It was nice to hear from Yauch in the newsletter that he's doing better,  and feeling "Healthy, strong and hopeful"  Good deal!!

New Beasties TrackPop Your Balloon  Special thanks to kingofboogle !!

Remix DJ's Rule! (10-4-2009) 8:45 PM
Squer here today with a new Sure Shot track...
Sure Shot - (B.F.E.M.V.S.R.B.V.S.B.M.R.E.M.I.X)
Remix DJ's Rule! (10-2-2009) 12:23 AM
If anyone wants to play around with the contest cover Photoshop file? You can download the .psd here. (16mb)
Remix DJ's Rule! (9-30-2009) 10:15 PM
MCScoobyT with FIVE, yeah I said 5, new tracks today, gotta' download em' all !!
3 Minute Rule - Ol' Time (Dumb) Drums
Crawl Space - Can I Eat da Bash Ton Beat
Intergalatic - 3 Times Noice (Kara Thrace)
Super Disco Breakin - Super Dirty Diddy Disco Breaks
Too Many Rappers - Atten-Shun

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-28-2009) 9:19 PM
We're getting all political up in this pitch tonight!!!

Nucking Futs with: All Lifestyles - Democracy is Non-Negotiable [Feat. Liberty Prime]

The HippieRipper with: Right Right Now Now - F-d Up Government Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-27-2009) 11:52 PM
I drove past a rave today just before it was starting,  lots of crazy club kids with all their day-glo colors on, etc..  I come home, and what do we have here.

Nucking Futs with two techno tracks.
All Lifestyles - Don't Cry [Sad Face]
All Lifestyles - Waiting For A Fuckin' Star [Bleedin' Ears Mix]

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-25-2009) 2:10 AM
to Felix Deluxe,  Winner of the Block Rockin' Beasties remix contest!! I'm sure glad there wasn't a tie. I was NOT looking forward to having to be the tie breaking judge. There were way too many good tracks this time. I appreciate all of you guys for participating. I think this has got to be the best contest we've run on the site yet!!! From me to you, THANKS!!!!!  See the contest page for the voting breakdown in .ods, .xls, and .html formats for your convienience!

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-22-2009) 11:25 PM
DJ Melle & Son awarded with the coveted one and only "Bonus Track" slot in the contest with their newest mix. (Will not be included in the voting)
XX_Root Down - Chemical Beat Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-21-2009) 1:25 AM
And to go with yesterdays show vinyls I've uploaded eight more.
To The 5 Boroughs Show Vinyls (3 COM),(CYHR),(HNR-1),(LTILL),(NSTB BM),(TT5B #2),(TT5BR) and (AVV) On the Pellas / Mentals page.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-20-2009) 10:38 PM
Another kick ass donation to the site today!!!
Hello Nasty Show Vinyls (BB-SV-1), (BB-SV-2), (BB-SV-5), and (BB-SV-6)
Remixers, there's some stuff in these instrumentals that you aren't going to hear anywhere else. Download on the Pellas / Mentals page.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-20-2009) 5:55 PM
Beatmaster showed up and dropped a giant beat stomping super hero mix today.. Nice!
B-Boys In the Cut - Where The Action Is

Rodie dropped a track today that for some reason had me looking back to my roots in industrial music.
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun -vs- Tough Guy

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-19-2009)
Took the day off.....

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-18-2009) 2:20 AM
In about an hour before the deadline last night... DJ Topcat with two contest entries.
43_Body Movin - 108bpm (Master)
44_So Whatcha Want - One too many Beasties-86bpm

All voting e-mails have now been sent out.
If you entered a mix in the contest,  and for some reason didn't get your voting e-mail,  let me know.

Will have the album cover for the contest up tomorrow,  I've been working on it for three days, and it's almost done.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-16-2009) 11:50 PM
Three contest entries today!!!! WhoO!!

Guy Incognito
40_An Open Letter To NYC (An Open Letter To NYC 9 Acre Dust)
PWN productions
41_Negotiation Limerick File - Leave Home (Chemical Limerick Mix)
Globemallow Spike
42_B-Boy Bouillabaisse - pt.1 - NaCl

And E-Dub today with a freakish mix,  I'm not exactly sure what to make of.  You'll just have to check it out for yourself. :-)
The Brouhaha - Falsiality

I'll also have a couple non-contest surprises for you in the next couple days.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-15-2009) 9:58 PM   *Tick-Tock* *Tick-Tock*
Chromium05 dropping off his entry to the contest today!
39_Ch-Check it Out - Check Out the Chemical Brothers Samples

Also had a very generous donation to the site today!!
Check Your Head Show Vinyl (CYH001)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-14-2009) 9:00 PM
Dj LR with a contest entry today.. #38
38_Intergalactic - Galvanized Intergalactely (Buenos Aires Mashup)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-13-2009) 7:52 PM
Wolaz,  our friend from over at the Beastie Boys BBS dropped 2 contest entries today.
35_We Got The - Chemical Hoops
36_Triple Trouble - 1, 2, 3, Shake Bounce Break

R2Dj dropped another contest entry today also.
37_Oh Word - Loops of B-Boy Fury

Squer, continuing on his Sure Shot quest. dropping two more tracks for his "Sure Shot - Classic Beats" tape.
10-Sure Shot - Gin and Juice
11-Sure Shot - Try Again

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-13-2009) 12:52 PM
Guess what girls, NEW DJ TODAY!!!! Please welcome Sufit to the Beastiemixes family!! All the way from London to you!!
Rhyme the Rhyme Well, Shazzam - Block Rhymin'
Time To Build - Distant Forest
We Got The - Eastern Traffic Jam

Also added 2 new instrumentals, Not the best quality,  and one is a partial.
(Links now fixed)
Pass The Mic (Instrumental)
Time For Livin' (Instrumental)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-12-2009) 1:52 PM
Jiggowatt with an entry tonight for the contest  #34 !!!!! Whooo!!
34_Intergalactic - Piku Planetary

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-10-2009) 10:52 PM
FYI, JIGGZ, will now and forever forward be known as Jiggowatt.

New contest entry tonight from Leonardo da Funky
33_Block Rockin Body Movin - Energy Mash Up

Google Books preview of:
The Greatest Music Never Sold: Secrets of Legendary Lost Albums

By: Dan LeRoy

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-09-2009) 10:29 PM
PWN Productions!!! Today with a new jammie, Not a big fan of Em, but Jyme knows how to make mixes I like!
3 The Hard Way - ft. Eminem's Apologies

Globemallow Spike droppin' a contest mix today #32,  check it...
32_B-Boy Bouillabaisse - pt.2 - Capsaicin

I want to say right now that I really appreciate all of you guys who have jumped on this contest.  I love seeing the entries coming in, hosted guys or not, it's all good fun,  and I hope that someone deserving wins.

A little note, how come nobody ever told me I had Bouillabaisse mis-spelled on the site,  I've been missing an "S" for 2 years now, and there wasn't a single person that thought to tell me I'm an idiot for mis-spelling such an easy word?  I'll try and get it fixed in the database tomorrow.  :-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-08-2009) 11:45 PM
Alright kids, I've worked hard tonight to bring you A NEW DJ!!!!! Please welcome Jiggowatt to the Beastiemixes family, he's all 3-mixed up, and ready to go.
Ch-Check it Out - Pink Mix
Super Disco Breakin - Gate64 Mix
Triple Trouble - Wavy Mix

Next up,  Squer,  continuing on his quest to remix Sure Shot in every way possible.  :-p
09_Sure Shot - Stocholm-Helsinki

Annnnnnd,  Oh yes I said Annnnnd, Another contest mix,  #30!! from ThE LoOpKiTcHeN.
30_The New Style - My Style Is Sweet (cHeMiCaL MiX)

AND,  Another contest mix,  #31 from a BBMB O.G. Scott Free.
31_Intergalactic - Come With Us

Is it just me,  or do we have the biggest f-ing collection of Beastie Boys remixes and mashups on the entire internet?!

I think this is cool,  you should watch it.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-08-2009) 12:15 AM
MCScoobyT today finishing up the Ang Hello Malagim mixtape? Added a cover too, Schweet.
Creepin' - Egg Creepin (Yoke On Your Headspace Baby)
Dr. Lee, PhD (Dub Mix) - Slow Lee, PhDub
Hail Sagan (Special K) - Special K Root
Peanut Butter And Jelly - Biz Ate My PBJ
The Drone - Flowin Drone

He also dropped a "Misc." track,  Oh,  Fresh is gonna' hate this one..
Hello Brooklyn - Hangin' with Mary Jane In Brooklyn f. Tom Petty

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-07-2009) 12:45 PM
All the way from Barcelona, Spain NEW DJ TODAY!!!!   Beat Salvaje with the required 3 mixes, and you should check these out, they're spicy!!
Ch-Check It Out - Check it out guateque mix
Intergalactic - 3 galacticos mix
We Got The - We got the punk mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-04-2009) 9:55 PM
PWN Productions with a nice slow jam tonight, smooth, and kick back, Noice!
Flowin' Prose - Lounge Remix

Our old friend Guy Incognito with a contest entry.
29 - Negotiation Limerick File - Shake Break Bounce With Extra Chemicals

The little visitors globe deal was giving the site some trouble yesterday, so I had to kill it. Sorry.

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-03-2009) 10:45 PM
Oh hellz yeah! New contest mixes from DJ Lopez and Bassdriver!

DJ Lopez with:  27 - Negotiation Limerick File - Beastie Boys vs Chemical Brothers

Bassdriver with: 28 - Right Right Now Now - Where Do I Begin Right Now

Remix DJ's Rule! (9-02-2009) 10:00 PM
R2Dj with an entry for the contest tonight...
26 - Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Beastie Brothers' Song to the Siren

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-31-2009) 12:56 PM   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS' !!!
Contretemps today with a fancy new jammie, twisting Brooklyn all sideways...
No Sleep Til Brooklyn - 88+808

MCScoobyT jumpin' on those Hello Nasty b-sides, with a new mixtape. Ang Hello Malagim LP
20 Questions Version - Monkey Questions
Auntie Jackie Poom Poom Delicious - Auntie Jackie's Poom Poom Finger Likin' Delicious
Dirty Dog - The Drity Mic Smelled Like Dog
Piano Jam - Description Of Johnny The Paino Man
Switched On - 3 Swithched On For Me

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-28-2009) 11:39 PM
NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!! ladies... Please welcome DJ Roach to the Beastiemixes family, he's got four Chemical Brothers mixes on his page (Chemical Beasties EP), 2 entered into the "contest" No. 24, & 25.. Go check his tracks,  I'm takig the rest of the night off....  ;-)

Also,  the Licenced to Ill instrumentals I had on the pellas page with a description of "Dirty Needle" have been replaced with perfect Instrumentals, Clean Vinyl, Clean Needle!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-27-2009) 10:21 PM
Since I forgot to upload the update announcement last night,
don't forget to grab yesterday's mixes mmkay!

PWN Productions tonight with 2,  yes TWO new tracks, hellz yeah!
All Lifestyles -vs- Fratellis' Got Ma Nuts From a Hippy
Body Movin - mc Jyme's Hip Hop Mix

R2Dj also up in here with a new one..  MMMmm
Ch-Check It Out - Beastie Haze

Beatmaster, our newest member droppin' his 7th track so far..
Hold it Now, Hit It - Hinnie Ho

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-26-2009) 11:38 PM
DJ Laubeats from ??? dropping a contest entry tonight..
22 - Beastie Boys vs. Chemical Brothers - No sleep till Galaxy Brooklyn

MCScoobyT with a contest entry tonight,  34 minutes, and a hefty 64mb.
23 - B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Brothers Bouillabaisse

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-25-2009) 11:35 PM
DJ AK47 tonight workin' it, flippin' and reversin' it today..
B.E.A.S.T.I.E. AIN'T DEAD VOL. 2 mixtape
04 - Posse In Effect - ft. Missy Elliot - Work It

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-24-2009) 11:30 PM
DJ AK47 with some sort of fish dancing song!?
All Lifestyles - The Salmon Techno Dance

Scooby is Back!!!  MCScoobyT with a 3-pack goodness.
B Boys In The Cut - Heel Up
Pass The Mic - Dad Daat Daddy f. M.I.A. & Major Lazer
So What'cha Want - Post-Modern Love f. David Bowie

Beatmaster, our newest member with his newest track.
The Grasshopper Unit - Buggy

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-23-2009) 11:00 PM
Squer continuing his Sure Shot - Classic Beats mixtape.
08 - Sure Shot - Scary Movie
and dropping another...
Intergalactic - 8-bit Squerilla Radio

DJ AK47 droppin' a new track on his WTF? mixtape..
05 - We Got The vs Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) - Bleed For Me

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-23-2009) 12:54 AM
El Loco Lopez,  DJ Lopez is BACK!!!! With a contest entry!
Check the low DJ No. Lopez is an OG around here.
21 - Hey Ladies - Beastie boys vs Chemical brothers

Beatmaster also back tonight, with two hot new tracks!
Ch-Check it Out - Blaze Beastie Boys Mix
Root Down -vs- Beatmaster

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-22-2009) 1:45 AM
Squer uploaded this yesterday afternoon, And I didn't know exactly what it was so Sorry Squer..
It's up now.
Sure Shot - Stand Up

DJ AK47 with the next track on his WTF? tape.....
04 - The Brouhaha - A Fifth Of Beethoven

Guv'nor our friend from over at Sound-Unsound, and around the web, back with his second contest entry.
19 - We Got The - (Beastie Beats) These Beats r Made for Breaking

OMG!  Contretemps  He's back!!  With an entry for the contest!! Welcome back!
20 - Triple Trouble - Lost in the 3 Hole

I want to say thanks to everyone who entered the contest so far,  this thing is going to turn out great,  and I have some surprises for you guys coming up.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-20-2009) 9:23 PM
Wake up girls, we've got a NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!!! Straight outta' Jersey! Please welcome Beatmaster to the Beastiemixes Family check his mixes, I'm sure you're going to like them, I did!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-18-2009) 10:00 PM
DJ AK47 back tonight with the continuation of his WTF? Mixtape
02 - Remote Control - Move If You Wanna'
03 - Professor Booty - Prom Queen

DJ Useo another DJ from over at Sound-Unsound dropping his contest entry tonight.
18 - Alive - Chem Beast (Beastie Boys vs Chemical Brothers)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-18-2009) 12:15 AM
Added a couple prizes to the contest, to hopefully help you guys....
Get Your Synth ON!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-17-2009) 9:50 PM
Alright ladies,  we've got some goodies for you tonight....

Two new contest entries!
DJ Romeo with: 16 - Body Movin' -vs- Chemical Brothers
DJ AK47 with:  17 - Mini-Mega Mix - Block Rockin' Beats

In case you haven't noticed,  I've been trying to lay low on the contest entries,  and just let the votes fall where they may.  So I'll just be letting you know when there's new ones,  not reviewing them,  not giving opinions etc. K?

DJ AK47 also droppin' the first track off his newest mixtape venture WTF? (That's the title of the mixtape :-)
01 - Desperado - That Girl

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-17-2009) 1:35 AM
Guv'nor from over at Sound-Unsound dropped a contest entry today,  Track #14,  go check it, NOW!
14 - Body Movin' - Chico's Body Movin' Groove

BoyWoolner also droppin' a contest mix tonight,  this guy's up as late as me,
Get some sleep already!! :-)
15 - Ch Check it Out -vs- Come Inside - Come Ch Check it Out Inside Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-16-2009) 1:38 AM
OMG!! I'm going to have to throw up more contests if it will bring more of my friends back to the site!! Seven by Five (7x5), with a contest entry..... Awwhhh Yeah!!
13 - Intergalactic - Song to the Siren Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-15-2009) 1:15 AM
Headphones on ladies, it's time to ROCK!! Two more entries, and I tripple checked everthing tonight. No screw ups on my part...

PWN Productions with:  11 - Shake Your Rump - Galaxy Bounce
Rodie with:  12 - Suco De Tangerina -vs- Saturate

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-13-2009) 11:30 PM
Only one new track tonight, But...... It's Edub!!!!!! OH Hell Yes!
Edub today with a contest entry. Check It!!
10 - Finger Lickin Good - Where Do I Begin?

This thing is bringin' all my guys out of the shadows,  I'm lovin' it.

Also sad news today....   Rest In Peace, Les Paul,  the father of the solid body electric guitar, and multi-track recording.  You've given the world a gift that a million musicians could never repay.
Thank You!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-12-2009) 11:10 PM
Four more tracks fighting to the death to be the best in the Block Rockin' Beasties contest.

MCScoobyT with:  06 - Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Salt Water Rimes
The Hippie Ripper with:  07 - Super Disco Breakin - All Lifestyles vs Setting Sun - Ode To Elctronica
Felix Deluxe with:  08 - Super Disco Breakin - Super Disco Dust
DJ AK47 with:  09 - We Got The - Galvanize Remix

Did you see who that was up there,  Felix Deluxe,  Our old friend from New Zealand,  Nice to see you're still doing well Felix!!

Take your time guys,  do it right the first time, don't rush,  there's still a whole month to go.  No changes to already submitted mixes allowed,  and a max of 2 per entrant.  So make them count.

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-11-2009) PM
That was fast,  5 entries already....
Rodie with: 01 - Rhyme The Rhyme Well -vs- The Boxer
TtownMc with:  02 - Too Many Rappers - Rock the Siren Remix
Squer with:  03 - Too Many Rappers - Orange Wedge
Hippomothamus with:  04 - We Got The - We Got The Salmon Dance
Joakizmo with:  05 - Spam - Beastie Brothers and Chemical Boys - Got Spam

Did you notice two strange names up there, Hippo, and Joakizmo!!  Yeah!  Two O.G. Beastiemixers!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-10-2009) 10:42PM
Squer with another new mix for tonight a smooth little joint..
Sure Shot - Face Down (Sue Me PRN)

MCScoobyT with two new tracks tonight, mad crazy, or just crazy?
B Boys In The Cut - SpitSpottieItOttieDonutopaliscious
The Move - Dut Duhut Move (Lil Boots Beat)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-9-2009) 9:39PM Apologies to Squer for my extreme lateness.
Squer here today, ok well yesterday, but today, with a 6-Pack of Sure Shot remixes in a new mix tape called Sure Shot - Classic Beats Go check this thing out..

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-8-2009) 2AM
The Hippie Ripper, back tonight showin' the hippies how it's done!
An Open Letter To NYC - NYC is NYC
Right Right Now Now - Back Back Then Then

DJ AK47 has reached a personal milestone, 1000 mixes!  Ok,  not yet,  He's been here a whole year!! I've got him beat though,  I've been here three!!
We Got The -vs- Trentemoller - Le Champagne (AK's 1 Year Beastiemixes.com Anniversary Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-7-2009) Early as F*** AM
I would like for you guys to welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes Family, Dj Ray-me,  He comes to us with 4 juicy jams, and an e-mail address,  download his tracks, and use his e-mail address to welcome him...   He'll have a nice fancy header soon,  it's just stupid early here now, and I can't do it.....  Anyway,  treat him like a brother!!!!  He's been nice to me so far... Oh, almost forgot,  NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!!!! Duh!!
Hey Fuck You - Remix
Body Movin - DJ Ray-me Remix
Brr Stick 'em - Remix
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Back to da Beat Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (8-4-2009) 9:35PM
HELLZ YEAH!! First update in like a week, leave it to DJ AK47 to bring it back!!!! Droppin' 4 new tracks for his NIN vs The BBoys by DJ AK47 mixtape...
02. Ch-Check it out vs NIN - The Hand That Feeds (Photek Straight Mix)
03. Flowin' Prose vs NIN - The Four of Us are Dying (remixed by Pavel Vantuch)
04. Too Many Rappers vs NIN - Every Day Is Exactly the Same (Sam Fog vs. Carlos D Mix)
05. We Got The vs NIN - Capital G (Epworth Phones Mix)

If you get a chance,  go check the Photo Gallery page, 

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-29-2009) 1:07AM
Scoooooooooby!!!!!   MCScoobyT up in this pitch like cRaZy!!!!!!
Ch-Check It Out - Zion Drop (Work It Ooout)

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-26-2009) Midnight
Should have kept my mouth shut yesterday! ;-p
Speaking of the devil DJ AK47, he's back today after taking some time off in the Caribbean,  droppin' a small load of new tracks.
Too Many Rappers ft. Q-Tip - Gettin Up Remix
Too Many Rappers -vs- Sneakin' Out The Hospital
Too Many Rappers - AK's Explosive Mega-Mix ft. Nas, Limp Bizkit, M.I.A., Ludacris, and Lil Wayne
Too Many Rappers - Explosive Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-25-2009) 5:38PM
OMG! I've got a gigantor update for you tonight, I'm going to start it off with an announcement,
NEW DJ TODAY!!! Yeah, I said it!! Please welcome JP of the CDT Crew he's join'd us with a massive mixtape (CDTcrew Presents: Beastie Boys Wild Styl'd Remix LP) featuring 24 tracks, each one better than the last. So give him a big welcome to the Beastiemixes Family.

I'm going to kinda' run down these next remixes, because there's a lot, and I'm trying to watch the re-broadcast of today's Tour De France stage, 20. :-p  There's lots of impressive stuff below, from guys you know and love,  so be sure and Download, Download, and then Download some more.

nYgel with:  Too Many Rappers - Remix 1
Whoa,  it's nYgel!

Naturetone with:  Too Many Rappers - More Rappers Rmx
Representing Switzerland tongiht..

Globemallow Spike with:  Too Many Rappers - 1 on the 1 premix
Welcome Back G-Spike!!

TtownMc with:  Too Many Rappers - Zulu Love Remix
OHIO is in the house!!! You and the new guy (JP) should hook up on a mixtape!!

DJ Just-In with:  Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Remix The Rhyme Well

MCScoobyT (The Scoobinator) with:
Too Many Rappers - Rappers Is Hiigh
She's Crafty - Song Number Crafty

Hippie Ripper with:  All Lifestyles - The Seagrams Lifestyle
Rippin' hippies since back in the day..

Only person missing today was AK!?

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-23-2009) 10:41PM
Lots of new mixes tonight, and a few of them are actually good :-p

The Man,  and the Little Man,  DJ Melle & Son back with a bumpin' track,  Good stuff guys!! Lovin it.
Too Many Rappers - Nas In The Area Mix

The Scoobster,  MCScoobyT back with a few Too Many Rappers mixes, OooAaahhh Yayuh.!
Too Many Rappers - 2 Many Rappers Not Eonugh Roots f. Damian Jr. 'Gong' Marley
Too Many Rappers - Imagine Emece's (How Many Rappers Must Get Dissed)
Too Many Rappers - Too Many Stakes f. De La Soul

DJ AK47 mixin' it up tonight with a We Got The mix thrown in there...
Too Many Rappers -vs- Im Throwed
We Got The - Lost Woods Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-22-2009) 12:59PM
Good stuff tonight from two WORLD FAMOUS Dj's ! ! !

Squer, with:
Pass The Mic - Too Many Rappers
Too Many Rappers - Symphony 2000

TtownMc with:
Triple Trouble - Green Street Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-20-2009) 10:30PM
Too Many Rappers night tonight....

TtownMc with his first T.M.R. Mix
Too Many Rappers - Just Do It Remix

DJ AK47 with his 6th and 7th..
Too Many Rappers -vs- Paul Revere
Too Many Rappers -vs- The Mix-Up

If you'd like to send Yauch a card,  Minton has posted up the address in the BBMB,  Fill out the address exactly like it is here:
Adam Yauch
7095 Hollywood Blvd.
# 1190
Hollywood, CA 90028

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-19-2009) 10:00PM
I'm going to give you a bunch of new tracks in a minute,  but DON'T forget to hit up the podcast below!!

R2DJ coming out of a very short retirement,  back today with 2 new ones.
Root Down - Rock the Beat Down    Mmm  Scratching!!
Triple Trouble - Wile E. Ky-O'-tay Super Genius Mix  SHAFT!!!

DJ AK47 with the first of, I'm going to bet will be many remixes of Too Many Rappers that are sure to be flooding in.
Too Many Rappers -vs- B Boys In The Cut
Too Many Rappers -vs- Ronald Jenkees - The Rocky Song Remix (Demo)
Too Many Rappers - Already Platinum
Too Many Rappers - Number One Remix!
Too Many Rappers - Too Many Rappers In Tha City

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-19-2009) 3:51PM
RMXBOT2000 is back up to his old shenanigans, taking about 100 remixes of 15 different Beastie Boys songs, and mashing them up into 15 actual coherent mashups. This thing just flows from one track to the next. So get your iPod all warmed up, sit back, and relax to.....
Podcast No. 12 - Hosted by RMXBOT2000!!!!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-18-2009) 3:02PM


Thanks to Annonymous Donator!!!!!  You know who you are.

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-16-2009) 11:22PM
DJ AK47 today with a second part to an old mixtape, B.E.A.S.T.I.E. Aint Dead VOL. 2,  Ohhhh  Yeah!!
01_B Boys In The Cut -vs- Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way
02_Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix) -vs- Limp Bizkit - My Way (P Diddy Remix)
03_B Boys In The Cut - Harder Better Faster Stronger Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-15-2009) 10:30PM
Squer produces some of the most chill mixes on the whole site, and his newest are no exception. Extremely chill, and will put a big ol' smile on your grill.
An Open Letter to NYC - Gallery
Pass The Mic - The Gift

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-14-2009) 9:55PM
Thom Dozo, He's back, this time he's bringin' a remix of a live performance from Spain. then 909'd it. Because, "Nothing Sounds Quite Like A 909 !!"
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - TR909 Remix

Edub's new film Bullet to Hell.  check it...

Hippomothamus's entry into the Acapellas4u.co.uk Megamix contest... Download Here!

I would like to encourage anyone with an iPod to subscribe to this podcast.

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-12-2009) 11:45PM
MCScoobyT today droppin' one that's both a little spacey and spicy, all at the same time.
Time To Build - The Sound Drop f. BassNectar

DJ AK47 with a Black Eyed Beastie Mix,  a little sped up, but soundin' good.
Intergalactic - Boom Boom Pow Mix ft. The Black Eyed Peas and Busta Rhymes

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-11-2009) 11:45PM
DJ AK47 tonight with a mix that I'm not sure how to take, first I thought it was a diss on the 7/11 cycling team of the 80's, and I thought, WTF, they were great, then I realized today's date. It also didn't help that I was watching today's tour re-play when I noticed the mix in the que. Cycling, "Gay"? NOT! The Tour is the toughest sporting event held anywhere. It's the one thing that keeps me from canceling my cable TV. Anyway, on to the mix....
All Lifestyles - Touring France (Gay 7-11 Mix)

Maybe someone needs a history lesson...

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-10-2009) 9:50PM
Two guys, Two mixes, and me with a big goofy smile on my face, Good stuff tonight from two of the worlds best DJ's. Well maybe not the "world's" best, but I like them all the same.

The Hippie Ripper today with:  Triple Trouble - The Trouble With Kelly

Squer today with:  Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Moonwalk In Peace MJ

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-8-2009) 9:45PM
Squer today with a remix of Emperor's Sworn, with some added Beastie grooviness.
Pass The Mic - Emperor's Sworn Ulver Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-8-2009) 12:45AM
Ohio is in the house!!!!!! I've been working on some top secret stuff for the last few days and almost missed this one, but I'm glad I noticed it. TTownMc gettin' all tricky up in this "pitch"!!
B Boys In The Cut - Tricky Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-6-2009) 11:34PM
The HippieRipper bangin' out a super nice one tonight, Franz Ferdinand? I guess, I don't really know their music, but I'm gonna go with that....
Super Disco Breakin - Super Disco Ferdinanding

MCScoobyT with a FULL mixtape today,  The Kings of Brooklyn -vs- The Kings of Leon.  13 tracks of pure musical genius!? If you download one mixtape this year,  I don't know if I would reccomend that this be the ONLY one,  but I would add it to the list if you're going to download a few. ;-p   Good stuff Scoob.  Oh,  and I got the box,  and have been grinnin' goofily all day like a little kid!!  Big kiss and a man hug from me to you.. :-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-4-2009) 2:01AM (I know,  I'm late. (again).. Sorry) Happy 4th Yanks!
Not another DJ rocks this type of beat! DJ AK47 with three new jams tonight bringing him to the magical (500 remixes), wow!
Spam - Explosive
Three MCs And One DJ - Bonus Beats Interlude
The Grasshopper Unit - Southern Hospitality

Remix DJ's Rule! (7-3-2009) 1:00AM (I know,  I'm late... Sorry)
The Dynamic Duo! DJ Melle & Son, back at it tonight, These guys always impress,
definitely check this one.
All Lifestyles - Hybrid Mix

Mc Scooby T (pronounced like Mc Donalds) A little chaotic tonight,  but sounding good, that Bonus Batter mix is rockin' crazy, but rockin'!!
B Boys In The Cut - 1 Beat 0 Down 2
Bonus Batter - Cookie Cutter

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-30-2009) 7:53PM
Sorry about missing yesterday, I was sick as a dog..

The HippieRipper tonight with a remix, with samples of a song about my favorite TV show. I remember hearing this song when I was young and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.
The Brouhaha - In The Zone

Added to Rare:
Cibo Matto - Sugar Water (Mike D., Russel Simins, Mario Caldato Jr. Remix)
Phish - Covering Sabotage - Aug 16 1998

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-29-2009) 1:25AM
The ScoobMeister General comin' correct tonight with Two,  yes Two.. new jammie jams. I think Scooby has turned over a new leaf, and I'm enjoying it.
Intergalactic Origianal Version - Boys Version 1
The Sounds of Science - Boys Version 2

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-27-2009) 12:01AM
Alright kids, I've got a virtual boat-load of nuevo mixes for you tonight..

E-Dub,  with a timely tribute to the King of Pop,  MJ..
We Got The - Rock With You (MJ Tribute)

Ede, Adding to his SSX mixtape, I like this one!
03_That's It That's All - That's SSX

Squer with a nice 3-pack for us, this guy's DJ picture looks all crazy, but his mixes are nice and mellow and chill.
An Open Letter to NYC - Time Stood Still
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Never Took The Time
So What'cha Want - Haruyo Koi

DJ AK47 Last tonight, but certainly not least, with a 50 pack,  ok, it's only 11... I actually think he's finishing up some mixtapes! Whoa! Chill AK,  it's alright, take your time.
B Boys in the Bay
07_Brr Stick 'Em -vs- Geek'd Up
08_3 The Hard Way -vs- E-40 ft. Mike Jones - I'm Da Man
09_Pass The Mic - Take Off Mix
10_Putting Shame In Your Game -vs- Certified Gangsta(Demo)
11_Spam - Bay'd Out Mix
12_3 The Hard Way -vs- Boss Tycoon
13_Hey Fuck You -vs- Still Cruisin
14_Brr Stick 'Em -vs- Hyphy

Mini-Mega Mix - Haunted Hide and Go Seek Mix
Mini-Mega Mix - Metro Workout Mix
Mini-Mega Mix - New School vs Old School Mix

Added a section on RareBeastie Boys Covering Other Band's Songs. 23 tracks.

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-25-2009) 9:30PM
Hey all you German / Itallian, rollerskating DJ lovers, we've got new remixes tonight!

Squer,  seemingly finishing off his Beastie Boys -vs- Linkin Park mixtape with tracks 9 & 10. and also adding a third for the night.
09_Hey Ladies - P5hng Me Awy
10_Root Down - Krwlng
Hey Ladies - I Don't Feel Like Dancing

The HippieRipper also back tonight with a new one, actually kinda funny if you listen closely..
3 the Hard Way - Def Jam Lament

M.J. and Farrah today!  Wow....

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-24-2009) 11:58PM
Did you guys download the BBC interview of our friends, a little band called Beastie Boys?
Download Here Starting at 3:33,  Some of you guys, I believe get a mention. ;-p
Also available for download on nialler9.com as 2 parts.

Looking for Mullet Head instrumental from Sabotage VHS, e-mail to me is fine.

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-24-2009) 10:58PM
Squer, adding tracks 4-8 to his new mixtape Beastie Boys -vs- Linkin Park, Keep them coming Squer!
04_Sure Shot - My-Dsmbr
05_Intergalactic - Breaking The Habit
06_No Sleep Till Brooklyn - By Myslf
07_Sabotage - Faint
08_Body Movin' - Frgt10

MCScoobyT is seriously on the up and up, Nice work!
Crawlspace - Penned In

If you've listened to any of the Podcasts, drop me a note!  Did you like them? Hate them? Have any suggestions?  Want to do your own?

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-23-2009) 12:50AM
My man DJ AK47 is at it again, continuing on his quest to finish a mixtape. ;-p
02_Flowin' Prose - Bustin' A Tommy

Go AK Go!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-22-2009) 12:36AM
Sorry about the late update, but I've been uploading some goodies.

DJ AK47 today with the beginning's of his 258th mixtape! Beastie F Baby
01_Pass The Mic - Pass The Mic To Every Girl

Also, thanks to one of our annonymous donators (you know who you are)
Ill Communication Show Vinyl
Paul's Boutique Show Vinyl

Check the Instrumentals area of the Pella page, (I'll organize that page some day)

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-21-2009) 1:47AM
Back on the scene for the people to like, it's MCScoobyT!!!! I sense an improvement!!
B Boys In The Cut - Change My Pitch Up Inside This Bitch

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-20-2009) 11:21PM
Guess what!!!!  New Mixes Today... :-)

Nucking Futs,  with his first mixtape ever!! Coastal Emotion with 2 mixes so far.
(What's with the name?)
01_Ch-Check It Out - The Arrival
05_All Lifestyles - Party On The Beach

MCScoobyT with three new jams for tonight.
Just A Test - Sh-Shimmy
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - ODB Delusional Ugrent Sleep Mix
Triple Trouble - Triple Pinky Swear

MCScoobyT also donating....
Mix Master Mike - Club Beta, Denver, CO. June 13 2009
Check the live page.

If anyone knows what would cause large file uploads to stall durring the last 5 seconds of the upload e-mail me...  Large files being 40+mb or so..  Smaller files seem to upload fine.  This has just been happening recently.  Thanks,  S7

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-18-2009) 11:21PM
Squer with three new one's tonight...Spicy Spicy Spicy!!!!!
Hey Ladies - Dancing Machine
Negotiation Limerick File - Animal Rap
Pass The Mic - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

I want to say thanks, to you the DJ's who make this site what it is,   and also you, the random person who finds this site via Google, etc,  thank you also,  if it weren't for both of you,  I wouldn't be here...  So from me to you, much love,   THANKS!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-17-2009) 1:00AM
No new mixes today, so I'd like to turn your attention to something I think is important, Gaming! I know that many of you are gamers, and I would like you to help out Gamer Dad, if you haven't heard of him before check out his site. He helps educate parents about games (the video kind) He's fighting the good fight. So If you want to do something nice for me, do something nice for him. Check this post for info.

Received this in an e-mail today,  reminds me of the Tom Sawyer scratch MMM has done during his intros...

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-15-2009) 10:27PM
Lots of mixes tonight...

Squer with two very chill mixes tonight, nice for end of the day winding down..
3 The Hard Way - In The Middle
Sure Shot - You Can't, You Won't and You Don't Stop Runnin' - R.I.P. Jay Dee

The Hippie Ripper taking us back to the 80's,  but just once I wanted to hear the robot's voice!?
Intergalactic - Domo Arigato Mr Adam Yauch

AK47 with some wacked out crazy S--- like always..
Ch-Check it out - ft. Teriyaki Boyz, Pharrell & Busta Rhymes - Zock On Remix
Ch-Check it out - Zock On!
Intergalactic - You wanna Rock
We Got The - We Got The Day n Night ft. Kid Cudi (MCScoobyT Request)

Bonnaroo June 12th 2009 now on LIVE page!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-14-2009) 11:45PM
Podcast 11, Hosted by: ME,  now available for downloading or streaming.
Download for highest quality. Go check it out and let me know how bad I did.

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-14-2009) 11:15PM
DJ Desmondo with todays remix at 5:47pm.. :-)
Three MC's And One DJ - You Didn't Tell Me

DJ AK47 with the beginning of a new mixtape NIN vs The BBoys by DJ AK
01. The Maestro - The Warning
and another track..
Root Down - Blow Ya Mind

Lots of answering machine love tonight.....  Weird.

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-14-2009) 2:00AM
In with the first mix of the day, Nucking Futs with the happiest / freakiest mix of the year so far.
Right Right Now Now - Loving In The Moonlight [R.I.P Tiny Tim]

Second mix of the day is from our old friend Chromium05.  That's Oh! Five ladies..
B Boys In The Cut - Grime Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-13-2009) 8:45PM
First things first. NEW DJ TODAY!!!, please welcome D Fast to the Beastiemixes family, go check his mixes, and drop him a note..

Now on to the Old Dj's :-)

Chromium05 with a new one,  No Sleep Till Brooklyn - June 13th 2009 Remix

MCScoobyT with a couple new ones...
Hey Ladies - Ladies, It's Party Time f. Kurtis Blow
B Boys In The Cut - Everbody What! Cum in The Cut

DJ AK47 also weighing in tonight with a new track.....
The Brouhaha - The Broulalala

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-12-2009) 9:15PM
Squer stopped by and dropped off a three-pack!  Three different styles, all three smokin'
Intergalactic - Intergalactic Waters of Nazareth
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Moby Dick
Root Down - Molotov Bitch

The Hippie Ripper, commin' all hardcore with his newest,  Nice!
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - No Sleep Till Detroit

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-12-2009) 1:10AM
I have a good reason for being late tonight, I was working on podcast No.11 tonight. No it's not done, still need to set levels etc, but I'm closer.

Only one person stopped by tonight,  but he dropped a spicy mix, so it's all good.
DJ AK47 today with:  Alive -vs- I Wanna Love You Girl

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-10-2009) 10:58PM
Quick update tonight, I've got stuff to do... I'm a busy man ya' know...
DJ AK47 tonight with: Flowin' Prose - Big Poppa Remix ft. M.I.A. and Lil Wayne

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-9-2009) 10:15PM Done for the night EARLY!!! Whoo Hoo!!
DJ AK47 with TWO, yes, TWO Intergalactic mixes, Both of them BOOM BOOM mixes..!! I put on my Spider Man Underoos® and danced around the room like a drunk chicken while listening to these, and so should you!
Intergalactic - Bidibodi Bidibu
Intergalactic - Space Frog Techno Mix

Being as I'm a fan of these new fangled turntable scratchy sounds, I was pleasently surprized by
Prof D dropping this next treat on me,  NoNekNed - Scratch 7" featuring our friend AdRock!! Go check it out on the Rare page,  it's delicious!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-8-2009) 11:00PM
I tried to upload this next mix 6 times, FTP kept dying, but I've succeeded... Squer with two new ones. One giant one and one smaller, but both great!
So What'cha Want/Ch-Check It Out/LDTBOAG/Root Down/Body Movin (Beastie Medley) (27mb)
Body Movin - Will Break The Ice

DJAK47 with a spicy one that builds, then hits you with the Beastie's crazy rhymes..
Ch-Check it out - Mallorca

And showing up a little later to the party...............

MCScoobyT with a nice little track that I think he put some advice to work on..  Did that make sense?  Nice work Scoob!  Seriously.
Pass The Mic - Back 2 Basics

Contretemps, I think this guy is now officially back in the game! I'm going to get myself a glass of Flute Punch later, because it's Goood!
Brr Stick Em - Flute Punch

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-7-2009) 11:00AM
DJ Melle & Son droppin a nice shiny new track tonight, yummy! You two make a great team!!
Putting Shame In Your Game - Down With The King Mix

MCScoobyT with EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink in this joint..
B Boys In The Cut - Afraid Of Nothing (Jackin' 4 Beats Mix) f. Ice Cube & Tha Beastiemixes Crew Massive

DJ AK47 with two new ones..
Ch-Check it Out - Dance Naked Under Palmtrees
No Sleep Till Brooklyn -vs- Nine Inch Nails - Vessel (Remix)

(Nine Inch Nails,  seriously,  Skinny Puppy FTW!!  I do however like the industrialized NSTB)

I've been having some internet issues over the last few days so please bear with me.. Or should that be Beer with me? ;-p

Have I told you guys lately?   THANKS! You're the best,  seriously,  keep up the good work,  I really appreciate it, and I'm sure all of the annonymous downloaders do also.  Peas...

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-6-2009) 12:37AM Lighter night tonight, Whew!
Squer!! He's back, and he's done some damage, Nice work..
Body Movin' / Alive / Intergalactic - The Prodigy vs. Beastie Boys
Intergalactic - Viva La Vida Elektro Mix
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Hot Stuff Mix

nYgel with B Boys in the Cut - El Bando (untitled)

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-4-2009) 2:02AM
Want to download the Audio version of Dan LeRoy's - Paul's Boutique 33 1/3 Book?
Click Here!  Thanks Beastiemania, You're the best!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-4-2009) 12:20AM

NEW (Pretty Damn Clean) PELLA - No Sleep Till Brooklyn !!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-4-2009) 11:41PM
You guys are killin' me.....

The Biologist with the first track of his new mixtape, "Pop Suxx", pella tweakin!
B-Boys in the Cut - Blame It Remix

MCScoobyT De La Beck Pepper(ing) up his jams tonight!
B Boys In The Cut - B Boys Soul In La Da Cut
B Boys In The Cut - B Boys Stay Gettin' Paid f. Beck
Year And A Day / Ch-Check It Out - She Wanna Know If I'm Stil A Slut f. Red Hot Chili Pepers

DJAK47 Bustin' out the RUN DMC,  was listening to Back From Hell tonight on the way home, as if anyone wanted to know.. :-p
Ch-Check it out -vs- It's Like That

New "Rare" track
Teriyaki Boyz - (Can't) Bake That Fape (Feat. Takagikan & Adrock)

Peas Out!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-4-2009) 9:30PM
Chromium05 is back, this isn't a TT5B pella, so he's back in the game, :-) Drums, Brass, and Scratchin' NICE!!!
B Boys in the Cut - Remix

How's everyone doin'?  Good I hope..

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-3-2009) 11:45PM
Freaking lightning storms, fire, power, and internet outages, it's been a weird day... But things are better now..

Contretemps with a new jam, dark and wild..
Car Thief - Belly of the Beast

DJ AK47 Doin' it up freaky tonight, Big crazy beats, shit is wacko!!
Car Thief - Belly of the Beast

New rare track, LLCoolJ - I Need A Beat (Beat by Adam Horovitz)

Remix DJ's Rule! (6-2-2009) 11:15PM
One of our new DJ's The Hippie Ripper, is back today with a new one. Samplin' some Nirvana, and is that The Hustler?
Car Thief - Pool Hall Genius Tax Cheat Remix

DJ AK47 B Boys in the Cut(ing) us all to hell, adding to both his...
B Boys in the Bay
05_B Boys In The Cut - Town Business
06_B Boys In The Cut -vs- Friday vs Dre Day

and Welcome to H-Town mixtapes
04_B Boys In The Cut - Draped Up

And and adding a misc. mix
B Boys In The Cut - Casual Mr. Clean Mix

Scratch - Ultimate DJ Game

If it's good enough for Mixmaster Mike, it's good enough for me.

So Mixmaster Mike's backing Scratch - Ultimate DJ
And this guy demoing DJ Hero at E3 is saying that they're
"relationship with the Beastie Boys is pretty great." Hmmm

DJ Hero

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-31-2009) 10:07PM
The Madman from Munich is back!  Tibor Fredman (DJTibor) droppin' one hellish Sabotage mix!!
Sabotage - Lolllipop Remix

Anyone who's dropped a B Boys in the Cut remix,  maybe you should post it over here, and try and win "a Beastie Boys bootleg treasure trove"  Good luck! !

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-31-2009) 7:43AM
Adzud with a spicy little jam that brings B-real back together with the Beasties.
An Open Letter To NYC - An Open Letter To The Shook Big Apple (feat. B-Real of Cypress Hill & vs. Mobb Deep)

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-30-2009) 6:00AM
Guess What!  Yup,  You guessed it!  NEW DJ TODAY!!,  Please welcome BT to the Beastiemixes family,  straight outta' Brooklyn..  He's worked with some big players,  check his site (MS) for the 411.  Coming to us with a full mixtape of Beastie love.  You know what to do,  Ready....Set....... DOWNLOAD!!!!

Now it's time for me to get my sleep on......

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-30-2009) 3:05AM Better late than never??
Do you guys want to hear four of the greatest remixes ever to be uploaded to this site? Ok, I don't know if these are them, but they are damn fine mixes, and I think that you should download all four, I liked them and I know you will too, OH, and a big welcome back to Contretemps, even if it's only temporary? It's still nice to see you around !

Nuckminster Fuller,  Nucking Futs, with two beauties tonight. I'm thinking that he needs to drink more, and spill more if this is the result...
We Got The - This Is What Happens When Alcohol Gets Spilled On My Keyboard
All Lifestyles - 2 Minutes and 13 Seconds of Love

And one of our little lost sheep has returned to the flock!  Contretemps,  a fellow Guinness man!  Gettin' all Caddyshack up in this "Pitch"
Alive & Kickin'
Super Disco Breakin' - Bushwood

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-28-2009) 11:45PM   We're still here kids !!!!!!!
Alright, today is a happy day, the sun was shining, you guys have got my back (I appreciate it), and I've got mixes, and a podcast to announce tonight. Can you feel the love!?

Big news tonight,  I've been sitting on this for a couple days, R2Dj pushed out an amazing Podcast for us!!  Damn he sounds like the movie announcer guy!  Go check this thing out!  You guys always sound so much better than I do,  I'm going to have to step up my game.  (Download for Best Quality!)

The other big news tonight, we have some remixes of tracks by some band you may have heard of, Beastie something or other..

Naturetone with two anger and hate filled mixes.  Some of you know why he's mad,  something about an e-mail from last night. :-p
Hey Fuck You - What The Fuck Rmx
Hey Fuck You - Motherfucker Rmx

MCScoobyT fooling me with a beat box track that had no beatboxing in it?!  Still,  Cool... Turn it up and break it down!
Triple Trouble - B3at Box f. The Sounds

pomDeter, has returned!!!!  Rockin' it out!!
Sabotage - Sabocrunch

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-27-2009) 10:11PM
I don't know what possessed this MoFo to return, but dayum!!! He's Back!! CosmoKramer with Five, yes 5 new mixes, go check 'em!!  Welcome Back Cosmo!!  We've Missed you!
B Boys In The Cut - Crazy New Flows Remix
B Boys In The Cut - The Rapslayer Remix
Electrify - Check Out The Technique Remix
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Freight Train Remix
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Mello-D Remix

The Scoobmeister General,  MCScoobyT bustin out a new jammie for you tonight to help scratch that remix itch..
B Boys In The Cut - Scratch That Itch f. RJD2

And last,  but certainly NOT least,  Da Masta Jay Leave all the way from Siberia with his newest jam..
Ch-Ch-Check It Out - G Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-26-2009) 11:18 PM
HOLY SHAT!!!!! I didn't know if I'd ever be able to say this again, but check out COSMOKRAMER's newest mix!!!
We Got The - Sweat Dreams Part II Remix

MCScoobyT remixing the Jimmy Fallon audio, WHAT!?
So What'cha Want - So What I Wanted Was Black Thought f. The Roots

DJ AK47 droppin' four new tracks,  I'm diggin' three of them,  but I won't tell you which three.
B Boys In The Cut -vs- The Mix-Up
B Boys In The Cut - Got It Twisted
B Boys In The Cut - Heartbeat (should have been mixed with this)
B Boys In The Cut - Midnight 2008

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-25-2009) 9:08 PM
Two DJ's tonight answering a remix request found here,  wanna' step up to the challenge as these two fine young gentlemen did?

Chromium05 with:  B Boys In The Cut -vs- B For My Name
MCScoobyT with:  B Boys In The Cut - Freakn' Hijkin', N' Tha Cut

Jimmy Fallon performance audio here.
Added a new section at the bottom of the "Live" page for stuff like this.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-25-2009) 12:30 AM  *Don't forget yesterday's mixes*
MCScoobyT in the cut today with a fresh new one, gettin' all psychodelic up inside this "pitch"
B Boys In The Cut - Crankn' Up Da Cut f. The New Deal

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-24-2009) 3:21 PM
MC Jyme of PWN Productions is seemingly back in the game, Glad to see you back my friend!
Ch-Check It Out - Check Out My Pokerface
B Boys In The Cut - Beverly Hills in da cut ft Weezer's Beverly Hills

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-23-2009) 1:02 AM   **VACATIONING**
DJ AK47 Pumpin' up the volume with his newest Beastie Boys remix.
B Boys In The Cut - Pump Up The Volume

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-21-2009) 11:44 PM
SLAM!!!!! Du Dada, Let the Boys Be Boys, SLAAM!!! DJ AK47 today with a mashup that's bringin' back some memories. Is it just me or is AK getting better?! Nice work AK, Deuces!!!!!
B Boys In The Cut - SLAM!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-20-2009) 10:52 PM Californians Did you vote today!?
OK, so it's semi-officially B Boys in the Cut day today with 4 of tonights remixes using that pella :-)

First up is R2DJ with a new mixtape, Dr. Spock's Party Time Lounge featuring 5 new tracks so far, with more on the way I'm sure! Juzy!!!
B boys in the Cut - GangStarr in the Cut
B boys in the Cut - Gimme the Cut, Gimme the Cut
B boys in the Cut - Skull Snaps in the Cut
Beastie Boys Sample Source Megamix - Beats of Burden
Just a Test - Just a Footin' It

Next up, DJ AK47 with an addition to his B Boys in the Bay mixtape
04_B Boys In The Cut - ft. Infamous Kidd_iSmoke,iDrink,iJerk (Candy Mix)

Heard news of another podcast currently being worked on,  nice!!

You guys are so awesome to me,
so I thought I'd reward you with something cool.
Bruce Lee -vs- Chuck Norris
You can thank me later...

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-19-2009) 9:57 PM
Owwhh Yeah!!!!   New DJ Tonight!!! Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, The HippieRipper he's come to us with six juicy tracks!
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - When Harry Breaks
Stop That Train - Stop That Tom Cat
So Watcha Want - So What Monkey
Root Down - Down Front
Pass The Mic - Cant You PassThe Mic
Hey Ladies - Lets Dance Dance

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-18-2009) 1:13 AM
Don't forget to grab yesterday's tracks!!! ALL of them!

NEW PODCAST !!!   Beastiemixes Podcast No.9 - Hosted By: Ede
Seriously,  this is how I want my podcasts' to sound,  I danced around the house with a big shit eatin' grin on my face through the whole thing. Nice job Ede.....
Download or Subscribe for High Quality,  streaming version is Low Quality...

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-17-2009) 10:00 PM
Bassdriver dropped by today and dropped his newest remix, Ok, well more like a re-make? a cover? dunno, just go ch-check it out!!
Sabotage - Remix  (Bassdriver on Bass, Guitar and Drums!!)

MCScoobyT tweakin' out tonight and droppin' another freaky one.
B Boys In The Cut - Bird Man Block'in Shots (All Up in Kobe's Face) f. BS2000
(MCScoobyT on Kazoo and Ukulele!!)

DJ Melle & Son Back after taking a day off. :-) Droppin' a slow funky one! I see the boys have received some praise in the shoutbox today,  nice...
Pass The Mic - Hypnotize Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-16-2009) 11:41 PM
DJ Melle & Son joining a very small group of people who've attempted to remix Paul Revere, and actually doing a descent job of it.
Paul Revere - Cheeba Cheeba mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-15-2009) 10:51 PM
Hey squids, Got some fresh new jammies for you tonight, Trust me, just download them all..

Ede tonight with the beginnings of a new mixtape SSX Tricky Beastie Mixes Spicy!! Spicy!!
01_Pass The Mic - SSX FOOL
02_B Boys In The Cut - Tricky Cut

I think I just might bust out Ede's podcast this weekend,  I just cannot wait on this one.

MCScoobyT hot on that 30 Rock appearance by the Beastie Boys (2 of them) and incorporating it into his newest mix of the newest pella.
B Boys In The Cut - 30 Rock'n The Cut f. BS2000 & Talib

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-13-2009) 11:25 PM
I'm in a great mood tonight, not only do we get AK47, but we get TtownMc, I also got Ede, he's uploaded a Podcast I'm going to try to hold onto til' nex week, but we'll see.. This thing rocks.

DJ AK47 droppin' two new jammies tonight,  both of which I liked,  the Pac Man mix brought back a whole head full of memories!
B Boys In The Cut - AK's Remixed Remix
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Play To Play Well (Pac Man Remix)

TtownMc with a blues start and finish, but all modern in the middle mix,  big beats, and fun...  OH,  and from personal experience, advice to stay away from the dollar wine is usually advice you want to follow, except in this case.  Dollar wine is Good!!
B Boys In The Cut - Dollar Wine Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-11-2009) 11:30 PM
DJ Melle & Son bringin' some old school sound back to the Beasties tonight working with the new pella..
B Boys In The Cut - Money Mix
B Boys In The Cut - 40 Acres Mix

DJ AK47,  today with the "Best Remix Ever!" ? You be the judge..
B Boys In The Cut - Best Remix Ever!

It's now 11:30 pm and my internet access has been down for about an hour now,  I'm a little stressed,  I got the tracks uploaded, but now I can't upload this... aaaAAArrRRRrrGH!!!

Sorry, other video was taken down by YouTube,
Here's the Beasties (Mike and Adrock) on 30 Rock.

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-10-2009) 9:28 PM  
I had a nice Mother's Day,  I hope everyone else did also.

Back after a long absense, award winning DJ,  and Beastiemixes family member since WAY back,  Next of Kin (Next) is back tonight with a very chill mix based on the new pella, go check it out.
B Boys In the Cut - Remix

Nice to see you back Next!!

Did anyone listen to the Podcast?

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-10-2009) 12:50 AM       Happy Mother's Day
And for you, Mother, may I present Beastiemixes Podcast No. 8 - Hosted By Silence7 (That's me :-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2009) 9:15 PM
Alright, I've got a nice update for tonight, 3 DJ's and 7 remixes.

Tibor Fredman,  the mAdMAN from Munich, has come back home and dropped his newest!  He knows what I like, and he always delivers! Come back soon Tibor!!
Super Disco Breakin - Money Remix

Naturetone droppin' a little 90's electronic on us, juicy!
Triple Trouble - Early 90s Nightmare Rmx

MCScoobyT is all up in this "pitch" with 5 new jammies!! Bustin' out the Bad Brains material for us!
B Boys In The Cut - Bad Brains In The Cut
We Got The - We Got Bad Brains (version 1)
We Got The - We Got Bad Brains (version 2)
B Boys In The Cut - Rocksteady B Boys In The Cut
B Boys In The Cut - Rhym-In In-ferno

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2009) Really Early (But Later) AM
The Biologist with his take on the B Boys In The Cut....
B Boys In The Cut - Gorgeouse Cookies   (Georgouse Cookies???  Huh?!)
Congratulations on the new Kid Bio' !!!

Now it's sleepy time for me..... Cy'a Later,  S7

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-9-2009) Really Early AM
Ya know what we got here? Yep, NEW DJ TODAY!!!!!!!! Please welcome our newest member, Rodie to the Beastiemixes family, go check his mixes!!!
3 The Hard Way - The Rodie Remix
B Boys In The Cut - Chems In The Cut Mix
Oh Word? - The Rodie & Bill Show Remix
Right Right Now Now - The Rodie Remi

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-8-2009) 10:30 PM
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another day, and another few Beastie Boys remixes, I hope you enjoy your stay at Beastiemixes, feel free to download as many remixes as you want and as always, be sure to Thank Your DJ. They work very hard to bring you the newest, freshest remixes on a daily basis, so hit them up on either his/her e-mail, or via the shoutbox or forum.

Tonight's Jewels:

DJ AK47 with:  The Brouhaha - Paranoid (Anyways)
Globemallow Spike with:  B Boys In The Cut - Flexeril Friday Premix

Now go leave these guys some love ! !

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-6-2009) 9:43 PM
This is they system you're going to need to listen to nYgel's newest remix! YES! I said nYgel !!! Two O.G.'s in one week, first Zap, now nYgel !   I love it.
B Boys In the Cut - Can't Stand It Remix

DJ AK47 with the beginnings of a new mixtape,  B Ballers on the Court, or was it, Bee Boys in the Sea,  oh wait, I got it, B Boys In The Bay!!! Awwwwh yeah!
01_Intro - Bay Area Intro
02_An Open Letter to NYC - (DJ AK47 Bay Area Mix) ft. Snoop Dogg
03_B Boys In The Cut - Killafornia

Peas Out!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-5-2009) 10:07 PM
Two more B Boys In The Cut mixes for tonight... Go Check Em'!!

Ede with: B Boys In The Cut - This Is Fun

MCScoobyT with:  B Boys In The Cut - Ghostn' In The Cut (Heeel-Up, Reeel-Up)
Didn't expect this!!  Whoa!

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-3-2009) 11:38 PM
Ahhhh, the new pella seems to have stirred some folks out of hybernation! Nice! All fresh and NEW tonight,  I like it!  Thanks Beastie's...

Ede with:   B Boys In The Cut - Limerick

MCScoobyT with:  B Boys In The Cut - Lion In The Cut (AC TG premix)

DJ ZAP with:  B Boys In The Cut - More in Store Mix

DJ AK47 with:  B Boys In The Cut - New York, New York Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-2-2009) 9:30 PM


Never thought that tiny banner up there would actually work! ;-p

Remix DJ's Rule! (5-2-2009) Midnight + some minutes...
MCScoobyT bustin' out another Beatbox -vs- Beastie Boys remix tonight, consolidated his others along with this on into The BEAsTie BOX mixtape at his request..
We Got The - WeTruiumf'ed Ya f. Dokaka, Razhel & Bjork

DJ AK47 droppin' a new track on his Welcome to H-Town mixtape.
03_Ch-Check it out - From The South

Hunting for the new B BOYS IN THE CUT (A CAPPELLA) !!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-30-2009) Midnight
It's been a Beastiemixes day for me today, got the laptop working, worked on Podcast No. 8 for about an hour and a half,  and had a few DJ's drop mixes tonight,  I'm feelin the Beastie Boys remix love tonight! TtownMc, R2Dj, and Scooby all dropped mixes!  Whoo Hoo!  But remember Tuesday is Soylent Green day!

TtownMc (Ohio's Man of the Year 2006) tonight with a remix that made my penis larger just by hearing it!  Thanks!!
Hey Ladies - Name That Whistle Remix

R2Dj with a smooth one today,  nice to see you back!!!
Unite - Unite without Half-Steppin'

Scoobmeister continuing to compete in the Beatbox Challenge!! Keep em' comin' Scoob!
Finger Lickin' Good - Good Lickin' Gravity f. Metabass n' Breath

You wanna' see ol' Silence7 in Podcast action,  rockin' the "Bullshit Mic That's Made Out Of Plastic" ? Try not to laugh!! I'm a newb!
Don't like video?,  how about just a photo?!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-29-2009) 10:16 PM
MCScoobyT waaaay ahead of the game, answering the challenge even before I've posted it..
3 The Hard Way - Who Is The Fifth Element f. Razhel & Bjork (Beatbox Remix Challenge)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-27-2009) 11:03 PM
Ok, I was going to start working on a new podcast tonight, but MCScoobyT had me slaving away on a cover for his newest mixtape:
The Teriyaki Tape: Beastie's -vs- The Teriyaki Boyz!
7 tracks full of samples, and fun!!! Go check this!

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-26-2009) 9:55 PM
MCscoobyT tonight with a Beastie Boys remix I like to see as a little cautionary tale to people with daughters.
3 Minute Rule - Drink My Drink & Smoke My Weed
"On move in weekend the sign on the party house across from the freshmen dorms read "Don't worry Mom, we'll take care of her". "

Oh,  and if you've got an extra 2:11 to spare,  go check this

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-24-2009) 9:51 PM
OK, I'm going to have Globemallow Spike arrested!! He stole an idea right out of my little brain!! I had thought about doing a beatbox remix challenge on a few occasions in the past. Gspike beat me to the punch, using the audio from Daichi's Beatbox Battle Wildcard entry video below. I must say, this give's me hope. I also dropped Daichi a note, I'll let you know what he thinks if he responds.
Brr Stick 'Em - Daichi Beatbox Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-22-2009) 11:12 PM

Can I get a F-Yeah!!!!!

Daichi for
Wildcard ! !

Check the other response clips here (YouTube) for other guys trying for the wildcard spot!
beatboxbattle.net for more info on the competition.

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-17-2009) 11:09 PM
NUCKING FUTS!!!!!!!! Need I say more!? Ok, maybe I do... Fans of B-Movies will like this one, I just wish it was about 2 minutes longer and with more samples...
Stop That Train - Sci-Fi Killer Aliens From Outer Space Want To Eat Our Brains! Mix

Working up a gallery page for you guys to upload your photos to...  More info soon.. :-)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-16-2009) 10:19 PM
My house is back in order, I'm updating early so I have time for a little bit of a life, and there's only one day left in the week! Life is Good!

Oh,  and some dude stopped by with track 2 of the 1000 track mixtape!
DJ AK47 with 02 Ch-Check it out - You're Everything (R.I.P. Pimp C)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-15-2009) 9:51 PM  (Tax Day)
MCScoobyT droppin a Phat one today, continuing his Nortec Boys mixtape.
Lay It On Me - Alocate-L-isten 2 Pink Floyd f. Mexican Institute of Sound
Go here to download the Mexican Institute of Sound - Alocatel (Ad Rock Remix)

DJ AK47 also droppin' a new mix today,  track 1 of a mixtape Welcome To H-Town that I'm sure will eventually contain over 1000 tracks,  thereby making it the worlds largest mixtape!!
01 Rhyme The Rhyme Well - R.I.P. Pimp C

Sorry I haven't been around the site much in the last few days,  problems around the house.. :-(

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-12-2009) 11:23 PM
MCScoobyT is on the shrooms again?!
Drinkn' Wine - Your Face Turns Red As A Glass of Wine (DW REVESE=FWD) f. Asope Rock
Flowin Prose - West Cost Pro's

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-9-2009) 10:25 PM
A little Latin flavor never hurt anyone, ask me, I know! DJ AK47 tonight with a little flavor!
Triple Trouble - Cubafro Con Amigos Mix

I'm feelin' hardcore tonight!
Beastie Boys - Time for Livin'

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-8-2009) 10:37 PM
Guess who's back? Ok, he hasn't left yet, DJ AK47..What the hell is that sample at 2:13,  sounds like Katharine Hepburn??
Spam - Throw some Spam (AK's First Spam Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-7-2009) 11:05 PM
Globemallow Spike with the great beginnings of a new mixtape, "CYH Deconstructions"
The Blue Nun - Clomelette Deconstruction
Funky Boss - WTF Deconstruction

DJ AK47 bringin' on the craziness with his two latest mixes. I'll give him on thing,  he sure finds some great music to mix with the Beasties.
Ch-Check it out -vs- dZihan Kamien - After 7
Triple Trouble - Con Mi Sombra Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-6-2009) 10:52 PM
DJ AK47 back today with a two pack..
All Lifestyles - In Japan
(Sounds more like pron music than Japanese music?)  Hmm
The Brouhaha - Detroit After Dark
(I was expecting Detroit Rock City from Kiss!)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-6-2009) 12:52 AM
Double Trouble today..!!!

DJ AK47 with a throwback to my youth,  the Chipmunks!!,  Oh wait, it's the Beasties, sorry my mistake.
Triple Trouble - AK's Sonic Remix

MCScoobyT,  gettin' Ol' and Dirty, because he's a Bastard. :-p
Gratitude - Ol Dirty Graditude f. ODB (5-Channel Mix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-5-2009) 1 AM
OK, I'm a little more on-time tonight than last night, and I've got some good stuff for you. Don't believe me? Fine, it's your loss.
"If you deny the skills you must be crazy, motha' F-ing Beastiemixes dot com baby!" :-p

First up,  TtownMC,  with a nice head bobbin' remix, with some scratchin' thrown in for good measure.
Alive - Strictnine Paranorm Remix

Next up,  MCScoobyT takin it back to the old school again with three Check Your Head mixes.  Takin' it back to 92' with:
Live At PJ's - Beastie Boys Are Play'n At My House f. Afrika Bambaataa
Stand Together - Stand Conjunto f. Cypress Hill
The Maestro - Red Maestro f. Redman

Beastie Boys with Cypress Hill
So What'cha Want

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-4-2009) AM
Uploaded this last night, fell asleep without making the announcement, and I'm going for lunch now, so just go and download it... MCScoobyT with : Honkey Rink - Mario, Hockey and KFC
Remix DJ's Rule! (4-3-2009) 12:40 AM
When I saw the title for this next one I knew it was going to be a funky monkey, and I was right! Yay!
MCScoobyT with: Time For Livin' / Stop That Train - Stop The Hard Times f. Sly and The Family Stone
Are we having fun yet kids!?

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-2-2009) 12:01 AM
Leave it to me to upload an April 1st mix, a minute after Midnight.. Yeah,  I suck!
DJ (The April Fool) AK47 with: Flowin' Prose - 1st Of The Month

Next up is something I didn't know if I'd ever see,  2 years in the making,
please welcome back River Styx,  bringin' his own special blend of Beastie Boy love back to us at Beastiemixes.   Welcome back old friend!
An Open letter to NYC - BM1 Mix
Ch-Check It Out - BM2 Mix

In case you were wondering,  I'm ok...

Remix DJ's Rule! (4-1-2009) 12:15 AM
You know I've always (tried) to prank you guys on April fool's day, and this year I had something planned, but something terrible has happened to someone very close to me and I'm not very much in the mood. I promise to prank you guys when you least expect it in the future, so at least we'll have some fun then, but for April 1st. we'll just have to be regular, plain old Beastiemixes.... Sorry... But please feel free to enjoy some pranks of the past...

April Fools Day at Beastiemixes 2006   (Check the DJ List, 9 guys)
April Fools Day at Beastiemixes 2007  (Thanks Again Cosmo!!)
April Fools Day at Beastiemixes 2008  (The End?)

And on to tonight's mixes...  Oh you're going to like them,  they're dreamy!!!

Naturetone (Swiss beat masta') with:   Oh Word? - Digital Rmx

Ede,  (Straight outta' Kansas)Yes he's back!!  with:  Jimmy James - The One About Your Momma

And some dude, AK something or other with: Ch-Check it out - Lets Do It!

Have a nice day kids!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-31-2009) 1:29 AM
OK,  being as I'm tired as f---,  I'm going to make this quick and dirty..

DJ AK47,  with like a million new mixes tonight...  Just look for the on his page,  those are "new".  Download them!

MCScoobyT with a new Beasite Boys (Check Your Head) PODCAST!!!!!!!! Go to the Podcast Page and either stream (low quality) or download it (high quality),  NOW!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-29-2009) 5:14 PM
Miss one day and the whole world stops.... And Merry Christmas!
The Biologist with his new Ecco the Dolphin mix, oh, it's not Ecco? Alrighty then..
Hey Fuck You - Blue Dolphin
Remix DJ's Rule! (3-27-2009) 11 PM
Well look who's back... Nucking Futs with a nice little Half Life mix.. Spiiicy!!
Intergalactic - Freeman Mix feat. Father Grigori

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-26-2009) Late PM
AK Spike showed.... Oh Wait....

Globemallow Spike with a new track tonight full of futuristic robot love, crazy bot beats, and fun samples!
Alive - Robotic Plasmid Rmx
Nice to see you back around G-Spike..

DJ AK47 dropped a mix tonight that I cannot pronounce, and have never heard the track,  so I Googled that thing right up,  and low an behold,  it's Zihan & Kamien from Austria.  Nice...
Flowin' Prose - Dundadeova

Almost missed this one,  but do yourself a favor and DO NOT miss this one,  Kai Tombo is BACK!!
The Move - to Japan MIX 

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-26-2009) Early AM
MCScoobyT with one that I missed last night... Sampling the "Sex for Teens" EP from the other day. Nice.
Sounds Of Science - Science Whroes f. Tom Green

DJ AK47 with a new MIXTAPE!!  BEASTIE Ain't Dead Featuring remixes sampling from all over the rap scene, good stuff!
15 Tracks...

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-23-2009) Late PM
The kids tag teamed me again tonight,

MCScoobyT with a couple...
All Lifestyles - Let's Not Sync f. City Light
We GotThe - A Girl A Beer and A Check 2 Clear f. City Light

DJAK47 with one..
All Lifestyles -vs- Monster On My Speaker (Dedicated to Felix from Think Native)

Also a nice donation from a friend of the site,  a previously unknown sample source from Hey Fuck You...
Stanley Z Daniels MD - Sex For Teens (Where Its At) (Side 1 and 2)
Top of the rare page,  be sure and listen to the whole thing,  not sure what to make of it,  but it had me laughing within the first minute. You'll recognise the sampled parts right away.    Friend of the site, As Always,  THANKS AGAIN!!!

Gotta' go,  meeting in the morning!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-22-2009) 10:45 PM
Well Well Well, I thought I might have the night off. I was wrong :-) Two guys dropped new tracks tonight. Will this Beastie nightmare never end!!!??? Hahahaaa...

TtownMC tonight with my favorite mix ever...  OK maybe not EVER,  but pretty damn good.
Hey Ladies - Loot Style Remix

DJ AK47 with the ONLY mix of And Then I that I know of,  never heard of another and it's the only one we have. So THERE!!!!
And Then I - Good Soldier Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-21-2009) 11:53 PM
Squer back tonight with one that's got everything but the kitchen sink!
Intergalactic - Beastie Boys vs. Christina Aguilera feat. Redman - Round 1 - Intergalactic Dirrty

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-21-2009) 12:20 AM
Mr. Late to the Party,  The Biologist,  with a funky one,  including GIANT beats.....
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Poison Dart Frog

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-20-2009) 11:15 PM
The crew from Albany is doing serious damage tonight!!! DJ Melle & Son with 2 new ones, (Two Thumbs Up!)
An Open Letter To NYC - Message Mix
Right Right Now Now - Hate It or Love It Mix

DJ AK47 Boomin' the granny tonight,  takin it slow and easy....
Boomin' Granny - Snoozin' Granny

Squer,  the man we know NOTHING about,  He's Back!! with some Beastie love tonight,  nice and smooooth....
Root Down - Baby

I've got something in the works for you guys,  I just need some free time to get it up and going...  You'll see...

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-19-2009) 10:49 AM


In the Blue corner: R2Dj with:  Triple Trouble - Don't Bite It
In the Red corner: DJ AK47 with:  Triple Trouble - Robot Fire Hydrant Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-15-2009) 2:33 AM
Alright kids, it's late, I'm tired, and I need some sleepy sleep. So I'm going to just get it over with for tonight.

Damon Tedesco dropped a new mix today!!  Whoa!
Triple Trouble - Mashup

DJ AK47 today with.
3 Minute Rule - ft. Katy Perry, Nirvana, and Lil Wayne

Continuing his "Tago Ill Mago, Beasties v. Can" mixtape with:
No Sleep Till Brooklyn - A(ll)um(e)g(g)n(o sleep)
The New Style - Evah Styl'in f. Spoon and Diplo

Continuing his "3OH!B3asties" mixtape with:
Spam - Got Spam (Well I'm A Vegetarian) f. Milk D

And also dropping the last "Skinny Beastie" track
Namaste - Mirror Satan Namaste (Dub Mix) f. Beck

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-13-2009) Midnight...
E-Dub newly minted, spot No. 7 filler, dropped a new mix today, not sure how he meant to spell this, but I'm nobody's spell checker, good stuff anyway.... :-)
Just a Test - Younsters

The Old Man / Young Man team of DJ Melle & Son is back with another mix tonight,  reminds me of a time when someone else used to visit the site frequently.
Sure Shot - California Love Mix

In case I've forgotten to tell you guys lately,  YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!  As much as I bitch and moan sometimes,  I've really enjoyed running the site,  since day 1.  I also appreciate the fact that you put up with all my B.S..  Late updates, my slacking,  my frequeent requests for strange remixes, etc... etc...   So thanks!!   S7

Also,  today was the last day for the Skinny Beastie mixtape project,  I'm already thinking about a new project that may be a bit easier for you guys,  I know SP and the Beasties wasn't an easy project,  and hope to make it up to you with the next one.   Stay tuned.  And a big Thank You!!! for everyone who participated,   it turned out better than I thought it would. Seriously,  I appreciate all of you guys!!  You are Beastiemixes.com!!!!

I would also like to throw out a BIG thanks to Denise Q. for introducing me to Skinny Puppy 1988-89,   I often wonder how you are doing.  I think about you often! *Big Hug*

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-12-2009) 11:38 PM
Tonight is the last night, before the actual last night for Skinny Beastie submissions. And Dj AK47 is in under the wire with 2.
Mini-Mega Mix -vs- Skinny Puppy - Rodent (KMFDM Mix)
Mini-Mega Mix - Killing Game (Triptamine remix)

And he also dropped a very Luxurious mix...
Mini-Mega Mix - luxurious Lounge Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-11-2009) 11:45 PM
Alright Squids, got some good stuff for you tonight.

The Big kid / Little kid team of Dj Melle & Son are back tonight with two new jams. Both Sweet!!
Oh Word? - Smith & Mighty Piano Mix
Root Down - Perfect Beat Mix

"The Scoob" MCScoobyT also mad an appearance today!  Releasing what I'm going to assume is the beginnings of a new mixtape. 3OH!B3asties - 3OH!3 -vs- Beastie Boys
High Plains Drifter - Highman (3 Babies in The Backseat)
Stop That Train - I Am Train (Wreck)
What Goes Around - Arrrround Colorado

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-08-2009) 1:15 PM
Sorry about missing the update last night, a road trip to San Diego yesterday went awry, and I ended up at a casino bar in Temecula on the way home until the wee hours, and didn't get in until almost 4am. And I was in no shape to be working. It was however a bad night to miss because there was some good remixes sitting in the que. So here we go.

7x5 with an Obama Jam,  using samples from the Obama audio book I believe,  fun stuff.
The Move/Body Movin - Yo Mama Obama Remix

E-Dub with an addition to his Country Prison Sessions,  Got the Cajun Cook & Cheech, I Gaarontee!!
The Sounds of Science - My 44

Guy Incognito, throwin' down some Beastie -vs- Prodigy love, Niiiice!
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun -Vs- Invaders Must Die

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-07-2009) 2:24 AM
Hallucigen bringin' the Jams and an Open Letter to us all the way from Prague!
An Open Letter to NYC - Open Letter From Prague
Remix DJ's Rule! (3-06-2009) 12:10 AM
E-Dub, Winner of the 80's Synth Remix Mini-Contest, Check his page to see his fancy new gold stars, and be sure to download his entry made entirely from 1 pella and the beats from this page.   Nice work DubMeister!!
Hey Ladies - 80's Synth Contest (entry)

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-05-2009) 12:07 AM
So, I finally got my car out of the shop after 2 weeks in, and on the way home I was listening to a few of Cosmo's mixes, also the Beastiemixes Rap, and various mixes from the rest of you guys, and I've got to say. You guys ROCK! Since starting the site, everyone has been so cool with me, no problems, no bitching, just good times. So Thanks!!  Oh,  and I spotted Cosmo' in the forums,  everyone go and say hi,  and get him to come back!!

AK47 up in da' joint tonight with a love song for me....!!  *Blush*
Mini-Mega Mix - Skinny Puppy Mix (Evil Deadicated to Silence 7)
HellZ Yeah!!!

Also tonight,  I'm putting out a VERY small remix contest for you guys, check this post for info.

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-04-2009) 10:00 PM
OK, so tonight, I need YOUR help, I'm looking to find a live version of Three MC's and One DJ, Not just any version, this version! Please download, listen and if you think you can identify what show it's from, please contact me, If you have the whole show, or just the track. If you just have this one track, E-mail it to me, if you have the entire show, e-mail me for instructions on how to get it to me. We're thinking that it's from around the 1998-1999 era.

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-03-2009) 12:54 AM
Someone is just now starting to grow on me, DJ AK47 with three more Skinny Beastie releases, I like the fact that you left some Sp vocals in there too, back and forth is good, Pass the Mic style, Beastie, SP, Beastie.. Nice. Picking one of my favorite SP songs to mix helps too..
Right Right Now Now -vs- Skinny Puppy - Deep Down Trauma Hounds
Root Down -vs- Skinny Puppy - Dig It
Thats It Thats All -vs- Skinny Puppy - I'mmortal

Are we having fun yet kids?!

I better start seeing some more of you guys in the Forums or I'm takin' them down.  I got free forum space elsewhere,  you said you wanted them here,  I got them here, and you're not in them.   I'm gonna' stick you guys with the Shout Box and nothing else!

Remix DJ's Rule! (3-01-2009) 11:54 PM
All the kids came out to play today it seems..!!
BoyWoolner with an updated version of his All Lifestyles - Daring Lifestyles Mix

Naturetone with a new jam that I thought was going to go down a different path than it did.
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Don't Take Your Guns to Town Rmx

Last but not least,  DJ AK47 with a 4 pack of Skinny Beastie tracks!
Alive - Alive In The Dead of Winter
Ch-Check it Out -vs- Skinny Puppy - Blue Serge
In A World Gone Mad -vs- Skinny Puppy - Blood On The Wall
Just A Test vs Root Down -vs- Skinny Puppy - Pedafly (Husky Remix)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-28-2009) 11:45 PM
Damn I miss this guy,  7x5 today with a super smooth one featuring Marvin Gaye, you know you're going to love this one, so what are you still doing here reading this, go get it!
Electrify - Talk to Me

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-26-2009) 10:45 PM
Couple of things tonight, AK47!! With a new Killzone/Beasties remix mashup something or other, go check it..
We Got The - KillZone 2 (AK's Chaotic Mix ft. FPS Doug)

Also uploaded to the Rare Tracks page
BS 2000 - Beach Blanket Boggle Boogie 7" Promo
Some of you guys,  or someone on the BBMB were looking for this?!

Also added,
Matisyahu - King Without a Crown (Mike D Remix Instrumental)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-25-2009) 10:17 PM
The Boys Are Back in Town!! Dj Melle & Son, droppin' two new remixes today, one real good, and the other gooder than that! gooder?
3 the hard way - It's your J5 thing mix
Root Down - Dance Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-24-2009) 10:48 PM
No new mixes today, but I've got some good stuff for you anyway....

New Live show.... BS 2000 - Airport Niederreihn - Aug 18th 2001
New Rare track...  Sure Shot - Live at Viva (Germany)  Crazy instrumental backing...!!
YouTube video of the Sure Shot track above..

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-22-2009) 10:30 PM
TtooooownMc, tonight with a two pack of jams, one is funkier than J.J.'s new suit the second one, a drummer's delight.
3 The Hard Way - Hurricane Stick Up Mix
Alive - Coconut Drum Sessions Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-20-2009) 11 PM
Two new mashups tonight, both feature the BEASTIE BOYS!! Coincidence, I think not!

First up tonight Hallucigen with a Skinny Beastie contribution, a Noisy one!
Ricky's Theme - Ricky's Noisy Sabotage

Next up,  a juicy little track from DJ AK47,
Stop That Train -vs- The Gorillaz - Spitting Out The Demons 

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-18-2009) Fairly Early PM
Some guy from of all places, OHIO dropped a new jammie Jam today, TtownMC's new mix had me squirmin' in my seat (It's that bouncy!)
We Got The - Common Carrier Remix

R2Dj Also updated his Skinny Puppy track from yesterday,  Good stuff R2DJ,  I appreciate your appreciation!!!
We Got The - We Got the Omen for 7 (Updated)

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-17-2009) Not Too Late PM :-)
A few guys stopped by late last night, and today to drop mashups and remixes, I've come to the conclusion that some of you guys have things seriously wrong with you...

Nucking Futs dropped a mix titled,
We Got The - I Think I've Created a New Musical Genre Mix
I had to go to confession after listening..  I think there was something Satanic going on there?!

R2Dj Dropping a mix for the Skinny Beastie tape,  ROCKIN'
We Got The - We Got the Omen for 7

DJ AK47 dropped one today memorializing some lame fighting game,  STREET FIGHTER!!! Muhahhaa
We Got The - M. Bison in my Basement Mix

MCScoobyT,  Crack had to play a part in this somewhere? J/K
Rhymin And Stealin - Enough Strange Rhymin f. ODB, Karen O, Fat Lip and N.A.S.A.
Something's Got To Give - Champion Sound (Got To Give Dub) f. Rouge State
Time To Build - Lion's Paw Rhyme f. Rouge State

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-15-2009) Semi-LatePM
Naturetone was here today, he smashed together two already bangin' tracks and created a third. Nice work my man!! Oh, and did I mention it's a Skinny Beastie track, Double Plus Good!!!
Sabotage - Skinny Puppy Tin Omen Rmx

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-15-2009) Early AM
Hey Ladies! I'm baaaack!!!! I'm all rested up from my vacation away from the site. I see a few of you guys have been busy also, adding to the Skinny Beastie Mixtape, so thank you for that, it makes me happy that you want to keep me happy.  Great mixes guys!

Bassdriver with:  Oh Word? - Killing Game
TtownMc with:  Car Thief - Tainted Chainsaw Suicide Mix
MCScoobyT with:  Beastie Revolution - Beastie Ambiantzolution

Also tonight,  Nucking Futs with a sweeet Just a Test mix, -vs- Portal
Just a Test - I'm GLaD It's Just a Test

What I did on my Winter vacation.
By: Silence7

Installed and setup DB Guy's super spectactular forums on the site. Cursed some, got pissy with DB Guy,  made up,  continued work,  had a few people in testing early thank you guys, (you know who you are) and just generally spent most of my time waiting to come back from my self imposed vacation.  Huge Thanks to DB Guy for the software, and the hand-holding required for me to get some concepts through my caveman skull.  Have fun in the FORUMS!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-14-2009) Very Early AM


Remix updates later,  I'm sleepy...

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-07-2009) 10:50 PM
DJ Melle & Son back with a sweet mix,
In a World Gone Mad -  Beyond There Mix  Go check this out.....

In the mean time,  due to my personal life taking a shit over the last three months and coming to a head tonight,  I'm taking at LEAST a week off.  In fact I'll be back when I'm good and ready,  Nothing against you guys,  I just need some time...   Believe me,  I've only taken one or two days off of the site in the last three years,   I f-ing need to just get away from everything.  Hope you understand.... Feel free to upload,  but keep it organized so I know what's what when I come back.

I'll leave you guys with this...  Watch the WHOLE thing for me PLEASE!!!!


Remix DJ's Rule! (2-07-2009) 12:30 AM
Damn you guys are killin' me..

But guess what?!!  NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!  Please welcome pomDeter to the Beastiemixes family!! With the required three mixes etc etc.  Stop by, download his mixes, invade his MySpace page...  Anyone who has DJ Schmolli on their MS friends list is a friend of mine...  Welcome!!
Hold it Now, Hit it - Hold it Now, Dig It  (Skinny Beastie Entry)
Intergalactic - Supergalactic Beastie Bros
Triple Trouble - Triple 3000

DJ Melle & Son tonight with one I missed last night... (It was a rough night)
Alive - News Mix

DJ AK47 tonight with a mix I just really don't want to picture in my head...
We Got The - AK's Naked Mix

MCScoobyT loading me up tonight with the majority of the mixes...
3 new tracks for his "Country Mike Vol. II f. Cowboy Beck" mixtape
3 The Hard Way - 3 Beer Cans A Day
5-Piece Chicken Dinner - The Chicken Barrel Farm
Michelle's Farm - Michelle's Monkey Farm

and 400 misc. mixes..  Ok it was only 4,  :-)
Egg Man - Their All Eggheads f. The Who
Intergalatic - Elmo Intergalatic Song
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - (Tim) Gunn Barrel Boxing f. Simon and Garfunkel
Slow Ride - Can't Stop Feeling Slow f. Franz Feridnand

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-05-2009) After Midnight
Hmmmmm... You want a bunch of mixes? Good! Becasue that's what I've got for you tonight. 4 Dj's 21 mixes!

I'm going to go fast tonight,  so please try and keep up.  If you can't keep up,  maybe you'd feel more at home here!

DJ Melle & Son today with 18 new mixes,  I'm not going to list them all here,  but believe me there's 18.

KTBStudiWorks with:  The Brouhaha - My Synth is a Guitar Rmx

Nucking Futs with:  Ch-Check It Out - Snow Flakey Mix

MCScoobyT with:  Hey Fuck You - Ruck The Fadiers f. Lily Allen

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-04-2009) After Midnight
Ok, after last night's news, tonight's news might seem small, But I warn you, do not underestimate tonight's news. And what news is that? ANOTHER NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!! Hellz Yeah!!!

Please welcome DJ Melle & Son to the Beastiemixes family,  drop them an e-mail,  shout it out in the shout-box, etc,  you know what to do. They come to us from the home state of the Beasties with the "required" three mixes and promises of more,  so give them a nice welcome..

Do you realize that TODAY Beastiemixes has been online for 3 years!?   Actually it was Feb. 1st,  but who's counting,  3 f-ing years I've been at this...  Seems like I started it last week...  3-Year Anniversary Mixtape?  Nahh,   we all know how the 1-year tape ended up.... 6 mixes and no love.....   Just stick to the Skinny Beastie mixtape,  as that's where I want it..  I hope to see some more mixes there soon,  8 tracks just doesn't cut it..

  Take Care guys,


Remix DJ's Rule! (2-03/04-2009) Midnight
I've very proud to announce that we've got a...... NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!
OK, not exactly a 'NEW' Dj, as this guy's been around the Beastie Boys remix scene for what seems like forever, if you haven't heard of him already, then YOU are new to the scene, may I present,
TACO ZIP!!!!!!  If you've never heard of him before, do yourself a favor, go and download every single one of his mixes. Take it from Adam Yauch, Taco Zip's mixes are "Nice."   He was one of only 5 Dj's I mentioned I wanted on the site in the Beastiemania interview...

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-02-2009) 9:00 PM
You guys are tearin' that mixtape up!!!
Naturetone tonight with a mix of one of my favorite SP songs, "Smothered Hope"
Intergalactic - Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope Rmx

MCScoobyT with a mix of a song off the newest SP release Mythmaker, "daL"
Deal With It - daL witH iT
And also I believe the first ever of Your Sister's Def
Your Sister's Def - Boom I Got Your Sister f. Le Tigra

Paul's Boutique Re-Mastered site finally dropped!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (2-01-2009) 8:00 PM

Our very own Damon Tedesco played a small part in today's Super Bowl XLIII,  All I can say is, WOW...

" I invite you to pay particular attention during the Super Bowl XLIII for the Coca-Cola "Heist" and Bridgestone "Taters" commercials for which I recorded and mixed the music.While you are online, please check out my website at www.scoringmixer.com  Thanks again and enjoy the game!

Damon Tedesco "

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-31-2009) 11:15 PM
Wow! You guys really pulled through for me today. 4 new tracks for the Skinny Beastie tape, and the return of Bassdriver!!! WTF!? Hell YES!!
First up mixtape additions,  or shoud I say "Addictions"....
Bassdriver With:  Crawlspace - Skinny Addiction Crawlspace
Globemallow Spike With:  Picture This - Addiction
DJ AK47 With:  We Got The -vs- Skinny Puppy - Addiction (KMFDM Remix)
DJ AK47 With:  All Lifestyles -vs- Skinny Puppy - Pro-test

Also tonght, Naturetone and Bassdriver collaboration mix...  So who played what instruments?
Flowin' Prose - Colab Rmx

Also I want to focus your attention on a little something that could possibly affect someone in your family, the (CPSIA) is proposing mandating on the selling/donating of kids items.(Read about it here)  Sellers will have to have items tested, and it will now be illegal to donate items for kids under 12 to charities.   Sellers on sites such as Etsy are going to be directly affected by this,  as well as charities who accept items to help out less fortunate families. People on Etsy have been posting items for sale with prices they'll have to charge if this legislation passes.  Keep in mind, Download Girl sells items there.

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-31-2009) 7:30 AM
Ok, so I fell asleep last night and didn't announce the new mixes. Oh, I uploaded them alright, but didn't announce them. I'm here to make ammends.

2 new mixes for the Skinny Beastie Mixtape.  Oh hell yes!
Fatty Ratty Oh yes he's back!!!!!!  And he's still great!
Intergalactic - Skinny Beastie Mix

MCscobyT,  Unlike DB Guy,  I liked this mix..  :-)
The Sounds Of Science - Science...Dig It Dig It

Globemallow Spike taking a shot at DB Guy's request with.....
Unite - Ravers of the world Van Dyk remix

DJ AK47 droppin' a new one,  is that the theme from Rocky II ?
Root Down - Uninhabited Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-30-2009) Early Early AM
Hallucigen, our man on the scene in Prague, recently dropping some really nice tracks, tonight is no exception. One had me bouncing off the walls, the other had me chillin' on the couch all mellowed out. Get them both!
Triple Trouble - AUDI 'O' TT
All Lifestyles - All Empty Lifetimes 1

Spent like three hours trying to get the video working right on the Skinny Beastie page tonight,  so you guys had better pull through with some tracks. >:-{

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-29-2009) Early AM
MCScoobyT redeemed himself tonight, at least in my eyes, by dropping another DB Guy remix request attempt, this one was great..
Brr Stick'em - The Repeated Raping of PVD (Consensual Sex DB mix)

DJ AK47 also dropped a bouncy little one tonight......
Triple Trouble - Dance Me

100,000 downloads since 2.0 Re-Launch
Now,  do something for ME!!!
Skinny Puppy -vs- Beastie Boy Challenge!!!!!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-27-2009) Late PM
MCScoobyT taking a stab at DB Guy's request tonight, leaving it lying on the sidewalk with it's panties around it's ankles.  No offense Scoobmeister, I guess it just wasn't what DB Guy was looking for.
The Cousin Of Death - Your Future Freebass'n f. Suzanne Vega (DB Drugfest Request)

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-26-2009) Late PM
Guess What? Ok, I'm sure you guessed correctly! NEW DJ TODAY!!! Please welcome DJ Just-In to the Beastiemixes family, he's one of the old school Beastie remixers that has been around for a good long time, finally coming over to the Beastiemixes (Dark Side) 11 tracks of Beastie goodness, go check it!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-26-2009) Early AM
MCScoobyT droppin' 5 new tracks today, updating his Beasties date Northern State and Sub-Ill-lime Communtication mixtapes, and also dropping two other new tracks..
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Looking At The Style I Bring You
Posse In Effect - Keepin' Girlies Dizzy f. Pete Rock
26 - Shazam - Shuzummertime! f. The Pharcyde
Rhymin and Stealin - Ali Boba On The Tampoline f. The Grates
The Sounds Of Science - Science Is Golden f. The Grates

Also,  DB Guy's request is correct,  the song IS called "Forbidden Future"  100% Positive. You can see the track-list here

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-23-2009) Late PM

Here's another double Beastie request. This is my all-time favorite trance song. It's called "Forbidden Future" by Paul Van Dyk. It's on disc 2 of his "Seven Ways" album. This song should provide a lot to work with, especially the hit that comes right around the 6:00 mark. Because this song provides no lyrics, I'm interested in again hearing the combination of two Beastie Boys songs with samples from this PVD track in the background (custom beats are also welcome of course). This track has a lot of strength/power behind it already, so I'm hoping a good blend with the Beasties will make it even better. Can it be done?

-DB Guy

PS - Without sounding like an ass, I want whoever takes on this challenge to get creative. Don't just lay the acapellas on top. I know that can be done, but it's not what I'm looking for. Sample the PVD song, don't just add lyrics to it. Thanks! =)

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-23-2009) Earrly AM
Guess who stopped by today.. No not him, No, not him either, it was Chromium-Oh-Five!! He dropped his last ever TT5B remix, I also uploaded a mix I had forgot that he posted in the BB-remix BBS, so go and check this out. You Chro' groupies, send some feedback on these......
Crawlspace - Remix-7
Ch-Check It Out - Last Ever TT5B Remix

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-22-2009) 11:16 PM
There's a reason I love TtownMc's remixes, he's uploaded another reason today, go check it,
Brr Stick 'Em - The Drunken' Blue Nun Remix

Happy 15th Anniversary Sis' and Bro in Law!!!
Damn,  15 years!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-20-2009) 11:16 PM
OK, so I've been working on getting one of my favorite DJ's on the site for a long time, and finally!!!!
NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!  May I present Phosphoros Many of you guys probably already know him or about him, be's been doing this Beastie Boys remix deal for a while now... He's coming to us with 43 smokin' hot mixes. I reccomend you go and download ALL of them.  He's in a bad place right now,  but I have faith that he'll be back with us soon. So keep your fingers crossed that he gets back in the scene and drops some more mixes for us.

Oh and some other dude showed up last night MCScooterG something or other, and dropped a mix ,  anyway he dropped this mix with a filename like 2000 characters long,  WTF?
Stop That Train - Dude, That Neon Tiger From Your Blacklight Poster Was Riding The L Train Last Nite! f. The Killers

Oh and some dude strolled in mumbling something about a "Topical Jam" Globemallow Spike I think it was. Obama Scratch?  Hellz Yes!
Jimmy James - Obama's Inaugural Scratch Mix

Two Words,  BAD ASS!!!!  GO OBAMA!!!!

Added some more "Rare" tracks.

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-20-2009) XX:XX AM
We've made the papers.....!!!!!!!!

Click to Enlarge!!
You can see the original article on the page with the rest of the paper Here..
Big thanks to CMCPRESS for finding this!!!

"Metro is a publishing phenomenon. The paper was launched in March 1999 as a free, colour newspaper for morning commuters.

At first it was only available in London, but now commuters in 16 of Britain's major cities can pick up a free copy of Metro as they travel to work in the morning. Every weekday morning some 1.3 million copies are distributed across the UK making Metro the world's largest free newspaper and the fourth biggest newspaper in the UK.

Metro is distributed in Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield. "

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-18-2009) 10:02 PM
Allllright, MCScoobyT trying to keep me awake at night with the Coffee Song mixes,
Electrify - The Coffee Song v 2.0 (BPM mix) f. The Knux and Milk D

TtownMc today with a nice fun tune, not overly complicated,  just fun.  I want to see this guys download numbers go higher,  he's got a lot of bangin' mixes,  you really should do yourself a favor and check them out.
Right Right Now Now - Properties Remix

Added a few tracks to the "Rare" tracks page...

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-18-2009) 12:40 AM
Scoobmeister, MCScoobyT with a Beastie/Knux mix tonight, beats and rhymes galore..
Intergalatic - The Coffee Song f. The Knux

DJ AK47 bringin the beats and brass tonight...
All Lifestyles - Free For All Mix

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-17-2009) 2:32 AM
Hallucigen with a bouncy, beat heavy, fun track today,   you know what to do....
Hey Ladies - HEJ LEJDYZ

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-16-2009) AM
Awwwhh Yaaya' Good stuff up tonight. The return of The Biologist, and DJ AK47, ok, AK never actually left, but he's back anyway...

The Biologist tonight with: Intergalactic - Stargazer's Lament

DJ AK47 tonight with: Stop That Train - Every Day, Every Night

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-14-2009) PM
Our man from the ATL!!! 7x5 Back behind the keyboard making people grin! Very fun track, but you tricked me with the scratchin' in the middle, thought there was going to be more, sadly, there wasn't, but still two thumbs up.
3 the Hard Way - Hey Fuck You! - Kaotic Remix

Hallucigen here today also with a new one,  bangin' beats,  synths, and looooove!
Root Down - 42192 125

Would you guys actually use forums if we had them HERE ??

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-13-2009) PM
DJ 97 and DJ 79 both showed up today with mixes, one slow and low, the other slow and low also with the rumblin' bass, and sick beats.
PTC tonight with: Body Movin' - Berry Moovin'
DJ AK47 tonight with: Stop That Train - Bringin' The Beat Back

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-13-2009) AM
NEW RARE TRACKS, thanks to the friends of the site who so graciously donated them, You guys really are the best!!
So What'cha Want - IDF Promo
Matisyahu - King Without a Crown (Mike D remix)
Unkle - The Knock (Drums of Death), Pt. 2-UNKLE (Feat. Jason Newsted and Mike D)

Now I'm looking for this:
The Instrumental was only available on the 12" Promo Single.

In other news, nYgel dropped a new (Non-Beastiemixes) tape,
nYgel - self-titled (the b-sides) The Mixtape 2009
Bottom of the page for the download!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-12-2009) PM
DJ AK47 was actually here last night, but I was slacking, ok, I was uploading 1.3gb of stuff, but I slacked on the front page update.

DJ AK47 with 2 mixes you're sure to enjoy....
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun -vs- The Crystal Method ft. Dylan Rhymes and Katherine Ellis - Salty (meat katie remix)
Stop That Train -vs-The Crystal Method - Bad Stone

Extra special thanks to Casio Hardcore for the Beastie Boys Sample Source Collections that I was busy uploading to the Bootlegs page last night,  if you get a chance,  go check these out.

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-10-2009) AM
Added DVD Video Anthology - Remixes to the Rare Tracks page. Have Fun!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-7-2009) 9:20 PM
HALLUCIGEN ! ! ! Welcome back! His newest mix tonight featuring Oliver (8-Years old) on guitar. Good work Oliver, you play better than I do and I'm 30 years older than you...   Go check this one out guys.
The Brouhaha - BROUHIHI Relax

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-7-2009) Not so late as hell PM
Nuckmeister, Nucking Futs back with a track he's sure that everyone has heard but never heard mixed with the Beastie Boys, Gotta tell you, I've never heard this song before.. Yeah, I've heard LDTBOAG, but not the backing track, So THERE!! :-p Mellow this one is...
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Mix Everyday!

1-hour 27-minutes 47-seconds
100% Kick ASS!!!

I've been listening to the soundtrack to this movie for the last three days on the way to and from work, ya' gotta' watch this.
Watch Shadow crate diggin' at about 54:12,  look at the mountain of 12's

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-6-2009) Late as Hell PM/AM
G-Spike is back in the hizouse!! (ok that was dumb) Globemallow Spike's triumphant return!!! (better) Awhhh,  Scratch it up!!!!!  You know how I love that!!  "Wicka Wika Scraaaaaaaaatch, Front on that..." Good to know that you haven't forgot us.
So What'cha Want - Junkyard Scratch Remix

DJ AK47 droppin' a track that mixes a band that I actually thought about using for a contest,  The Crystal Method,  As I'm a semi-large fan of their music.   Good Stuff!  Thanks for not doing Kanye!
Sabotage -vs- The Crystal Method - Name Of The Game (Calling All Freaks Mix)

We're closing in on the 100,000 download mark,  I say you guys buy me a present when we get there.  A CASE KEG of Guinness would be fine,  thanks!!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-5-2009) 9:52 PM
DJ AK47 tearin' it up tonight with a mini-MEGA Mix, funkin' it up like crazy!!!  Nice work AK!
Mini-Mega Mix - Hittin' The Sauce Mix

Oh speaking of,  thanks to Sis' for the bottle of "Sauce" yesterday,  I promise to not drink it all at once,  a little shot'll do ya!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-4-2009) 11:31 PM
I know it's only the 4th of Jan. but I think we have a contender for the worst mix of the year. OK, oK, ok, I'm just kidding, DJ AK47 tonight with a chill version of Oh Word? Go check it.
Oh Word? - Oh My Fucking Word (Mellow Mix)
Remix DJ's Rule! (1-3-2009) 10:31 PM
NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!!  Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family. AIR INN!! He comes to us from the UK/Ukraine with the required 3 mixes. :-) Go check out his mixes NOW!

Remix DJ's Rule! (1-2-2009) 12:41 AM (Been watching the Twilight Zone marathon all day)
And almost forgot that I had a site to run, I guess you could say I was "In the Zone" :-)

7x5 Rockin' it out tonight!!!  We miss you!!
Flowin' Prose - Acetone Remix


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