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(12-31-2007) 12:13am
It's my Birthday, It's my Birthday!!!!!!!
Hope you guys all have a fun and safe New Years Eve tonight!!

Shoutbox is the "Shout" link in the top menu... BTW...

(12-30-2007) 10:00pm

The Remix Masters
Wired Magazine interview with the Beastie Boys

(12-29-2007) 10:32pm
The things I do for you guys!!! Sheesh..... BEASTIEMIXES SHOUTBOX
I'll try and get a button up there some time in the near future, I'm tired, and hungry at the moment.

(12-29-2007) 5:08pm
Contretemps today with a wicked mashup, slow and low and good, sounds like something you'd listen to while driving your 69 Camero 100mph down a deserted road in the middle of the night. Good stuff.
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Where is thy Sting

(12-28-2007) 12:40am

New remix / mashup forum announced today, AudioPorn Central now has a forum, The APC Lounge, get in there guys, and show em' what you've got.

(12-27-2007) 12:22am
Somebody had some free time over the weekend, 7x5 with SIX new mixes tonight that includes a first remix for "3-minute rule"
Pass the Mic - Big Poppa Remix
3 Minute Rule - Quicksand
So Whatcha Want - Atom Smasher Remix
Stop That Train - Iron Remix
Stop That Train - Toot Toot
We Got The - New Workout Plan
(My personal favorite of the 6) S7

Also uploaded two shows to the LIVE page
St. Paul Civic Center - Minneapolis Minnesota, May 21 1985 - (Permit To Ill)
CBGB-NY 11-20-1982

Updated the "Blog" page

(12-25-2007) 8:36pm
Bassdriver back tonight with a small mixtape he's been working on recently. I gave it a listen last night and loved it.
Beastie Boys -vs- The Stranglers

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas today had a good time and got to spend it with Family, I did on both accounts!

(12-23-2007) 9:22pm
Santa was early this year kids,  7x5 with a Christmas jam that brought a big smile to my face,
and I'm sure it will to you too...
Time to Build - Xmas in Hollis

Being as I'll be busy as hell tomorrow,  I'm going to take this time to just say thanks to all my hosted guys,  you've been great to me all year long.  We've gone through some rough times and came out golden.  I hope next year will be another big year, and that maybe the Beasties will finally release some new pellas'    And hopefully a new album!!    I know you guys must be growing weary mixing and mashing the same pellas over and over again, but I never tire of hearing new tracks.

I also want to thank the random downloaders who stop by and grab some tracks to fill up your iPod.  We love you guys too,  just don't froget to drop a note to your favorite DJ every now and then so they know that they're appreciated.

Hope you guys all get to spend some time with family tommorrow,  and remember be safe!

          Your Humble Host,


(12-23-2007) 11:01pm
CosmoKramer with a little much needed Christmas cheer.... I don't know what it is about this mix,  but I'm not sure if
I'm supposed to be scared or happy, it's that twisted. And I love it!!!
We Got The - Jingle Bells Remix
Am I the only one who's broke as a joke this year??

(12-23-2007) 2:35pm
Special treat for you guys today...  DJ ZAP is BACK!!!!!   With a brand new mixtape!!!  You gotta' go check this thing!
Paul's Boutique Pt.2
Beastie Boys vs Dust Brothers' Fight Club Soundtrack

(12-22-2007) 11:47pm
Couple of  things tonight.........

Number One!   Be careful with rum,  it's more powerful than you might think!

Number Two!   NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!!  Please welcome Hallucigen,  all the way from Prague.  You might remember he threw down a couple of jams for the Christmas contest,  well he's got a couple more remixes now, and you should all go and check them out.  Give a fellow DJ some love.

Number Three!  I ate Frog Legs today,   they weren't all that great....  Yuck!!!

(12-22-2007) 1:01am
Couple of new remixes / mashups tonight,  both quality and both in different ways. 

But first I would like to say thanks to you guys for helping to make Beastiemixes the World Wide 
Leader in the fight to preserve the remix. :-)  

We're now hosting OVER 1300 Beastie Boys remixes!!!

That's a damn lot! I often wonder if any of the actual Beastie Boys have ever visited the site....  

On to the mixes.........

7x5 up first,  with his funked out jam for tonight,  guitar, sax, and Rick James Beooootch!!!!
All Lifestyles - You and I and All Lifestyles

Next up,  E-Dub with with a jam that takes some love from the fab four, and mixes it with the fab three (Side note,
If you knew how much Dr. Pepper I drink in a single week,  you'd be amazed)
Shazam - Dr Pepper

(12-21-2007) 12:57am
Computer is sort of fixed,  was able to save all my important files (Beastiemixes)  get some of my software re-installed, and I'm f-ing ready to get rollin' again,  and I've got a couple of nice surprizes for you.

First up,  the mix that's been waiting for the last two days (it was worth the wait) for me to get my shit in order, 7x5 with a mix with samples from one of those songs that EVERYBODY jammed to in the 80's. If you don't remember the song,  you're probably just too young,  7x5 and I are old enough to know about this one.
Triple Trouble - Rockit Remix

Next up!  Guess What!!!???  NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!!!!!
Please welcome KTBStudioWorks,  he's the newest member of the Beastiemixes Family,  great jams, and seems like a nice guy,  so why don't you be a nice guy/girl and go check out his mixes, and drop him a note to let him know how he's doing.

And Last but most certainly not least,  We have a new "Download Girl"  Download a track and see what I mean.  She goes by clickypenpixieXstock on DeviantArt, and has graciously allowed me to steal some of her images to use on the download page.  You can click on her banner to the left to check out her gallery,  be nice to her.

(12-19-2007) 8:30pm
Just got home, main computer f-ing died,  I'm on the laptop,  Might upload your mix later 7x5 (It's It's Herbie Hancock isn't it?), might not,  sorry... I'm  tring to recover my files (Beastiemixes files included)

Drum machine samples in .wav format HERE

(12-18-2007) Very Early AM (zzzzZZZ)

Hmmmm,  discovered this last night?  I'm not sure what to think....  I'm a little too tired to be thinking about this right now anyway,  you guys think about it for me, I'm going to sleep.

(12-16-2007) PM
New jam tonight from COSMOKRAMER!!!!!  From one of the classics of modern cinema,  Ghostbusters!!!   I watched Gremlins the other day at my girl's house,  I'll have to rent me some Ghostbusters now!
All Lifestyles - Ghostbusters Remix

(12-15-2007) A Little after Midnight
OK,  It's now almost 1am,  and I'm ready to announce the goodness that is tonight's mixes!!
Contretemps came through with his promise of three mixes, so you can now add this hard sounding track to the list
So Whatcha Want - Nemesis Mix

7x5 also showed up today,  I was beginning to worry about him, it's been like 6 days since he's been around,  but he's back with a couple killers!
Flowin Prose - Musique Noir Remix
Hey Ladies - Never Enough   (Another in the Beasties -vs- The Cure line)  I love these!  One day I'll take a photo of my Cure CD collection. It's quite large.

4 tracks from 1300 hosted mixes,  WOW!!

Public Domain music,  some good stuff here...  http://www.publicdomain4u.com Recording quality isn't that great, but the music is!!
Leadbelly "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"
Cannon's Jug Stompers "Walk Right In"
Bill Broonzy "Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down"

(12-14-2007) AM
Guess what guys!!! NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!!  Ok before you say anything,  I know he only has two mixes, and the rule says three to get in.  He says he has three and said they'd be up tonight but I only found two,  soooo  If there's not another mix in the que tomorrow........  But he did say nice things about you guys! :-) We shal' see what happens....  Anyway,  please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes Family Contretemps.  A man after my own heart,  MMmmmm  Guinness!!!!

(12-13-2007) PM
My favorite DJ mixing since 1996 E-Dub,  back with a great track tonight, A track using one of the LIVE pellas from AIFST.  Go check this one,  you're gonna like it.
Ch-Check it Out - LIVE-DownLow

Anybody shopping for my Christmas Present yet?   Oh and are you guys checkin' the other site,  good stuff on there....

(12-12-2007) PM
Our newest DJ, PTC proving that it doesn't matter where you're from,  you can get funky!!
Right Right Now Now - Rechts Jetzt

(12-11-2007) PM
Globemallow Spike seems to be on a mission to remix the impossible,  with his second track that hasn't been remixed before,  this time he gives us.....  Nice talk box effects in there.  This version sounds a lot "harder" than the original,  Good stuff!!!
Something's Got To Give - Amped Powerhouse Remix

(12-10-2007) PM
Tonight it's not 7x5 bringin' the funk,  it's Da Masta Jay Leave,  bringin' the HARD FUNK to be exact! All the way from Russia! There's some good stuff in this one.
Spam - Hard Funk Remix

(12-10-2007) AM

I think the Rat loves me?!

Click To Enlarge
You guys don't think I keep tabs on you,  but I see all!!  :-p

(12-09-2007) 10:07pm
From the man that never rests' 7x5, comes another in a line of mixes featuring Beastie Boys and The Cure..  If he keeps going like this, we'll have enough tracks for a full album. :-)
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Love-Hate Remix

(12-08-2007) Midnight
7x5 and DJ ZAP tonight with the goodness...

7x5 with a nice tribute mix for me!!  Freakin' AWESOME!!!  Beasties -vs- The Cure - Hot Hot Hot..  Thanks 7x5!!
Triple Trouble - Triple Hot-Merry Xmas S7

DJ ZAP  once again showin' his turntable skills,  nice smoooth jam.  (I heard ZAP has some tapes for download on some other site that hosts' whole mashtapes)  ;-)  It's always nice to hear from you ZAP.
Super Disco Breakin - Premium Remix

(12-08-2007) 12:55pm
7x5 is back from a short vacation (4 days since his last mix) :-)  this one has got many good things goin' on I can't even explain, it starts off with this crazy Asian influenced sound, then it turns to horns and wicked drum beats.Just go get it and check it yourself,
you know you want to.
Just a Test - Gamin' on Ya'
Apparently I'm uploading tracks today, and 7x5 is coming behind me uploading more,  it's a race to the finish!! 7x5's second track of the day:
Hey Fuck You - Hey Dr Dre, Fuck You

PTC is also back with another new track,  this thing's a laaaid back slow roller that'll have you relaxed in no time,  Good stuff.
Super Disco Breakin - Super Disco 808

Also,  Go here http://www.myspace.com/hallucigenband  and listen to Hallucigen's Root Down mix,  Holy Crap,  I'm lovin' it!

(12-08-2007) 12:35am
Couple of new jams for tonight, one from the new guy and one from an old guy :-p
First up,  with a mashup of a track that to my knowledge has never been mashed.  
Globemallow Spike
takin' it hardcore with....
Soba Violence - Polysicsoba Postalworker Mash

Second up tonight a new spicy little track from the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, PTC with....
Ch-Check It Out - Check It Endlich Out

Nate Wize, Winner of the Santa Claus Conquers the Beastie Boys Remix Contest, has picked the Make-A-Wish foundation as the recepient of the $150 donation.  The donation was made tonight to the Canadian branch (Since he's Canadian).  I would encourage you to make a donation as well, no matter how small, it's a worthy cause that helps fullfill the dreams of very sick kids. You can Ch-Check it Out Here http://www.wish.org

Oh how far we've come in such a short time....  And this isn't even the first version of the site, this is like Version 1.5
DJ List on the Right Hand side,  The download count was at

"February 2, 2006 To September 10, 2006 53,140 MP3's Downloaded"
Remember the old counter?? That I updated manually!!

You can also check the "Wayback Machine" for older versions of the site,  pretty cool.

Click to Enlarge

(12-06-2007) 10:20pm
HEY Kids,  Guess What!!!   NEW DJ TONIGHT!!!
I would like you guys to give a warm welcome to the newest hosted remixer on Beastiemixes, PTC,  all the way from Vienna, Austria.  Here with three mixes you probably haven't heard before, but you should!!  Welcome to Beastiemixes PTC!!

You guys think we're the largest Beastie Boys specific remix site on the web yet?  Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!

(12-06-2007) 2:37am


Check the Contest page for the results.

(12-04-2007) 12:42am
OK, I'm ready now :-)   I want you to pay special attention to these mixes I'm about to show you tonight.. Because they all rock the Casbah,  these guys are killin' it with a capitol K!!!

7x5 with the first two to make me grin and jump around tonight.
Brr Stick Em - Trunk of Funk Remix  
(DJ Scratch that itch)
In a World Gone Mad - Love the Bomb
 (OH SHIT!!!)

R2DJ with the sencond two that did the same..
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Ham & Cheese on Rye  
 (THX intro is always a good choice)
Ch-Check It Out - Guinness Stout   
(mmmmMM  Guinness!!!)

(12-04-2007) 11:00pm

Just rolled in and it's 11pm over here on the West Siiiiiiide!   So expect delays tonight....  Thanks.


(12-03-2007) 8:59pm
DJ Zap showing us that he's still alive and able to kick out the jams with the best,  tonight with a classy little jam,  Good stuff.
Crawlspace - Summersault x Crawlspace (vs Crown City Rockers)

Also tonight, E-Dub with another pumpin' dance floor jam,  this one will have you bouncin' in your seat.  Niiice!
All Lifestyles - Gimme More, Yeah I Went There

    Nice work guys!!!

(12-02-2007) 8:41pm
Bassdriver tonight with a couple Kill Bill mashes,  very fun stuff..
The Brouhaha - TwistedNerve
Triple Trouble - BangBang

(12-01-2007) 1:18am
I didn't get home til' late tonight, so the update is late,  I know, I know, I'm a lazy slacker, and I treat the DJ's bad.  I should be ashamed.  And on top of that I'm too tired for witty commentary on each mix tonight so I'm just going to say, hey look at all of these new mixes, go download them.   I've heard them and I can say that they're A-OK...  Pre-approved for your listening pleasure.

7x5 (Master of all that is funky) dropped this one today...
Pass the Mic - Payback Remix

MCScoobyT (Master of all that's freaky) Dropped two tracks and a small mixtape.
Brr Stick Em - Be Alive in London (Brr Sticem)
Hello Brooklyn - 3.0

Crunklio E Olio (Mixtape)
01 - Brand New - The Brand New King Kong is in my Trunk
02 - Deal With It - Deal With it and Fuckin Pay Me (or I Might Get Ya)
03 - Believe Me - Take a Shot, Believe in Me

(12-01-2007) 11:24pm
Will be a little later than usual tonight with the new mixes etc.    I just got home and I'm working up the votes page (It will not be shown until all votes come in,  but I need to get it done, and tonight's the night) GO OPEN OFFICE!!!

(12-01-2007) 12:01am   Contest Has Ended!!!

(11-30-2007) 11:25pm
Long time hosted DJ/Producer/Guy with dream studio :-)  Damon Tedesco is back with a smoooooth one tonight. With the Ch-Check it Out  -vs- Dramastically Different.
Ch-Check It Out - Mashup

30 minutes remain to get your entry in!!!!

(11-30-2007) 1:25am

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!!!!

Putting the finishing touches on my little side project...

(11-28-2007) 9:04pm
Lots of good stuff tonight,  2 mixes, and a contest entry all the way from Japan.

Urrban Urrchin with a contest entry using only the Beastie Boys pella and samples from the movie. Very industrial sound,  good stuff!
Sure Shot - BackGround Noise Mix

R2DJ with a nice slow jam that relaxes. A Mix that your Mom would like... :-)
Oh Word - Word To Your Moms

E-Dub with a mix that would be right at home playing in the background of either a porn movie, or a Starsky and Hutch episode.
Body Movin' - Spee Full
E-Dub played all of the guitar parts in this mix.

OK, that's it!!!  I'm done for tonight,  Gotta' get MY guitar practice in,  you guys who can play make me jealous.

(11-27-2007) 11:01pm
We've got two new contest entries from a talented DJ from the Czech Republic who goes by the name Hallucigen.  Good stuff indeed.

(11-26-2007) 11:03pm
Nate Wize dropped a contest entry today,  and I quote "Had to bust out the turntables and some Beastie vinyl for this one!" This guy's serious!!  Go check it out!

I also dropped something funny for you guys on the "Blog" page.

The Boondocks "Shinin"
(YouTube Video)

(11-25-2007) 11:06pm
Our first contest entry from an "outside" source,  Guccimonster send in a good one. Go take a listen!!

(11-25-2007) 8:39pm
Bassdriver with a new mix tonight,  this one brings two bands together who share a semi-common background,  PuNk...  Both bands are kinda funky, and both have influenced countless musicians.
Hold It Now Hit It - Guns of Brixton  (Beastie Boys -vs- The Clash)

(11-25-2007) 12:36am
Somebody was busy as hell yesterday, 7x5 dropped three new jams and that includes a contest entry that had to have taken some time,  believe me I feel for you guys working on contest mixes :-)
Triple Trouble - New Drug Remix  (Huey Lewis, I want a new drug, mashed)
Hey Fuck You - No Offense
  (None Taken  :-)
Time to Build - Toys are Creepy  (Contest Entry)

Have I told you guys THANKS! Lately?
If not,  I want to do it now,  THANKS!!!!!
And Everyone else, THANK YOUR DJ,  They Love E-mail....

(11-24-2007) 1:30pm
Alright...  I'm semi-awake,  and it's time for some remix love,
Hippomothamus today with two mixes that are part of a mixtape that he's got going on over HERE called "Rhyming In Rainbows",  it's Rappers -vs- Radiohead.
Ch-Check It Out - Ch-Check it out - House Of Cards
So Whatcha Want - So Whatcha Want - Jigsaw Falling Into Place

We also have a contender for "The Contest" this one's from Bassdriver,  and you don't wanna' mess with Bassdriver... :-)
Pass the Mic - Children Again Passdamic

(11-24-2007) 6:54am
I wasn't home last night, I just walked in the door fresh from 9 hours in a row playing HALO 3 online at a friends house,  I haven't bathed, or slept in too many hours....  I have your mixes, but they will be a little later today....  It's sleepy time for Silence7

(11-22-2007) A Little After Midnight...
Couple of stand up guys dropped by today and dropped off some good stuff.

7x5 dropped a tripple song mashup, Oh Word?, Body Movin' and Fascination Street, blended up, shaken, not stirred, and squeezed into almost 9 minutes worth of juicy goodness!!!  Go Get it.
Oh Body Movin Word - Fascination Street

E-Dub also dropped a new jam tonight/today,  I have no idea what song he sampled, but it's a smooth catchy tune, that instantly relaxed me from the fairly hectic day I had today playing with a bunch of 12 year olds.  (I played the part of the jungle gym!)
So What'cha Want - Stone Cold

Hope you guys all got home safe and had some fun with your family today like I did.   Oh and did you download the Block Rockin' Boots mixtape below???

(11-18-2007) 8:31pm
I believe someone might be trying to cheer me up,  AND IT'S WORKING!!  What we have are two badass mixes from 7x5,  One with amazing guitar and fiddle work, (I'm taking guitar lessons) and the other based on The Cure's "Close to me" (I'm a huge Cure fan)  This site was almost called CureMixes.com,  Ok not really,  but we do have Icemixes.com  ;-) Anyway, on to the mixes, and a big thanks 7x5!!!
3 The Hard Way - Close to Me Remix
We Got the - Newmonia

Hang on, I'm gonna' SLAP one on ya!!

I'm thinking about a venturing into a new direction of hosting pretty soon.  I'll keep you guys informed.

You guys like the Chemical Brothers?? Then Check This!!
Block Rockin' Boots
Tribute from Bastard Pop to the Chemical Brothers

(11-18-2007) 11:02pm
Seems MCScoobyT Heard my cry for help and decided to cheer me up with of all things,  a contest entry!!!  And on top of that, Using a song NONE of you guys have ever mashed before!!  Thanks Again Scooby!!!
Brand New - (makes me yell) Horay For Santy Claus

Now I'm off to cry myself to sleep..  :-)

(11-18-2007) 9ish PM
I'm a little disappointed at the turnout for the contest.   I know,  what did I expect with no prizes and a shitty sample to mix from....   I'm also thinking that the site, although only a little under 2 years old may be reaching it's golden years.   Submissions are down,  download counts, per week have dropped consistantly below the 1000 mark,  and there seems to be little to no interest anymore in remixing/mashing Beastie Boys music.  1200+ remixes later and this is what we've come to.   Hardly anybody upping new mixes, and even less people commenting on the ones that do get uploaded.   The Official Forums have all but dried up.   The site, with hosting is paid up until 2010,  because I thought that this ride would last longer,  evidently I was wrong.

The site is not closing,  your mixes aren't going to be deleted etc etc...   I just don't know what to do to turn this boat around.  I really had no energy or money for a contest this year,   but interest in mixing the Beasties seemed to be slowing,  so I thought "Contest"  But I haven't got the $$...   Ok,  a contest where the winner doesn't actually win anything,  but get's a "Good Job!" from all of us.   That didn't seem to be working,  so I offered up $150,  which I could use for other things,  to be donated to one of two worthy charities.   That doesn't seem to be working either.  I'm almost at the point that I just want to walk away from it and let it expire gracefully in 2010....

       Your Host,


I demand you all watch this!!!

"Three stories and an argument."

MCScoobyT Has taken on a very ambitious project.  Remixing unreleased tracks!  You can find the first of what I hope becomes a whole complete mixtape on his page under
"White House"
Beastie Boys v. Chuck D and The Bomb Squad
01. Im Down - v. Contract On The World Love Jam
02. The Scenario - v. Leave This Off Your Fuckin Charts
03. Desperado - v. Incident At 66.6 FM

(11-17-2007) 12:55am
Sorry about the late update,   Had guitar practice tonight....  :-)  (Hey Bass'  My fingers don't hurt anymore!!)

Long time member,  JonJon is back with a new one!  Now everybody send him some e-mail asking for more!!!
The Brouhaha - LectroShuck RMX
Welcome Back JonJon!!

(11-15-2007) 11:36pm
Finally something to offer you guys tonight,    Something Gooood!

First Off....   Nate Wize with a nice little Indian (from India) influenced mix, that made me sit up and take notice,  this thing is cool!
Thats It Thats All - 2 Apple Mix

Second up for today,  Globemallow Spike with a Contest Entry,  kind of a mini-MEGA mix affair,  lots of cool stuff in this one too..
Beastie Boys vs. the Martians - feat. MC Voldar & DJ Droppo

Ok,  so a while back, in all confidence, I admitted to Bassdriver that I have had a long term fascination with The Cure,  and a VERY large collection to prove it,  and now he comes out with his newest mix and makes my day,   Awesome work Bass'    THANKS!!!!
So What'cha Want - Cure

Another contest entry has hit my inbox,  this time it's PWN/JymE with
We Got The - Xmasmix
 Go Ch-Check it!!

The culprit has been found out... PWN Productions with his newest mix,   besides his other newest mix :-)
An Open Letter To NYC - ft Racoons I Love U More

(11-7-2007) 11:39pm
Sorry I'm late guys,  but the wait was worth it!   7x5 tonight with a smooth mix, that includes samples from on of the great movies of the 20th century!  No,  not Ben Hur, not Star Wars, not Rocky,  I'm talkin' about FRIDAY!!!  "Hi Mrs. Parker....."

3 The Hard Way - Funky Friday Remix

Also, check the new page to the left.  Button at the bottom, "The Projects" for Beastiemixes Crew projects downloads.  It's now after 1am, and I'm officially getting tired,  so have a nice nite kids..  Go Download Some Remixes!!!

ATL has reared it's funky head once again,  7x5 with a mellow little jam that's sure to satisfy.. Go Stevie Go!!!
An Open Letter to NYC - For Once in My Life

The old guys are comin' back,  tonight I've got a little treat for you from, Bassdriver !!!!
B For My Name - SisterS
With Sister Souljah "The Final Solution; Slavery's Back In Effect"
Freaky Hijiki - Shake Your Rump
With Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump!"

(11-1-2007) 10:06pm
Guess who's BAAAAAAAAAAAACK,  Yup,  CosmoKramer,  and he's got an instant classic with this one....
Just A Test - The Godfather Remix

Don't make me convert this shit over to IceMixes.com permanently!!

(11-1-2007) 1:38am

Are we coming to an end?

(10-28-2007) 11:05pm
7x5 with a cool rockin' jam tonight featuring a great Obie sample from Wanna Know.  Go Get It!!
Pass the Mic - I Want What's Mine

(10-28-2007) 12:09am
This next mix by 7x5 makes me angry on 2 fronts.  It starts off with guitar (Which I am ever so slowly learning) and then goes into some tasty Harmonica, which I've tried to teach myself in the past.   I'm putting a little more effort into the guitar, but I'm a slow learner and sound terrible.  Unlike this mix,   which is really good.

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Idlewild Remix

(10-27-2007) 1:30am
Late/Early mix tonight/early morning,  Nate Wize with a mix that has lots of little goodness going on just under the surface, headphones on for this one.

So What'Cha Want - Autumn Dub

Any of you guys out there into the fUnK???   Good news,  Globemallow Spike dropped off THREE new jams that are sure to get BVD's in a bunch and make you dance around.

Electrify - Funky Stuff Remix
Hey Ladies - Sesame Seed Remix
Shake Your Rump - Maceo on the Sly Remix

Great work Globemallow!!

You can't let the Beastie Boys rule your remix life, so go check out some other mixes too. Start here  www.beatmixed.com and when you're done, you can check our links page at the bottom under "Other Remixes and DJ/Remixer Resources" for more high quality "Other" mixes.  :-)

Track number 2 for the remix contest is now in.
E-Dub with We Got The - The Originator

Oh my days at the skating rink,   I used to love to skate fast!  The faster the better, but the referee guy with the little whistle almost threw me out on my ass on more than one occasion, and I was only like 12.  

7x5 brought back some memories with his newest remix, Ch-Check it Out - Just Rollerskate

Entries for the remix contest will be available to download during the contest,  If you'd like to wait til' the end to download, then please do so, if not, the first one is up.

(10-20-2007) 12:47am
Sorry E-Dub for the late upload, I just got home.   On to the Mix of the Day,  E-Dub with:
Right Right Now Now - Cabstand  Either I'm mistaken, or that's the tune from Taxi,  either way,  cool as hell.

First entry for the remix contest has been received.

I don't know if I've ever linked to these guys before,  and if you like mashups like I do, you probably already know about these guys, but Loo & Placido are bad ass,  they can blend songs so smoothly and their mashes just rock,  I can't really describe it acurately just go and download some tracks.  If you just want Beastie Boys, you can check out their track called Jet Boys on their Mash-Up The Tops album,  and you can find another Beastie Boys track on their Multiply site, (You'll have to log in for this track) called Barkays Boys.    Just go download everything from their site, you will love it.

Back for another round it's 7x5,  the non-stop mix machine.  I've listened to this one 4 or 5 times already,  and it's sooo nice.
Pass the Mic - Just Say No

I hope you guys aren't too upset about the no prizes thing this time around,  I really wish I could hook each and every one of you up with something cool,  but I accidentally saw my bank balance the other day (I usually don't like to look at it) and yeah,  no prizes this time.

Changed up the ending dates for the contest a bit,  please check it...

OK,  I would like to start of with a Sorry, no prizes this time,  and second Sorry for giving you guys such a fucked up track which to extract samples from, but you guys know we like to keep it funky around here. Sooo if you'd still like to enter, we're having a little........

Christmas 2007 Remix Contest!!!!!

7x5 tonight with a very fun mix,  I'm lovin' the little tune that runs through this,  just sweetness!!   Go check this one out....!!
That's It That's All - Navajo Remix

Evidently no one is curious about my little surprize,  so maybe I'll just hold off on it...

The man who's rockin' this party eight days a week, is back with another jam tonight.
7x5 with.......  
Spam - Cannonball Remix

I've got a little surprize for you guys in a couple days...

Oh we've got some good stuff for you tonight,  I'll be takin' these to work tomorrow.

E-Dub with....  Super Disco Breakin - Pay da Bill
7x5 with....  
The Brouhaha - Stomp

Couple of new mixes tonight,  7x5 worked hard on these but they aren't hard to listen to,  so Go Get Em'
Just a Test - Hal 9000 Remix
Oh Word  - Detroit Special Remix

I'm back up and running after having the main HD on the Beastiemixes box crash last night,  Thanks to MEGU, and DBRO,  you guys are the best!!!!

I've been enjoying these two mixes since last night,  but due to me dealing with getting the computer back and running again,  they had to wait til' today,  but believe me, it was worth the wait.

CosmoKramer showin' a little Beastiemixes love today with.
Hold It Now, Hit It - BeastieMixes
Love Remix

nYgel with a little Roots action goin' on in his mix,  
Root Down - The Root, UNCENSORED

Always remember kids, Back Up Your Data.  (No this is not me.)

If you have any influence with the Beastie Boys,  see if you can get them to release a few more
a cappellas.  Three or four,   nine or ten,  even one would be great.  There's got to be at least one person visiting this site who has Mike D's number.  Give him a call and see what he can do.

Tonight we have a special treat from my favorite German DJ,  Tibor Fredmann,  and it's HOT!!
ElectricFy - Spaceship-ReMix

Oh we've got a spicy one tonight courtesy of our man in Atlanta,  7x5...  I'll have to admit, I'd heard of Joss Stone, but had never heard her music,  spicy little tart isn't she.
So What'cha Want - So What Does Joss Stone Want?

Anybody up for doing a Shakira mix? Damn Hot,  and when I say Damn, I mean Daaaaayum Hot!

Alright kids, we've got a hot one for tonight, crazy beats (Come from crazy Canadians), and quality throughout.  Nate Wize is the guilty party..
Ch-Check It Out - Shake It Off Remix

Have I told you guys lately that you're the best, or is that beast?  anyway, here's to 20,000 more downloads, It's ALL you guys. Thanks Again!!!

The kids, they just can't get enough of the Brass Monkey
Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here, oh, and Here, and another Here

For a while there I was beginning to thing that the Beastie Boys remix scene had all but dried up...  Ok it's only been four days,  but that's like a drought around here.  Anyone else notice that the boards have dried up also..  Hmmm  Anyway we're back...

Paul Kouba has got a new one for us tonight to help out in these times of need. slow and low that is the tempo...  :-)
Brr Stick Em - Papas Potato Salad Mix

Chromium05 also snuck out a new one a yesterday..  70's porn movie / Old Cop show feel...
All Lifestyles - 99

OK,  I've been re-assured by 7x5 that Beastiemixes is not dying,  so I can hold my head up high and announce.......
7x5 has got a new mix for us,  a little Pharcyde -vs- Beastie Boys action.
The Move - I'm that type of Nigga

Pretty soon anybody will be able to do what you guys do....  ;-)

Playpen studios announces "Skillz" videogame. Where you are the DJ..  What the hell will they think of next,  Dentist Simulator 2000??  Check their "Media" page for some nice DJ related computer icons for Win/Mac.

Click the image for a larger version.

E-Dub back with another fun mix, nice U2 samples, and a voice sample that I just can't place, but sounds familiar..
Crawlspace - Do it

Also tonight,  Guess what!!!! You'll never guess so I'll just have to tell you.. NEW DJ TODAY!!!  
Please welcome Paul Kouba, the newest member of the Beastiemixes family, with three mixes for your listening enjoyment.  Put on your smoking jacket, grab your pipe and headphones, and get busy downloading!!

Oh and yes, Halo 3 is everything that you've been waiting for,  and more.....  Cya' online..  You can add me to your friends list if you want,  can you guess my XBOX Live ID?    SILENCE7,  Duh.!!


nYgel with a brand new remix tonight,  nice hard hittin' sound I'm lovin' this one...
Right Right Now Now - Rock Teh Beats Remix

Our man from ATL 7x5 stopped by today and dropped four new mixes,  Ready,  Set,  DOWNLOAD!!!!
3 the Hard Way - 3 The Lord of War Way
Car Thief - Mickeys Monkey is a Car Thief
Electrify - Sunshine Remix
Unite - I Get Around Remix

Oh yeah and look up there,  1200 hosted remixes just waiting to be downloaded....  F-Yeah!!!


That's 20,000 downloads since June 24th 2007,  This one's for you guys!!

 Just think of it like this,  every one of those little suckers is one of your
mixes being downloaded.





DJ Sara - 8 years old
DJ Ryusei - 5 years old

This is your competition, how do you measure up?  :-p

Nate Wize with a really fun one tonight. I really liked the whole thing...
Super Disco Breakin - Super Billie Busta' Breakin'


Oh a couple nice ones tonight....
DJ Kai Tombo with a mellow funky one with crazy beats..  We Got The - Fun Key Mix

Bassdriver with two pot related mixes I know a few of you are gonna' be into. :-p  And I would like to thank Bassdriver for being the first to bust out a Jello Biafra clip in a remix (That I've heard) Too bad he's (Biafra) not running for President next year....
The Gala Event - Alkaholics  Beasties -vs- Alkaholiks' "mary jane"
Suco de Tangerina - Biafra   
Beasties -vs- Jello Biafra (Grow More Pot)

(9-15-2007) Later that night
OK, we've got some good stuff for ya' tonight..

7x5 with.....
Pass the Mic - Know My Name, Nice and smooth, even your Mother will like this mix.
Triple Trouble - Triple Milkshakes, This one will make you stand up and move ya' body.

Chromium05 / Digital Darrell with...
Unite - Remix
An Open Letter to NYC - Remix
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Remix2
Ch-Check it Out - 210405
Pass The Mic - 2-This-1
Triple Trouble - b-rl-mx
Download these now if you don't already have them!  Great stuff. But what did you expect from Chro!

(9-15-2007) Early as F--- AM
I almost forgot about this, and I'm sorry Tombo.    I recently received an e-mail from Kai Tombo with the idea for a PodCast, weekly, monthly, or something of the sort.  I think it's a good idea,  but neither I nor Kai Tombo have the time to hook it up,  he has the skill but not the time, I have neither.   So if anyone would like to take this on as a project here's what I'm thinking it should include.  But does not have to.

  • Short like 30 sec. clips from the best mixes from the last week/month
  • Maybe a phone interview with a random DJ from the site.
  • Remixer tips, listener questions. (Sent via e-mail) to you..
  • 30-45 minute show if it's weekly, 1-2 hours if it's monthly, can be longer if needed.
  • If more than 1 person volunteers, maybe we rotate people.

The person in charge of this would have to be able to do some research if need be to answer listener questions he/she is not familiar with.  Would have to be able to put the show together, as in turn the whole mess into a reasonable size mp3 for people to download.  Would also have to contact hosted DJ's either via the phone, or online phone such as Skype or Google Talk and be able to record the conversation to be included in the PodCast.  As well as numerous other responsibilities.   You will be paid the same salary I get paid to run the site.  ZERO. Isn't volunteer work fun!

If I get a volunteer for this enormous task, I will put up a PodCast page to house all of the foolishness.

(9-14-2007) AM

Some links to start your day out right. :-)

ONLINE Roland TR-909 Drum Machine
the Island of Misfit Songs
Bootlegism Acapellas

(9-13-2007) PM
Tonight we've got some old, and some Nu for ya.......
7x5 with....... 3 The Hard Way - ABC, 123 The Hard Way

PWN Productions with.....
Super Disco Breakin' - Remix
Unite - Nu Metal Ectro Mix

Damn,  we're about to bust 19 G's   18,997 downloads since June 24th,  Yayahhh....

(9-13-2007) AM
Added a few tracks to the Rare Tracks Page.
2004 VH1 Hip Hop Honors  Run DMC Tribute With Dougie Fresh
Beastie Boys - Lotta Cocaine - Live1994
Beastie Boys and Elvis Costello - Radio Radio_SNL
DJ Hurricane ft.Beastie Boys - Stick Em Up
Beastie Boys - White Shadow - Scott and Gary Show 1984

I don't know how your Beastiemixes Rap is going to turn out, but it makes me giggle every time I think about it. :-)

Go check out DJ Wiseman's band on some site the kids are using now a days,  My something,  Oh yeah, MySpace..  Check Em' Very cool sounds...

(9-12-2007) PM
Oh we've got some goodness tonight from Hippomothamus, slow and smoooth it's.....
3 The Hard Way - What Do I Gotta Do?

Also, for all you funky fresh rhymers participating in the Beastiemixes Rap, Right click and save this bad boy! BeastiemixesRapbeat100bpm.wav

(9-12-2007) AM
Back with a triple pack of goodies tonight,  7x5 has got some jams you need to hear!!
Shazam - Funky Stuff Remix
Negotiation Limerick File - Nubian Dance Remix
Electrify - Acoustic Thugz Remix

(9-11-2007) 12:46am
Guess what guys, NEW DJ TODAY!!!   Please welcome our newest member, Splanka,
Four remixes full of goodness, very good stuff....


(9-10-2007) 11:33pm
OK,  all regular mixes listened to, uploaded, and added to the site..  And I haven't even started on the 'New' DJ yet....  Arrrrrrgh....
Globemallow Spike with......  
Body Movin - Quick Brick Remix (Fulfilling my Brick House request)
Nate Wize with....  Sure Shot - 3 Shots  Spicy!!

MCScoobyT With a few tonight, starting out his new "The Mix-Up Guest Vocal Edition" Mixtape
Fibonacci Sequence - (Japanese bonus track) vs. Aesop Rock
The Mix-Up - (Japanese bonus track) vs. M.I.A., Hellogoodbye and Missy Elliott
14th St. Break - ft. Ad Rock and Sonny (Bonus Track-1)
The Rat Cage - Break_ft. MCA and Kurtis Blow (Bonus Track-2)

New DJ Coming TONIGHT,  I SWEAR!!!  Damn I'm Tired......

(9-8-2007) 11:53pm
7x5 with a smooooth one tonight,  go check it.  Pass the Mic - I Want a Witness This is the mix you play for the ladies...

(9-8-2007) 12:09am
Globemallow Spike with the only jam for today,  Yes I know it's late as hell,  but it's worth the wait.
Hey Fuck You - MCs always got something to say

Updated "Blog" page...  for what it's worth.....

(9-6-2007) 10:39pm
I opened the file tonight and within a few minutes I had a big grin on my face,  two top shelf mixes had me jumpin' around my place like my pants were on fire.  Good stuff guys.
7x5 with.....  Body Movin' - Bertha Butt Body Movin' Boogie
PWN Productions with.....  In A World Gone Mad - Deep Bass Chilldown Mix

(9-5-2007) Later
Backward Masking?  is that what I heard?  7x5 with a hot one tonight,  Hey Fuck You - Raw

Added a Paul Revere Instrumental to the Acappella page, (Bottom of the page)  Want some more instrumentals, check HERE and somebody do something with:
Benzino - Bootee (instrumental)

(9-5-2007) Early as F---
Fatty Ratty showin' some Digital Underground Love,  it's about time somebody hit this song up.
Shake Your Rump - Shake Your Rumpty Rump

(9-4-2007) PM
CosmoKramer with a little Eurythmics action tonight...  All Lifestyles_Sweet Dreams 2007 Remix
, Check your mailbox.....

Always remember to thank your DJ.

(9-4-2007) AM
Given Tricky Dick's recent fascination with synths,  I give you...

ReacTable Tactile Synth
Miniature Papercraft Synths
Worm Powered Synth
 Synth Belt Buckle
HOW TO make a Sound Lab Mini-Synth
Build your own Minimoog

(9-3-2007) 3:31pm
Tricky Dick and CosmoKramer both busy today making sure we don't run out of mixes....
Tricky Dick with....  Ch-Check it Out - Techno Synth Mix 2
CosmoKramer with....  Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Beavis and Butthead Rock Sample Remix

I also have a personal remix request... The Commodores - Brick House

(9-3-2007) 1:06am
My you kids have been busy.....

7x5 with a brand spankin' new one.....  We Got The - State of Shock  Mmm Spicy!
CosmoKramer with a part 2 to one of his older mixes... Triple Trouble - The Muppet Show Pt. 2 Remix

And....... NEW DJ TODAY!!!  Please welcome Naked Pipes,  3 quality mixes, go show him some love...

(9-2-2007) 12:30am
nYgel taking us around the world via his newest remix today,  Ok, he uploaded waaay earlier today, but I was out....  Sorry for the late upload nYgel..  Mix is very cool,  I like the way it builds up in the begining.
 Triple Trouble - Around The World Remix


Evidently this is the newest rage...?
Harmonica Beatbox (YouTube) Vid-1  Vid-2  Vid-3  Vid-4
Epiphone Les Paul in Microsoft Paint

(8-31-2007) 11pm
Kai Tombo,  with another brand new mix,  Triple Trouble - 89 Mix, kind of an old school feeling mix,  minimalistic, and smooth..  Go check it...!!

(8-31-2007) 1am.
Just goes to show you, they all come back sooner or later, yesterday it was Kai Tombo, today,  the return of Tricky Dick !!!! With a track that is aptly named..
All Lifestyles - Technosynthsmix


Guess who's back!!  Kai Tombo,  with a brand new mix,  I for one have missed your mixes Tombo,  and I'm glad that you haven't given up on us.
We Got The - Disarm and Decline

7x5 back with some Beasties' -vs- Rage Against the Machine action,  nice and heavy,  chunky,  yet creamy.
Crawlspace - Rage Remix

Beastie Boys on Charlie Rose
Part-1  Part-2  Part-3
Check Mike's Fro'  YES!!!

Go play some GAMES!!!

7x5 with a sweet new remix tonight,  very chill mix with MLK samples sprinkled in there, some scratching,   good stuff.
Right Right Now Now - Martin Luther King Remix

We've also got a question tonight, watch THIS VIDEO and let me know what the hell this little machine he's using is, just a sampler?  Do you know the brand? Model No? and does it have to be hooked up to a computer to use,  if it doesn't can you hook it up to a computer to dump the files?

"Hip-hop's Down Beat"
Pacemaker pocket DJ system

Anybody have an old electric guitar they aren't using?  I'm maybe looking into learning how to play,  Either that, or if you want you can just buy me this for my Birthday.  The black one please.  :-)

Two new jams tonight,  go get these ones now!  Made my night!
R2DJ with...  The Brouhaha - Staten Island Ice T
CosmoKramer with...  All Lifestyles - ft. Michael Jackson (Thriller Remix)

(8-26-2007)  Even Later
MCScoobyT has got a new mixtape for you guys to ch-check out!!
Change Done Come - Beastie Boys -vs- Money Mark

(8-26-2007)  Later
Guess what guys? NEW DJ TODAY!!!  Please welcome Globemallow Spike to the Beastiemixes family by downloading his mixes, and dropping him a note to let him know how he's doing!

ATL is back at it again..  7x5 with a new one and an updated one.....
Hey Fuck You - Hey, Come Dancing (Fuck You)
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Storm Remix

(8-25-2007) Evening
Two more mixes before I turn in for the night.
Nate Wize with... Pass The Mic - To The Left Hand Side
7x5 with...  The Move - Animal Behaviour

(8-25-2007) Morning
Our man from ATL is back with another chilly chill mix today,  smooth like butta' 7x5 with.....
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Storm Remix

7x5 with a new mix tonight,  Tom Tom Club sampled throughout, and is that Cypress Hill's Hits from the Bong sampled also? Good stuff,  Had the headphones on and my ladys' all, what are you YES!!!ing about..
Shake Your Rump - Genius Remix

PWN Productions back today with a two pack!
Just a Test - Bollywood Remix  YES!! Music from other countries should be mixed more often..
Sure Shot - Electro Remix  Crazy Beats!

I told you guys I went to the country!
Click to Enlarge


    Due to the amount of time involved with setting up a new DJ, and my lack of said time, running the site, working a regular job, and trying to have a regular life, I'm starting a three mix rule,  please don't ask about hosting unless you have at least 3 remixes ready for me to put up at the time you are requesting hosting.  If you have less than three, please wait to ask hosting.   Believe me,  I really want to host every mix,  but time is not on my side,  there's just not enough of it in the day.

Yes, the ads are back,  we'll see how long I can stand them this time,  I tried to keep them out of the way, and if anyone objects to them, I'll see what I can do..


Three new jams today from R2DJ,  not a bad one in the lot,  these are HOT!!
Crawlspace - Meet Your Nemesis
Just a Test - Biscuits and Butter (Hello Mix-Up)
Negotiation Limerick File - Waffle House Special

Two new mellow chilly chill mixes tonight....
7x5  with.... Time to get Ill  - LIVE feat. The Meters
CosmoKramer  with.... An Open Letter To NYC - Seven Light Years RJD2 Remix

Sorry about the quick Drop the mixes and run,  but I'm off to play Bioshock,  Oh and I went out to the country today :-) saw ducks, goats, horses, lamas, pigs, turtles, emu, ostriches, reindeer, and a porcupine.  We had a blast!!

CosmoKramer with another live mix off of AIFST,  This time it's 
Time To Get Ill - B For My Name Live Remix
    (Check the original YouTube version)

Added 2 shows to the LIVE page
Heineken Open'er Festival - Gdynia,Poland - June 30th 2007
EXIT Festival - Novi Sad,Serbia - July 13 2007

Damn the mixes just keep getting better around here.  Practice makes perfect, as they say.

nYgel is gonna spin you right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round round round,    LOVE IT!!
Ch-Check it Out - You Check It Out Now

CosmoKramer attempting the impossible, and succeeding at it. AIFST pella for brass monkey -vs- Suco de Tangerina!
Brass Monkey - Suco de Tangerina Remix

Nate Wize Damn I hope this guy sticks around and fills up his page with mixes,  I'm lovin' every one of them... Joan Rivers, what a bitch! "Licenced to Kill",  Haha...
Intergalactic - Intergalactic Boombastic

It's late,  I'm tired, and I've got some new mixes for ya'.....  100% Quality Guaranteed!!!

PWN Productions (MC JymE) with a nice jumpy, get ya' movin' mix....
Hey Ladies - ft. Meatball

7x5 with a small load of mixes tonight....  Good stuff, I recommend you download it NOW...
Hold it Now Hit It - Heartbeat Remix
Stop That Train - Groove Holmes Remix
Freaky Hijiki - Release Yo Self

You guys want something to wake up the neighbors at 2am with,  buy this!!
Techmaster P.E.B. & DJ Magic Mike - Back in Bass

As I sit here listening to a nice little collection of 4 new mixes, all I can think is WOW,  you guys are tearin' it up,  I would suggest that you guys just go download them all tonight and every night,  the stuff that's coming in lately has just been crazy good...  Just go get em' and find out. You do know that you can check the "Numbers" page to for links to all the newest uploads.

7x5 with...  Grasshopper Unit - The Grasshopper Show
(You can't go wrong with scratching and beatboxing! 7x5 never disapoints!)
PWN Productions with...  Crawlspace - ft Kissing the Pink Butterfly Remix
(Morgan Freeman intro,  and smoothness throughout, samples were great!)
CosmoKramer with...  15 - Fibonacci Sequence - Vs. Stop That Train
(#15 in his The Re-Mix-Up mixtape)
CosmoKramer with...  So Whatcha Want - Ode To BeastieMixes.com
(Left me blushing, and giggly like a little school girl, a new theme song for the site has been born)

Go HERE Download this (Beastie Boys @ EXIT Festival, Novi Sad,Serbia - July 13 2007)
and watch it! 240mb WMV just so ya know. Shit is HOT!
You can get the audio there also, or I'll try to have it up in a day or so.

Just got home and poped in 4 frozen White Castle burgers in the microwave (White Castle closed down around here about 15 years ago) and found  that someone had uploaded a new mix,  It's creating a mixed up brouhaha around here,  as I want to eat my burgers,  but I've got a job to do. So it looks like it's cold burgers, and Hot mixes tonight.  The things I do for you guys.  :-p

CosmoKramer with......  Track #14 of his "The Re-Mix-Up" Mixtape,
14 - The Mix Up - Vs. Brouhaha

(8-12-2007) Later
E-dub today with....   Triple Trouble - Slick Remix I love that little Eagles sample....  Nice...
7x5 with That's It That's All - Mo Money Remix, is it just me or does this guy have more groove than anybody else?

A few jammin' mixes so far today....  and Bassdriver is Baaaack!!
CosmoKramer with a COPS mix,  oh so nice!  
Electrify - Bad Boys Remix

Bassdriver with a couple of mixes that almost made me cry,  ok not really, but they're smooth...
14th St. Break -vs- We Got The
Electric Worm -vs- Lords of the Underground (Tic-Toc)

(8-11-2007) Later
Fatty Ratty has released to the general public (that's you and I) a few of his very early mixes from all the way back in 2005 :-)  You've come a long way in the last 2 years Fatty.
Triple Trouble - 1st Remix Ever
Super Disco Breakin - 2nd Remix Ever
Hey Fuck You - 3rd Remix Ever

Nate Wize has also proved that he's a man of his word, and uploaded a new mix today,  after seeing the Beasties in Boston.  Good  stuff Nate,  now for the 3rd. mix. :-p
3 The Hard Way - Tubby The Easy Way

(8-11-2007) Later
Tony Montana is in the house..... 7x5 with a mean Scarface mix. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Scarface Remix

Strong is CosmoKramer with the force. Body Movin - Star Wars Cantina Remix

(8-11-2007) Early AM
Hippomothamus with a mix from a popular YouTube video, An Open Letter to NYC - Chocolate NY,  fun stuff!!

Tonight we're gonna' turn this motha' sucka' out!!,  it's 7x5 with Intergalactic - 8th Intergalactic Wonder,  sampling some SHG Niiiiiice!!!

Fatty Ratty snuck in a mix right before I signed off for the night/morning  Alive - Got Love go check it,  You'll recognise the music, but it never had lyrics this cool in it's original form.

Things i like, things i hate

The king of funk is back again tonight,  7x5 with...  Triple Trouble - Triple Stooges light on the Stooges, and heavy on the smooooth....  Nice job 7x5,  this one's a keeper.

Want something to sample?

Fatty Ratty's gone off his rocker this time...  Take a listen and find out.
Triple Trouble - Fattic Rattic Synthomatic

Wanna' buy a vintage boombox?  Hope you can read Japanese.  How about a belt buckle to go along with your new boombox? Maybe a poster of me listening to remixes?  This guy has a ton of  hip-hop/DJ/Graf related posters for sale.

nYgel back today with some more new sounds,. He seems to be going in a new direction,  refreshing and different = Cool
Intergalactic - nYgel's Stronger Mix

Picture this Beastie Boys and Michael Jackson in a dark alley, knife fight,  A la Rebel without a cause this is the resulting mix..
7x5 with...  Ch-Check it Out - Bad Remix, it's Baaaad!!

Got a few new mixes for tonight,
DJ Zap with a song I have heard, but have never heard remixed,  nice work Zap...
Beastie Groove - Rock to the Rhythm of That Crazy Groove

R2DJ With 2 mixes,  Damn,  now I'm hungry for some corn bread,  with honey and butter..
Body Movin - Krush Groovin'
The Move - Movin' on the Cornbread

nYgel with some new sounds for us tonight.
All Lifestyles - Nature's Outcasts mash

Two mixes today,  Both good in different ways.  A sample heavy version of Spam, and a synth heavy version of Rhyme the Rhyme Well...  Both rockin'...
7x5 with...  Spam - Electrified Spam (Reach for It)
Fatty Ratty with...  Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Fattic Rattic Synthomatic


Taking the night off

Ask A Ninja: Question 10 "Ninja Metal"
Ask A Ninja: Question 22 "Ninja Excuses"

The Young Ones Episode 3
[Part-1]  [Part-2]  [Part-3]  [Part-4]

Two very cool mixes for tonight, both with completely different flavors. One funky as an old 70's exploitation film, and the other bringing  sounds from around the globe.

CosmoKramer with:  Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Fizza Funky Fresh Remix
Jredd with:  Unite - World Unity Mix

(just kidding, but read below)

Go and check out my friends site,  He writes games you can play online, Tetris, Asteroids,  Solitare, etc etc,  He's the guy I requested the Tetris song remix for (see below)  anyway,  the games are fun and they're free.   Go play Tetris, and Leave your name in the high score list,  see if you can beat my high score!


(7-31-2007)  Later that Evening
Who'da' Thunk it?  NEW DJ TODAY ! !    Say hello to Nate Wize,  the newest member of the Beastiemixes Family,  he's got one mix with promises of more to come, and we're going to hold him to it if it takes a massive MySpace attack on his page :-)    Ok Ok, maybe not,  I saw the picture of him with Hulk Hogan on his page, and I don't need that kind of trouble,  ya know he's the guy who kicked Andre the Giant's butt...  And I'm no Andre the Giant.

(7-31-2007)  Evening
Anyone want to remix the Tetris theme?  What we need is a minute or two mix, no vocals, but beats and scratching are encouraged, and the mix has to be able to loop smoothly as this is for a friend who is writing his own version of Tetris. This will be the background music.  I'll be putting up a link to his page soon so you can play the other games he's re-written.   You can grab the MIDI file here.

(7-31-2007) Duh
First mix of the day,  Fatty Ratty with a mean one,  this sucker threatens to tear out your ear drums, and then does it!!!
Hey Ladies - What's Mother Lovin' Golden

How can you call yourself a DJ if you don't have one of  THESE?
And a couple cool videos,   Roxorloops Video1 (Part1) (Part2)
And On stage with Rahzel
Roxorloops teaches Rahzel how to echo, funny..
Roxorloops and copycat jamming @Polemo IV

Couple of new mixes tonight,  Three from old timers, and one from a new timer??

CosmoKramer with  Intergalactic - ft. Michael Jackson and Notorious BIG
E-Dub with  Brr Stick Em - Cougar Mix

I also stole a couple of Chromium05's mixes out from under him,  ssshhh!!!
Brr Stick Em -vs- Paul Barman
Triple Trouble - My Adidas Mix

(7-29-2007) Later P.M.
Ya know what I think?  I think it's time for a  NEW DJ TODAY ! !  Please welcome the newest member of the Beastiemixes family,  DJ OPTRONIX,  with one lonely mix on his page.   (it's a good one and I'm looking forward to hearing more) Anyway,  go check his mix, and drop him a note...

Is it just me, or are DJ OPTRONIX  and The Transporter the same guy?  I never dreamed I'd be hosting The Transporter?? He'd be cool to have around for when you want your remixes delivered with no questions asked, and you don't want to give your name out.

(7-29-2007) P.M.
7x5 back with another one,  I really like this one,  and you should check it....
Brr Stick Em - Diverse Dynamite Remix

(7-29-2007) 1:44 A.M.
I tried to tell you guys I was a bastard who made people wait for their mixes to be uploaded.  I'd like to say it won't happen again,  but I'd be lyin' ...
The newest victims of my busy day away from the site.

7x5 with.... An Open Letter to NYC - What's Goin' On
The Standard with....  So Whatcha Want - The Standard Remix

Sorry guys,  I was out of the Beastie Cave™ today with my lady...  :-)

(7-28-2007) A.M.
Guess what....... NEW DJ TODAY ! !  Introducing Doctor Schnauberg.  You've seen him in the forums, and you've heard him on the radio,  ok maybe not the radio, but give him some time.   Go check his mixes,  I'm sure you'll like em'.

(7-26-2007) P.M.
7x5 going all the way back to the Beastie's last instrumental album for this one,  and it sounds amazing......  GO NOW, ch-check it out....
Son of Neckbone - Flowin' Prose Remix   Damn, that's nice..

Remember to always thank your DJ!

(7-26-2007) A.M.
Joakizmo has released a couple mixes, but he hasn't uploaded them to the site.. But I got them, so ssshhhh.... Check his page for:
Ch-Check it Out - Joakizmo Remix2
Shazam - Joakizmo Remix

I'm temted to post this one up meth-vs-check_it_out.mp3, but I won't.....  :-)

The Biologist with a mix that will turns back the hands of time, to a time where funk ruled the airwaves....
Body Movin - ( The Scorpio Funk) Morris Day and the Time Remix

Bassdriver,  Just when you think he's retired and left us, he comes back with a surprise...
Off the Grid - Nonchalant Mix
The Cousin of Death - Jungle Brothers Mix

Bass has put his own twist on these new tracks,  mmmMM  Good stuff!

You guys wanna' see something fun?  Ok,  Fun for me,  this is the site as it progressed from when it was born on Feb 2nd 2006
Hit Me to go back in time.

(7-22-2007) Later in the day..
Cosmo Kramer with a new remix for today,  Hey Ladies - James Brown Mix  
R.I.P.   James Brown

(7-22-2007) Waaay Early AM
Fatty Ratty with a new mix, that is I guess for a friend of DB Guy,  I would have never believed this one, had I not heard it with my own two ears.
Stop That Train - Friend of DB Guy Request  (Katamari Damacy -vs- Beasties)  Insane...

If you've not played Katamari Damacy I suggest you check these videos....

The Japanese Commercial

(7-21-2007) Late PM
New mix from 7x5 tonight..  Ch-Check it out - Groove Modulation Remix

And I'm off for the rest of the nite....  Whoo Hoo...

(7-21-2007) Early AM
Two mixes for you guys today,
The Biologist with...  Electrify - Electrilive-Mary Jane Girls Remix
Tibor Fredmann with... In a World Gone Mad - Beasties Vs Beasties Mix
It's nice to see that Tibor is still in the game....

Go check out The Mighty Ajax's new website,  Nice work Ajax,  www.beastiebeats.com

Giant load of mixes tonight,  and I was hoping for the night off...  I don't have time to comment on each one tonight. I know I know, you love my witty commentary,  but It's Midnight and I've been working on the site since I got home..  I would however like to say thanks to Fatty Ratty and MCScoobyT for tackling the Transformers request,  It was much appreciated.  And no, it wasn't for me,  I was a much bigger fan of  Bugs Bunny. :-)

Did you guys see the new player  (look up)  Cosmo Kramer suggested something similar,  but this will have to do for now.  The player picks a random mix every 15 minutes out of the current 1053 remixes, and you can play it,  and if you like it, click on the DJ's name and you can download it from his/her page.  It will only pick a new mix on a browser refresh or a new page load, so if you've been on the site for 15 minutes or more you'll have to refresh to see a change.

Fatty Ratty with... Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Transformers  Request
Chromium05 with... Intergalactic - 170707
7x5 with... 3 The Hard Way - Da Shit remix
Jredd with... Body Movin - break beats mix

MCScoobyT with....
3 The Hard Way - Intergalactic, Triple Trouble and BS 2000s vs. Transformers Theme and Theme of Transformers Z (Collaboration)
B for my Name - vs. Zach De La Rocha - Land and Liberty
Dramastically Different - vs. Jurrassic 5 - Unified Rebellion
The Melee - vs. Gil Scott-Heron - The King Alfred Plan, Mos Def - Mathematics, Talib Kweli - Move Something and Good Mourning

MCScoobyT in early this morning with a burner,
The Rat Cage
- vs. M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun and Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hott and Signs feat. Charlie Murphy

MCScoobyT also stepped up to the challenge and remixed the requested song.
Negotiation Limerick File and Hey Fuck You  vs.  Violent Femmes - Add it Up

The Biologist with another MMM vs Beasties mix,  I hope he continues with this..
Intergalactic - Vs. Hydrolik Carpet Ride (MMM)

Anybody ever mix Kid Koala with the Beasties??

Anybody want to take a crack at this.

" A remix using samples from the original Transformers movie (most specifically, but not limited to, the opening theme).  But, no lyrics from the TF movie, only BB lyrics. "

I need a vacation........  In other news.....  NEW DJ TODAY ! !  Please welcome Evil D to the Beastiemixes family of freaks, and geeks..  He stepped up and remixed the request from above,  Violent Femmes -vs- Beastie Boys,  and didn't to too bad a job.  Go check it out.

R2DJ  with a fresh new mix today,  Hold It Now, Hit It - White Castle Drive-Thru 
It has less calories because it's fish.........  :-)

MCScoobyT  with a whole load of mixes today,  this guy is tearin' up The Mix Up
14th St. Break - vs. Luciano - 4 The Soundbwoy Fighting War and Bad Brains - Build a Nation
The Gala Event - vs. Blackalicious - Sky is Falling and Weezer - Say It Aint So + MCScoobyT - Lesleyastrology (edit)
Electric Worm - + the Off the Grid intro vs. Fatboy Slim feat. Macy Gray - Demons,  Morgan Heritage - 23rd Psalm + a little Bob Marley and The X-Ecutioners

I also want to recommend you download some mixes from Tibor Fredmann, he doesn't post on the boards, he doesn't promote his mixes that I know of, and I bet you haven't heard his mixes if you're new around here,  but I really dig this guy's mixes and think you will too.

Whew,   Big day today......

Jredd in again today,  I see a bright future here for him if he keeps up with the quality he's shown so far.  Take a note, there can NEVER be too much harmonica in a remix  Right Right Now Now - Things I Used To Do  Wanna see what I'm talkin' about
Sonny Boy Williamson
,  James Cotton

Also tonight...  TWO NEW DJs' TODAY ! !  

Please welcome MCScoobyT  and  White Owl to the Beastiemixes family!!!  Go download some mixes,  listen to them REAL loud, and drop them both a note letting them know how they're doing...

Chromium05 also released another mix today.. Brr Stick 'Em - 16-07-07 cool sounds,  nice loud bouncy beat, and jingle....  Go Get it..!!

(7-15-2007) 10pm
Go buy some of Funky49's stuff so he can go help MC Chris.....  HERE.

Jredd dropped this mix today, and I saw it, but couldn't do anything about it as I was on my way out the door, But here it is now in all it's glory. The Brouhaha - Voices inside my head. I'll be damnd if I can figure out the sample,  but it sounds 80's to me... Hmmm

(7-15-2007) 1am
Three new mixes this morning....  Does it ever stop around here?   HELL NO....  :-)

PWN Productions with a couple of smooth mixes..
The Brouhaha - Remix  Mellow as hell, kick back mix...
Brr Stick 'Em - Up Your Nose ReMix  Beats, Samples, Horns, Organ music,  sweetness.....

7x5 with a new one today also..
The Cousin of Death - The Cousins of Death (Dangerous MCs)  You guys are finding all kinds of ways to use the instrumentals from the new album,  by the time the Beasties partner with other people to put vocals over these tracks it will be too late,  you guys are already doin' it BIG!!

The Biologist has dropped a new mix today Crawlspace - Sweetalker Remix.  Bringin' back an 80's flashback inside my head.  When I read the mix name the first time I saw "Streetwalker Remix" Weird...  anyway,  go check it.

Chromium05 also droppin' a  mix today off the new album. Dramastically Different -vs- Q-Tip-Breathe And Stop,  nobody does it like Chro'.

(7-13-2007)  Laaaaaaaaaate,  or (7-14-2007) Early as hell AM
Sorry Cosmo for the late upload...
New remix tonight from CosmoKramer and it's a sweet one,  everyone's in this one..
B For My Name - ft. Fresh Prince(Will Smith), Biz Markie and Slick Rick
Droppin' Doo Doo Rhymes.  :-)

Also 7x5 has updated his Intergalactic - The Intergalactic Jam  mix.  Go get it...

(7-13-2007) Early AM
Where do I even begin.....  I know NEW DJ TODAY ! !  Please welcome Jredd to our ever growing family of great remixers and mashup artists,  he's got two mixes on his page, and I'm sure he would appreciate some feedback in his in-box.
Intergalactic - Star Trek
All Lifestyles - Brass Monkey Disco

7x5 Also dropped a new mix today,  good stuff.  Intergalactic - The Intergalactic Jam

And our old friend nYgel also dropped by and left THREE new mixes,  Whoa!
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Mecca of nYgel Remix
Hey Ladies - Crazy Happy Remix
So Whatcha Want - Mecca of nYgel Remix

DJ Spooky Raps About Remixing
The Remix Masters

Updated all old links on the Old News 2007 page.
Added a section to the bottom of the Rare Tracks page "Other Bands Covering Beastie Boys Songs"
Cleaned up front page and moved some older stuff to the old news page.
Fixed bad link on the Live Shows page

It's nice to see some of you guys who have taken some time off, getting back in the game even better than ever!  Thanks.

I'm also dying to know over here,  Has anyone even noticed the added page that I told you guys was coming and just added last week????

Fatty Ratty's triumphant return tonight.   A remix done for a friend.  Isn't that the best kind!   This one'll have you mmmMBop'n your head.
Negotiation Limerick File - Don't Pitch to Buckman,  fun and bouncy!

(7-09-2007) Early PM
The Biologist is back after only being gone for a few hours, and he's got more new mixes.
(This guy's gonna be another Cosmo) :-)
3 The Hard Way - Vs. Mix Master Mike Live
Ch-Check it Out - Vs. Transmission

(7-09-2007) Early AM
  Please welcome The Biologist   Go evil minions,  download his mixes,  and flood his e-mail inbox with praise!

I know the front page is getting a little long,  I swear I will do something about it soon.  :-)

(7-08-2007) Evening
CosmoKramer with the first mix I've heard using Biscuits and Butter,  it's actually the first time I've heard Biscuits and Butter to tell you the truth.
Biscuits and Butter Vs. The Grasshopper Unit

(7-08-2007) Afternoon
,    HE'S BAAAAAAACK!!!!  Bass dropped off a new mix today,  Just go download it, I know you want to so just do it.
All Lifestyles - voixbulg welcome back Bass!

7x5 with another one for today, (He's a busy man) All Lifestyles - Head for All Lifestyles this one's stong enough for a king, but made for a prince.

(7-08-2007) Morning
7x5 with a new mix today that is both funky and educational.  Body Movin' - Gimme Body (Drugs are Bad)  Mkay!!

E-Dub dropped off a new mix today for Hey Ladies,  kind of a minimal,  almost rock inspired,  cool beats... Stop reading this, and just go download the thing.

7x5 with another funky one Time to Build_It Takes Time to Staple it Together,  Go take a listen,  it's niiice...!

Added 2 shows to the LIVE page
Sonar Festival, Spain June 15th 2007  (Info here)
Instrumental at Sasquatch (Wookie Stage) May 26th 2007  (Info here)

I would like everyone to hit the blue "Random DJ" button to the left or the "(?)" next to the remixers link above, and download some mixes from a DJ that you've never heard before.  And if there's an e-mail link on their page,  use it...

First mix of the morning...  Chromium05   Ch-Check It Out - MIX-UP-040707  Old versus new.  It's like an alternate reality inversion.....

Sorry AGAIN, for the late update tonight,  got home as soon as I could,  cracked open a can of Murphy's and got busy. I really need one of those wireless anywhere cards for my laptop so I can work on the site while I'm driving to and from work. :-)

We have a few things for you tonight,  2 mixes and one live show....
Chromium05   Electrify - 030707,  Everything but the kitchen sink in there, chopped, shredded, and reeeeee-mixed..
R2DJ  Grasshopper Unit - Wheres Your Moms at G-Hop,  a little Cypress "Real Estate" in there if I'm not mistaken. Good Stuff!

Also added,  Live at The Melkweg - Amsterdam  May 16 2004, 3FM Broadcast  Better sound quality than the audience recording currently on the live page.

7x5 in today to drop a mix off,  this thing is both mellow and funky,  The Brouhaha - Brou it Roger Brou it (In memory of Roger Troutman)

Oh,  and....  1000 hosted mixes.  :-)

OK, I'm done with the update for today/tonight...  Whew....  It was a big one, 19 mixes,  but it took more time to upload them than it did to put them in the DB.

On your mark.........Get Set............  DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chromium05 with FIFTEEN new mixes tonight....  YES!!!  I'm not going to list them all,  just go and hit up his page.
R2DJ   Super Disco Breakin - Super Insane Disco Membrane
E-Dub   Ch-Check It Out - Remix
7x5   Ch-Check It Out - Standing on the Verge of Checkin it Out
PWN Productions   Grasshopper Unit - RemiX

Sorry about the late announcement for this mix from Chromium05 (Life has to come before the site),  Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Chromium05 Remix  It has an old recording, big beats sound,  and I like it! :-)  

Chromium05 brought this mix out into the sunshine the other day to limited reviews on the boards,  Lets show him how much we like it. Go check it out and put his download count through the roof.
14th St. Break -vs- All Lifestyles Remix

Fatty Ratty climbed off of his hamster wheel long enough to drop a mix at the request of DB Guy,   Pendulum's "Another Planet" -vs-  Random Beastie Song. Resulting in:
Electrify - DB Guy Request
DB Guy's Response to the mix,  This is straight out copied from the chat window.  
"Holy shit!  YES!"  "Wow, that's an awesome mix."  I've never heard the original Pendulum song, but DB Guy's been raving about that band for months so he's dedicated.  And to get a "Holy Shit!" outta him it musta' been what he was looking for.  The Rat never dissapoints!

E-Dub also dropped another mix today....  Grasshopper Unit- Remix  I'm likin' this,   I like the little background guitar? samples...  beats are cool.  Good Work E-Dub.


7x5 dropped off a new mix today, An Open Letter to NYC - A Horrible Accident go and check it out NOW!!  :-)

NEW DJ TODAY ! !  Please welcome E-Dub,  with one lonely mix,  Shake Your Rump - E-Dub Remix  Go check it out, and drop him some e-mail to say "Hey"

If you looked at the download counts today and thought, WHOAH!  The download counts artificially doubled overnight because of a search engine spidering your mixes,  triggering downloads for huge amounts of them within a very short amount of time, and therefore raising the download counts for 973 mixes by 1 download.   We have put measures in place to detect this, and hopefully keep it from happening again.  And if  for some reason it does happen again, we have the tools to fix it, which I've had to use today.


DB Guy has a request!  Chat went down like this.
DB Guy: I have a request...
Uh Huh....
DB Guy: 
I want someone to remix a BB song with samples from Pendulum's "Another Planet"

Can somebody hook this up,  I'm not too handy behind the 1's and 2's.  And I think someone around here should help pay the bill for all the cool things he's made possible on the new site.

I got mine! Did you get yours?

Click For BIG

By the time I got off of work, and actually made it to a store they only had two copies of THE MIX-UP left,   So I had to hit up another store and I got all of theirs too,  7 in total,  (gave one away on the way home) and will be giving the rest out to future Beastie fans...  I miss the rapping,  but I totally dig the sounds,  I think the next album, they need to let the vocals mmmMmmDrooooooooooooooop!!!    I say bring back the vocals.   This was nice,  but nobody out rhymes a Beastie in my opinion.

I see that there are a few people downloading some mixes today.  :-)     Have fun kids!   S7

And so it begins......  nYgel was the first, (that I know of) but I'm now sure he won't be the last.

Cosmo Kramer with the first full album remix of THE MIX-UP,    THE RE-MIX-UP  !!!  Check his page to download !

Chromium05 also dropped a couple mixes from THE MIX-UP,
B For My Name - with Triple Trouble is B4mynmtrpltrbl
Freaky Hijiki - with Shazam is frjyhjkishazam

If the mixes above are any indication of what people are gonna be doing with this album,  I can't wait to hear more!!  Great Job Guys!!!

Don't forget to go buy this album!!!  Don't bite the band that feeds you!!!   If you have a local shop close BUY IT THERE! For those of us who don't, and are in the U.S.  Target has it for like $9.99.
I'll be picking up five or six copies to give out to people who ordinarilly wouldn't probably listen to the Beastie Boys with the hopes of turning them into fans.

Have fun guys!



Don't forget to get your lazy ass out of bed tomorrow

and go out and pick up (
BUY) the Beastie Boys' new album "The Mix-Up"

R2DJ with a new mix today...  Electrify - 99 Problems Electrified 99 Times  Feat.  Jay Z's 99 problems,  duh,  good stuff R2DJ...

ALSO,  NEW DJ TODAY ! !  Please welcome, from Atlanta, GA  7x5,  he's got 6 mixes that are gonna blow you away.   Funky,  fun samples,  just straight out cool mixes.  I Like Em' !!!

I've also got a few surprises for you waaaay later on tonight....   I hope you guys are enjoying the new site...


Kai Tombo,  just came out of retirement, to drop this mix, :-p    and I'm glad he did.
We Got The - Soul7 rmx

DeeJayZap,  hittin' up the live turntables scratchin it up again with  
Ch-Check It Out - Live Turntable Mix

951 mixes,  damn, who would have thought that it was possible.

2.0  !!!!!!
More details later.  It's very early in the A.M., and we're both hungry and tired.
Take a look around and see what's new.

Have Fun!
& DB Guy

Da Masta Jay Leave
, back again with a new mix In a World Gone Mad - Renaissance Remix. Every mix this guy drops is hot,  and this is no exception.  Good Job Masta!!!

Remix Suggestion:
Beastie Boys - Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun

Alright guys/girls,  we've got two quality mixes for you tonight.  One is fairly laid back and chill, the other is scratchin' an itch....  Download both, and find out which one is which.
DeeJay Zap   An Open Letter To NYC - Chemistry Mix
Da Masta Jay Leave  We Got The - Smack That (Mash Dub Remix)

Always remember to thank your DJ.
Also remember, Headphones On, Volume Loud.

(6-16-2007) Late P.M.
This guy doesn't sleep,  MC Marlin is back at it with three new ones.
Ch-Check It Out - MC Marlin Remix
Oh Word? - MC Marlin 2005 Remix
Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Rhyme Well For Showbiz

Go check these out and let him know what you think.

(6-16-2007) Early A.M.
We've got something special for you kids tonight!  MC Marlin brought by his new mixtape

Beastie Boys vocals over beats from BDP (Boogie Down Productions) "Criminal Minded" Go check this out NOW.   I did and I loved every minute of it.

Ladies and Gentelmen, Boys and Girls,  Gather around the monitor,  I've got an announcement.
NEW DJ TODAY ! ! Yes that's right!  Please give MC Marlin a warm welcome,  download his mixes, drop him an e-mail, check out his MySpace page, and generally welcome our newest member!

R2DJ stopped by Beastiemixes today and left us a little gift. In fact he left us two!!
So Whatcha Want - So Hell Yeah
So Whatcha Want - So What's Y'er Font

Cool mixes R2DJ,   I loved the samples, and the beats were groovy/funky/tight/tubular and any other words that mean RaDiCal.   :-)

I swear, we're working on "it" over here!  Seriously, we are....

What the hell,  is Tony alive or is he dead?   I read rumours of a movie?  WTF...  I'll go to see the movie of course, but damn, that's no way to leave people hanging.  Unless of course you want them ALL to come and see your movie. :-)     As far as I'm concerned, Tony Soprano lives on......

Sorry I didn't announce this one the other day, but it was late and I was way not in the mood to even have the computer on.... I did however upload it when I got it. I just didn't say so on the front page.  Fatty Ratty with Body Movin' - Spektor Mix,  ok now this was a little freaky, fun as hell, but a little freaky.  Almost thought it was Bjork at first..  :-)

To clarify the above a bit... Yes we have one hosted mix using samples from the new album.  These were pasted together using audio from the videos that were available on the official site before the re-launch.

Also today,  PWN Productions dropped a mix of Spam,  Very cool mix PWN,  I like it...
Spam - ft mc Milk Dee and AdRock

Due to a minor wording technicality, on my part, we have a, NEW DJ TODAY, actually a whole crew with a mixtape they'd like to share with the rest of you guys/girls. All the way from Germany, I'd like to present, God Save The Beasties. They've got a style that's all their own.  Go download their tracks, and drop them a note letting them know how they're doing.

Their name inspired me to create a wallpaper for the site.

800 x 600
1024 x 768

Hope everyone out there is doing good,  stay safe kids.  And my friend, (you know who you are) I hope you are doing better today.  I'm here if you need me!

(6-02-2007) Very Early AM
R2DJ dropped a couple new mixes today, and I'm totally lovin' the Pass the Mic one... Awesome!!! The Stop That Train mix is very good also, but Pass the Mic, is my pick for tonight...
Pass the Mic - Pass Da Micweiler
Stop That Train - Stop at ill Street

Sorry about the late update tonight R2DJ,  I spent the last 5 hours wrestling with a very stuborn wireless router.

R2DJ with a big bad bass heavy mix tonight. Intergalactic - Inter-theWu-Tang,  Nice work,  this is a fun mix.  Do I hear some Marry Marry in there?  Niiice.

Everyone showed up tonight to drop something off.  First it's dead, then BAM!!!!!!
Dj B  Just a Test - Space Jungle Remix
Stashspade   Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Loaded Gun Remix
Da Masta Jay Leave  3 The Hard Way - Ambient Remix
Hector Feelgood  
Sure Shot - Remix No.2

There was one that I was especially impressed with, you figure out which one.  Be sure and thank your DJ today.

Another remix tonight, from Da Masta (of Russian remixing) Jay Leave If you like Futurama, you're going to like this one. Triple Trouble -  Fu-Sion Bounce Remix

I think I hit the motherload of Turntable Videos

We've got a Russian Remix in the house tonight, Thanks to Da Masta Jay Leave.

I've also got some either good news or bad news, depending on how you want to take it. The new site is sooooo very close to being done.  Bad news is DB Guy is taking a little time off. Only a week, but fear not.  I've got a little something to raise the spirits around here.

Both driving to and from work today I heard the same song on the radio,  Low Rider by WAR,  what a great song.  First two already hosted people to remix this song with the Beastie Boys and E-MAIL it to me get a sneak peek at the new site, with the understanding that they have to remain quiet about it until launch.

Some cool stuff tonight....
PWN Productions is trying to give us a little class around here, with a very lounge(y) version of Grasshopper Unit.    Grasshopper Unit - ft Jeff Lorbers Grasshopper,  Nice Job PWN.

Annon. Donations to the Rare Tracks page...  Good Stuff.   :-)
Press Gang (Latch Brothers Remix)
Rascuache (Remixed by The Latch Brothers)
Youth (Small Stars Remix by Adrock)

Are you guys all finished with the One Year Anniv. Mixtape?  If you are, I'm gonna' wrap that thing up. being as we'll be in year 2 soon.

Until the official message boards have stabilized,  these these are our forums.


(5-19-2007) Early AM
OK, I've got a lot of ground to cover tonight, I'm tired, and I have a lot of work to do when I wake up in a few hours,  so I'm going to be as brief as I can.... Sorry I didn't get this done sooner.

We're now hosting 901 Beastie Boys remixes!!!  Can I get a Hell Yeah!!!

R2DJ dropped a few new mixes tonight, and a couple updated ones,  Good stuff R2DJ,  MMMmm
check his page for the updated ones.
Car Thief - Used Car Thief
Root Down - Kick It Rut Down
Unite - B-boys of the World Unight

nYgel tonight with the first mix I've heard done with samples off of The Mix Up,  Nice!
Pass The Mic -vs- Off The Grid

Another contribution to the Rare Tracks page. Thanks again my friend!
Juan Maclean - By The Time I Get to Venus - Adrock 41 Small Stars Remix

Three fine upstanding citizens showed up today and dropped some bombs...
PWN Productions
Pass The Mic - ft. Manolo Gas, Samples, crazy beats, and smoothness!
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Zap Power Mix, Industrial sounding, distorted, grinding mix.
Tricky Dick
Triple Trouble - Funky Bass Mix,  Sounds simple the first time you listen to it, then you start hearing all the little stuff in it...

In the future, new mixes will be where they belong. NOT On The Bottom.

Special delivery today from a friend of the site,  Rare Tracks,  YES!!!!
Praise You (Adrock and Mike D Remix)
From Her Lips To God_s Ears (Energize-O-Tron Remix by Adrock)

Evidently the webmaster over at the Official Beastie Boys site is much faster than we are over here, or there is a whole crew over there.  Either way, the new Beastieboys.com site is up (for the most part) and is looking good,  and has all sorts of fun stuff to play with now.  Now I can't play with the old musical header anymore, but I'll get over it.   Good Job Guy(s)!!!

Pond Puppet One dropped off a new mix today.  I don't quite know what to make of it, I thought the beginning was going to lead us down a different path, but it took a turn, and just got weirder from there.  The beginning almost sounded Indian (from India) then kinda normal, then kinda psychodellic then back......  Well Just go download the damn thing and check it for yourself.  Nice work PPO!

Quiet around here means one of two things.  Either I'm busy as hell, or I'm lazy as hell.  Well I've been busy with some stuff, and lazy with others.   I will say that yes we are making real, progress, as you shal see soon.  The two people I've got checkin' the site are probably getting bored... :-p

Tricky Dick was nice enough to set up a forum for you guys to use while the Official Beastie Boys forums are down.   http://beastiemixes.iwannaforum.com  (Does anyone know when the other ones are coming back?)

Bassdriver with a very cool Hey Fuck You - Blues Mix tonight.  Chopped up vocals, and I'm hearin' guitar, electric, and acoustic (almost sounds like a steel guitar or banjo), and an electric organ?? Am I right Bass?  Very full of goodness!

PWN Productions,  Today has a Right Right Now Now - Remix for us,  with some big beats, piano, and scratchin'...   Is it me or is it traditional instrument night tonight.   Nice work PWN!

OH it's on NOW!!!

Oh he's got a mellow one for us today,  CosmoKramer with a cool new mix.....
Grasshopper Unit - In My Life Remix

We also had a couple donations to the Rare Tracks the other day that I forgot to mention:
Rammstein - Benzin Smallstars Remix by Ad Rock
Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine) (Adrock Remix)

I'm looking for something if any of you have it......
Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show 29 June'06 podcast,  I believe it was originally in .ogg format, but I'll take .mp3 or anything else.  The reason I'm looking for this is someone is looking for the....
Beastie Boys vs Laurel & Hardy - Intergalactic Rockers remix, and it was played during this podcast, so if you have the mix by itself, or in this podcast, get in touch with me.

I think I have a broken rib.  There's a story to tell about it, but it happened in such a dumb way I will not tell it.  I actually heard it *Crack* ....  Arrrgh!!

Finished up a small amount of new site stuff last night, and will be working on more tonight. Working on some graphics, and other misc. bits.  A big thanks to my GF for being patient with me while I'm busy with all of this, another thanks to you guys for also being patient.

Received a few very nice contributions to the Rare Tracks page today,  Bottom of the list, you know, where the good stuff is.
Adrock's Smallstars Remix of Lady Sovereign's Little Bit of shh
Le Tigre - Hot Topic (41 Small Stars Remix)
Unknown Artist - 01 - Bathing Ape Promo (feat. Mike D)

   Thanks Again, You know who you are!!

Little inside info for you.... The bottom of the list B.S. is going away soon...
ssshhhh! Don't tell anybody.

A few cool things today,   PWN Productions is back with a couple new mixes.
Shame in your Game - ft Montrose
Get it Together - ft Jay-Z Dirt off your shoulders

We also had another Rare Track donation,  you'll want to check this one!!
Mediocrity Rules (41 Small Stars Remix feat. Adam Horovitz aka DJ Ham and Cheese on Rye)

Is this the album cover for the Beastie Boys new instrumental only album The Mix Up? It's really hard to say, If you've been in the forums  you've seen all the back and forth arguing over whether the new album has Lyrics or not.  This guy,  posted on his MySpace page,  the seemingly most credible evidence so far. Review, Track List and the album cover shown below.  Believe it, or not.  You can follow the thread here on the Beastie Boys forum.

Click to Enlarge

Instrumental album means one thing to me,  no new pellas.  Nothing new for you guys to play with, no new toys.  And with the band touring and promoting, I doubt they'll have the time to go digging up pellas to put on the official site for a long time to come.  So unless they have someone else that can do the digging for pellas, you guys are out of luck until at least the next new album.  Lyrics or not I am totally looking forward to this release, as the Beastie Boys have never let me down, they change it up with every new album, and I'm never dissapointed.

Pond Puppet One back tonight with another one! Shazam! - Crazy Eddie Wilson Perdido Remix

Believe it or not we're working like crazy over here on the new site. Please be patient with us.

We've not heard from him in a while, but Damon Tedesco is back tonight with a fun Summertime mashup featuring some nice beatboxing samples, guitar work, and great beats. Go check it out!
Shake Your Rump - Mashup

R2DJ also paid a visit today to drop of a couple mixes, both great, but I'm gonna have to go with the Sure Shot one, anything with scratchin' gets my vote.
Hey Ladies - Hey We Should Mate
Sure Shot - Tokyo Shrew Shot

Received a nice e-mail from a DJ named Leo Nevilo with a link to his new mixtape called
Beastie Boys Revisited. He didn't ask me to share it, or even host it,  but I thought it was cool,
so go here and check it out, lots of download options to choose or you can stream it if you want..  
Be sure and grab the 192kbps version if you can.  The 3 The Hard Way mix has enough low end in the beginning to rattle the walls while played through a nice sub.  Good stuff Leo. Go drop him a note HERE if you liked what you heard.

Beastiemixes is currently hosting 881 Beastie Boys remixes!!!!  WOW....

A few contributions tonight.
Chromium05 with a new mix for the Anniversary Mixtape, go check that, it's on the anniversary page and it's Suppa' Nice!!

PWN Productions sent me a link to the Paradiso Amsterdam show from 21 June 1994, it's now on the Live Shows page.

Last but not least, The Standard, is back with a new mix for everyone to check out...
We got the - The Standard's Brazilian Funk mix

A little over 400 mixes put in the database so far.

(4-23-2007) 1:20am
I want everyone who downloads a remix today to send an e-mail to a DJ and say THANKS!!

For anyone who wants to get a jump on the 2.0 craze.  I've set up a
Beastiemixes 2.0 Resource page
with guidelines as to how big your photos and new logos can be. and also provided a header template in Photoshop format for those of you who would like to design your own header.   If your's is on the
Beastiemixes 2.0 Header Previews page, I will be using the one shown there, unless you object for some reason.

(4-22-2007) 1:05pm
Couple of tracks have come in over the last two days that I have slacked on. See explanation below. both were done at the request of D.B.Guy.
nYgel with his remix request Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Judy in Disguise Remix
Pond Puppet One with his remix request
So Watcha Want - Judy is Despised Remix

D.B. Guy was very impressed with both tracks and wanted me to pass along a Thank You to both of you guys.

We also had an addition to the Rare Tracks page. Original Concept - She's Gotta Moustache check the "info" on this one.

(4-22-2007) 3:00am     Happy Birthday Cosmo Kramer ! ! !
It's early as all hell here, I haven't done any updates in the last 2 days,  Sorry to the Contributors, nYgel and Pond Puppet One.  Your stuff, is kinda on hold for a second.  I'll try to get it uploaded later in the morning.  I will say that I have a good reason.

Beastiemixes 2.0 is in full forward motion. "Database Guy" and I have been locked in one room for 10 hours straight today (except for when I made a pizza run) and let me tell you,  he was kickin' some major ass.  I now have a major pile of work on my plate getting everyone's mixes and all their personal info into the database so his stuff will make your stuff look good.   There are some features that still need to be worked out, and some things that need to be tweaked but it will be worth the wait.   So if I seem to be slacking over the next couple weeks, please know that we are working our ass off over here to give you guys a better experience over here at Beastiemixes.  

You guys have been very patient I know,  but please bear with us a little while longer.   We both have full time jobs, and other responsibilities.  But the wait shal be over soon.  :-)

You One Eyed Freak!

(4-18-2007) PM
PWN Productions going to the West Siiiiiiide for his new mix....  Nice work PWN!
That's it That's All - WestCoast Remix

(4-18-2007) Early AM
Very quick update tonight, because I'm tired as hell. So here we go!  3 new mixes from 3 guys.
Tricky Dick  That's it that's all - Reggae Stylee
Cosmo Kramer  Pass The Mic - Brain Stew Remix
Fatty Ratty  
Grasshopper Unit - Trippin at the Piano Bar Remix

   I did manage to listen to the mixes while updating everyone's pages, and as always guys,  quality stuff. I'm always amazed, each and every time I download the new tracks, there's good stuff waiting inside. For the rest of you,  why are you reading this?  Go download now!  You have my personal guarantee that what you download will be quality from the second you hit play until the end of the track. Alright guys, I really need to get some sleepy sleep.

Back today with TWO new mixes, Count em' 1, 2....  See I don't lie...  It's The Standard
Hey Ladies - When Was The Last Time,  Funky as an old pair of socks... And that's funky!!
Pass The Mic - Pat The Mic DJ Hurricane Tribute Nice!

I don't know how my Sister finds this stuff.  Check This, and This   She's Crafty gear...

(4-15-2007) 9:00pm
We had another cool donation to the site tonight,
Amor Pa'mi (Latin Soul Remix) (Featuring Eric Bobo)
Check the Rare page, and if you don't know who Eric Bobo is, check the "info" link to the right of the file.

We also had another DJ step up to the plate and do a remix for my Sister, he tackled another impossible song Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized -vs- Beastie Boys  Go check Pond Puppet One's page for the download. And I would like to say here.  Thanks to Pond Puppet One, and also to nYgel who hit up the other track. Two day turn around, that's nice..

I got another request for a mix today but I don't want to abuse you guys with my petty requests. But this one came from the Beastiemixes.com Official Database Guy.  If any of you feel like you want some abuse, drop me a note and I'll mail you the track he's looking to have mixed.  I haven't heard it yet, but from the name, it's gonna be rough.

(4-15-2007) 1:18pm
R2DJ with a mix that's smooth, funky and scratch heavy today Alive - Alive for the Cure nice work R2DJ...!!  I'm a sucker for scratching!

(4-15-2007) 12:30am
Fatty Ratty
and CosmoKramer dropped their contribution to the 1-Year Collab Mixtape,  I've listened to it like 5 times so far and even if it wasn't for the anniversary mixtape, I would be rockin' this thing,  this mix is just f-ing fun!!!!   You guys (all of you) are the best!

Pssst....  Over here and over here...!!!

Oh and I almost forgot this donation Body Movin' (Kut Masta Kurt Remix Instrumental) you can find it on the rare tracks page.

(4-14-2007) Did you remember to send in your TAXES?
Fatty Ratty stopped by late last night and dropped off a new mix, pretty mellow stuff, nice and laid back. Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Chillin Piano Bar Remix

nYgel stepped up to the challenge today and remixed They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) with the Beastie's Ch Check it Out...  F-ing Awesome result,  thanks nYgel...
Ch Check it Out - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Remix

Last but certainly not least today,  nYgel and Uru-Nitro dropped their Collaboration Mixtape track:
Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Collaboration Mix you can get it on the 1-Year Collab Page Nice work fellas'  Thanks again!

Our newest member, The Standard is back tonight with a whole load of new mixes, I suggest you stop reading now and go download them,  you can come back in a few minutes and finish reading about TD and PWN's new collab. mix, the new rare tracks, and all the other fascinating things I have written about below.

Tricky Dick and PWN Productions with another mix for the 1-Year Collaboration Mixtape,  This time they hit us up with Sure Shot.  Go check it on the,  Duh! 1-Year Collaboration Mixtape Page.

We also had a couple of very cool donations to the RARE TRACKS page. If you want to know more about these tracks, you can check the little red "info" link.  Thanks for the donations my friend!

And in case you missed yesterday's video, you really should check out the Baby Breakdancer! and then check out his NEW Video ZEEKBoogy -aka- The Boogins. This kid is gonna be the next king. He's now 3-years old and kickin' ass.

Check out how the pros do it,
IBE 2005 USA vs Korea
IBE 2005 Korea vs Germany
IBE 2005 France vs Korea
IBE 2005 Germany vs France
IBE 2005 Germany vs USA
IBE 2005 Seven2Smoke

Remix Request,  I'm looking for a remix for my little Sister. That goes a little something like this,  Suicidal Tendencies -vs- Beastie Boys  Song suggestions for the Suicidal song: Join The Army, or Institutionalized.   

If that doesn't work out,  They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) -vs- Beastie Boys. This sucker is going to be a real challenge.  You think "The Rooster Song" was hard??  HAH!

 Please welcome The Standard he's got two mixtapes worth of mixes just waiting for you to download. Good stuff!

Bassdriver has come out of retirement it seems :-p , and he's brought an ass kicker with him.
Crawlspace - Headbang

We had a couple of instrumental donations today from a friend of the site,
Thanks again (Friend of the site)
Sure Shot - Instrumental
Sure Shot - Large Professor Mix Instrumental
Sure Shot - European B-Boy Mix Instrumental
Get It Together - Instrumental
Get It Together - A.B.A. Remix Instrumental
Get It Together - Buck Wild Remix Instrumental

came by today to drop an Instrumental and a new remix for Shazam!  The mix is on his page, and the instrumenal which nYgel is calling "Scratchapella" is on the A Cappellas page at the bottom with the instrumentals.    I personally don't like Shazam! but nYgel improves on the original enough for me to be able to listen to it and actually enjoy it.   Go check it for yourself!

ANOTHER NEW DJ TODAY,  Please welcome another regular from "The boards" Hippomothamus he's only got four mixes, but I'm sure there are more on the way,  go take a listen and drop him an e-mail welcoming our second new DJ of the day to the Beastiemixes Family.

Guess what!   We've got a NEW DJ TODAY,  Pond Puppet One, and he's got a few mixes that would lead me to believe that he either watches a lot of TV Land, or he was around when the shows were on originally, and that would confirm that he's an old man like me. :-)    Shindig?  That was on in what, the 60's?  Anyway, please take a listen to his mixes, and welcome him to the Beastiemixes Family!!

New instrumental donated tonight.  In a World Gone Mad get it here

Cosmo Kramer with a mixtape for us today, Notorious B.E.A.S.T.I.E   Beasties -vs- Notorious B.I.G. this will only be available as a FULL album download.  47.2mb   Also tonight from Cosmo,
Sure Shot - Untitled Mix, This guy's busier than me....  :-)

New DJ will be uping his mixes soon!    I guess nobody wants the other spot?

I've got a new DJ coming in the next day or so, and decided to open up another spot to the first person to send me an e-mail asking for it.

Thanks to my Sis' for sending me this link,  Skinny Puppy (one of my favorite bands) -vs- Vanilla Ice remix YouTube Video.  And a fun mashup thread in the somethingawful.com forums.   Thanks for lookin' out Sis!

(4-4-2007)Early AM
R2DJ is back today,  o.k. it was yesterday but I didn't get home til' very late,  anyway,  he's back with another funky one,  Shake Your Rump - Talkin' Beats, Sayin' Rump  Go check this one out!!

You guys do realize that me uploading these by hand is a quality control measure to keep people from uploading mixes other than Beastie Boys mixes, don't you?  This measure has the crappy side effect that is mixes can only get uploaded if I'm here to upload them, and I'm not always home.  I have to get out every now and then.  :-)

(4-2-2007) PM
Big night tonight, so I'm going to get to the point.

New mixes from:
Da Masta Jay Leave   
All Lifestyles - Old School Remix  Nice,  Deep Forest and the Beasties, I like it!!
R2DJ  Shake Your Rump - Beets To The Rhyme  
Damn, I can't place the little sample,but this is Hot!

Uploaded a new live show,  Loreley Festival, Germany June 20th 1998

And Big Fat Love, donated a rare track,  Sure Shot (Dee Nastyle Mix) check the info on this one next to the download on the Rare Tracks page. So a big thanks for his continued support.


You April Fools!

I suck at this game,  I never fool anybody.  In case you missed it,  on April 1st. it's customary to play pranks on your friends.  And in the U.S. this is allowed to last ALL day.  I've read that in other parts of the world it's supposed to end at noon.  Sinse I'm in the U.S. you got Vanilla Ice remixes all day.

I left your individual pages up because I didn't want to inconvienience anybody,  but I wanted you guys to get a feel for what life would be like without Beastiemixes.com,  so I presented you with


I went so far as to register the domain name, so you guys can visit ICEmixes for the rest of the year at that same address.   I would like each and every one of you who enjoyed the joke to send
COSMO KRAMER an e-mail for being such a great guy in helping me make this happen,  he actually busted out all three of those mixes for you guys to enjoy.   I've been rockin' those at work for the last week and driving everyone crazy.   And from me,  Cosmo,  thanks a million.  The mixes were awesome, even though you had very little to work with.

As for the rest of you "Fools"  Get back to work. :-p

(3-31-2007)Early AM
Back tonight with an Eggman/Intergalactic/J5 mash it's Fatty Ratty with..
Eggman/Ch Check it Out - Eggman In the House - J5 Eggman, Nice work Ratty...

9 minutes, and 18 seconds of goodness,  R2DJ breaking the dry spell around here with a gigantic killer mash.   Drunken Praying Mantis Style - Drynken Praying R2 Style,  YESSSS!!

And a special thanks to 9th Beastie for another track for the "Rare" page.
Methods of Mayhem - Get Naked - Feat Mix Master Mike

Had a little bit of free time tonight you may have spotted me in the forums trolling for mixes.  Some cool stuff comin' out of some of the regulars, and the not so regulars.

Be sure and check Joakizmo's Mixtape in the forums, it's not all Beasties but there's a couple in there, the rest of the songs are top notch too.  Check it here

   It's been pretty slow around here for the last week,  maybe you guys have reached the limit of how many ways the A Cappelleas that the Beastie Boys put out can be remixed.  Are we at a turning point where we need some fresh new pellas?   We all know they have a lot that haven't been released yet.  Will they ever release them?  Who knows.   They've been more than generous with releasing the ones they have released so far, but some new ones would be Greeeeat!!  I know, I know, Give us an inch and we'll take a mile!!  :-)


2 remixes from 2 remixers tonight,  both great....  enough of my blabbering,  on to the mixes.

DJB with  Root Down - Delicious Remix

PWN Productions with  Sure Shot - Live Bossa Remix

After a long absense Da Masta Jay Leave is back with a themed mash,
Electrify - Friends Mash Mix
I'll be passing this one on to RWOO the Friends fan.

Our Norwegian friend Hector Feelgood has got a new mix for us,  it's a bouncy little remix of
That's it That's All - Hectorfeelmix, I've got in turned up loud enough for the neighbors to hear, because I've been listening to their weak beats all night.   I wonder how close he lives to Joakizmo?

Had to work Today, yup Saturday,  While on my break this morning I checked the uploads and found that PWN Productions and Tricky Dick had uploaded their Beastiemixes One Year Anniv. collaboration mix,  I promptly downloaded it and nearly fell out of my chair.  Being as I was the only one in on Saturday, in an office that usually has about 75 people in it I was able to bump this mix as loud as I wanted,  and I did.  :-)   Nice work guys,  you completely made coming into work on a Saturday better than it would have been.

A good friend of the site is selling off a TINY piece of his Beastie Boys collection on Ebay,
Original Show Vinyls from the Hello Nasty Tour 1998.  He's a very well known Beastie Boys collector so bid with confidence that what you are bidding on is real.  He's a fan just like us and I'm sure he would be relieved to know that someone in the scene got these and would enjoy them, rather than someone just going to re-sell them for the profit,  so go take a look you scenesters...

Show Vinyl Auction #1
Show Vinyl Auction #2

(3-10-2007) 2am
Sorry about the late update tonight Fatty.......
Fatty Ratty with a new mix from yesterday that I'm just now getting to...
Just A Test - Fatty Ratty Remix   Why don't more people mix this song??

Beastiemixes received some love from a gey with a Beastie Boys collection to die for. We received two live shows today from BigFatLove.
Newcastle Australia, Cambridge Hotel Jan-23-97 (Quasar)
Sydney Australia Jan-26-97 (Quasar)

I was told that you remixers should pay special attention to track 19 from the Sydney show.

Also tonight,  Fatty Ratty with a new mix
Intergalactic - Every Beastie Move to the Back of the Bus
,  this mix has a little bit of something for everyone,  Scratchin', Guitar, Harmonica,  etc...  Good stuff Fatty.

Spacemacs got a new mix for us today,  a very mellow slow mix,  just what I need to wind down the evening.   Alive - Funktronic Mix 2

(3-9-2007)Late PM
Tricky Dick is Baaaaaack,   and he's got a smooth new mix for us that proves that the synthesizer is not dead  Electrify - Dark Synth Mix  Nice work TD, welcome back!

Cleaned up front page, remember, you can always find older news in OLD NEWS

Updated Blog page.

You guys working on the collaboration mixtape now have your own page HERE

(3-8-2007)Late PM
Sergio L. Kasmin
,  No longer hosted on Beastiemixes.com

(3-7-2007)Late PM
Hector Feelgood with a mix called Brr Stick Em' - Spor 1 tonight.  Very cool,  I love the beats in this one..  Nice work!

(3-6-2007)Mid PM
He's back again today,  with a mix that I like ever better than the one from yesterday!!
PWN Productions With a new mix for Oh Word..  Once again,  NICE WORK!!

Cosmo Kramer with a new one tonight also,  Nice!
Unite - The Beatles Vs. The Beastie Boys - United Paperback Writer

Updated Blog page...

(3-5-2007)Mid PM
PWN Productions tonight with a mix that is both laid back and funky, this thing is just smoooth. Nice work PWN....  Sure Shot - Remix

Updated the Blog page with some random ramblings....

(3-5-2007)Early AM
Cosmo Kramer hooking us up tonight with some goodies.....
Paul Revere (DIY Acapella)
Paul Revere - Paul Revere Will Rock You (ft. Queen)

I've got a new mix tonight for you guys that's not exactly new,  It's new to you, but not new to me. Apparently I've been sitting on this one for quite some time and had forgotten to upload it. This one has a little bit of everything in it,  Beats, Synths, Guitars......
Tibor Fredmann with Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Ladies Night Dance Floor Remix
I wouold like to apologize to Tibor for holding onto this one for so long....

Sue Teller Mashes It Up
You guys REALLY need to see this!!

Beastiemixes.com received some love form a couple people in the last day or so,  unfortunately I was busy with a crisis,  I'm back now, and ready to pass on the love.....

Felix Deluxe with a great Led Zepplin vs Beastie Boys with a little Cypress Hill thrown in...
So What'cha Want - Whole Lotta What'cha Want

Also today a "Rare" treat from an Annonymous donor..
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs El Mensaje Soy Yo (feat. Mike D)
I'm Down (alternate version)

Two guys showed up today and they both dropped mixes,
Hector Feelgood,  Sure Shot - Hector Feelgood Remix
DJ Zap,  
Time To Build - DJ Zap Remix

I thought he was maybe in the witness protection program or something, but he's back, DJ Zap showin' some Beastie love today.....  Oh Word - Dirta Remix  go check this funky mix out..



Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix (YouTube)

Have I died,  Have I abandoned the site?  NOPE,  I took a 3 day vacation from you guys, I pretty much ignored the site for the last three days,  CosmoKramer, caught in the middle with a new mix in the cue,  Sorry about that man,  but sometimes ya' just have to get away. So without further adeu,  CosmoKramer with:  Triple Trouble - People Are Strange

I thought he might be gone forever,  I know for a fact that he's now a very busy man, but Groove633  is back with a new mix,  So What'cha Want - So What'cha Want Jerk
Good to know you're still alive Groove...  :-)

Spacemacs also back today with Electrify - Mad Money Remix (Crazy)   What is this money they speak of???

Did you guys all go and check out the mixtapes on my blog page,  Hit up the "Best of Bootie" tapes,  both of them have been on non-stop at my house for two days,  2005 & 2006

(2-14-2007) Late PM
He's only been here for a few hours and he's already back again with a new mix R2DJ with
Crawlspace - Beck's Crawlspace

(2-14-2007) Early AM Happy Valentines Day
 I know the site says "No New Hosting" but this guy was in under the wire. Can you guess what I'm about to say?  NEW REMIXER TONIGHT ! !  Please join me in welcoming R2DJ, he's gone and remixed the TT5B album,  excluding An Open Letter to NYC, out of respect.  Go check it,  you'll like it.  Be sure and drop him an e-mail.

Added some links to some mashup albums on the Blog page,  very cool stuff,  You want to be "Cool" don't you?

Dynamixx Prince back after a long time away, back with a couple mixes.
An Open Letter To NYC - Remix No 2
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Remix
  YES!!!!  Very Nice!

nYgel to the rescue with a couple more tracks for the Rare Tracks page,  although technically "Rare",  for Joe off the street, he's probably not heard them before, hence the Rare and Misc. in the header for the page. See how that works :-)

If you've sent me a note regarding hosting in the last few days,  I'm sorry if I haven't replied yet.  There comes a time in every man's life when he just has to ignore his inbox for a day or two. More than likely I'm not going to be taking new DJs for a little while.

and nYgel showin' the Beastie Love today and donating tracks to the
"Rare Tracks" page,  thanks guys...!!!

(2-11-2007) Early AM

MMM opening - Good Vibrations Festival Melbourne
"Pass the Mic" at the Good Vibrations Festival Melbourne

Apologies & Sabrosa at Good Vibrations Festival Melbourne
Lighten Up" at Good Vibrations Festival Melbourne
Thanks to Miramanee!

(2-10-2007) Early AM

I know you've heard this a few times before, but I just love to say it.
NEW REMIXER TONIGHT ! !  I'm please to announce the newest member of our little family of scoundrels, psychos, and remixers DB:Seven go take a listen to his mixes, and drop him an e-mail to make him fee at home.

I have a very small collection of rare Beastie Boys related tracks,  about 75% of them came from a very generous person.  9th Beastie,  I had nowhere really on the site to put them, but we do now. Notice, we have a new button to your left.  Rare Tracks.

We've also got a few other guys waiting for hosting, and I've got just one thing to say,  I'm busy as hell right now, but will try as hard as I can to get you guys up.

Two new remixes tonight,  and I''m out,  I've got some actual work to do on another site that I will be working on over the next week or so,  but will try to have updates done on time.

Orygidalbeatz with  Pass the mic - Orygidalz time 2 get ill remikz
Tricky Dick with 
Intergalactic - George Baker Selection Mix

   Added a live show Live In Warsaw Coloseum, Poland Feb 17th 1995 it's a partial show,  if anybody has the FULL show and wants to share,  mail me and I'll give you instructions on how to do so. I have the first 16 tracks, and Beastiemania says it's supposed to have 27.  PaulB??
Thanks to PmF!

    I don't know if anybody has done any mixing yet,  but the GIANT Collaboration mixtape is generating some buzz over in The Forums

I've also got a request tonight,  I know you guys are busy,  but hey,  if you don't ask...
Creedance Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son -vs- Beastie Boys.

Updated Blog page. :-)

(2-6-2007) 6:19am (Damn it's early)
Tricky Dick is Baaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!   An Open Letter to NYC - Chillout Jazz Mix


Announcement: Collaborators Wanted For Mixtape

    Some of the kids over at the "Official" Beastie Boys Remix boards are getting together and are talking about collaborating with each other on a remix album to celebrate the Beastiemixes.com One Year Anniversary.   This is only for the Cool Kids that are hosted here.   If you're already hosted, and would like to get in on the fun,  head on over to THIS THREAD and jump right in.
Play nice, and most of all,  HAVE FUN!!!  Because I don't want to have to pull this website over and have a stern talking to you.    I'm sure this thing is going to turn out Greeeeeeeat!!!

PWN Productions,  tonight with a rocking mix for All Lifestyles titled.
All Lifestyles - PoWeR MiX  All you headbangers out there should check this one out.
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!

Saw this quote on the company intranet today,  Nice Huh!

Don't talk unless you can improve the silence.
- Vermont Proverb -

   Bassdriver "The Mind Reader" dropped of a Beastie Boys -vs- Skinny Puppy mix today.
Time To Build - Skinny Puppy - Jahya Remix  Only the way he did it had me running in circles to find the actual Skinny Puppy song he mixed,  I knew that song was on The Process, one of Skinny Puppy's newer albums (If you're old enough to consider 1996 newer) Anyway, he pulled out the middle of the song "Jahya" and used it to start off the mix.   The Mind Reader comes in when you consider that Skinny Puppy just came out with a new album a few days ago, and I've been rockin it for days now.   You guys think my Beastie Boys collection is big, my Skinny Puppy collection is way bigger.  Been collecting them since about 1988 when an Ex introduced me to them.   Thanks Bassdriver!

Spacemacs with another new one tonight,
Shake Your Rump - Positive Visualization-LSD Remix,
Timothy Leary would be proud.

(2-2-2007) ONE YEAR


    I really wish I had something cool planned for you guys for today, but this kinda snuck up on me, I looked at the calendar today and said, Wow!! It's been a whole year.  Sure seemed Like TWO!!

    It's been one hell of a year, and if you don't believe me,  check the archive of the front page for 2006 and see for yourself.  :-)

    I would also like to say thanks to my family and friends for putting up with me and "The Site" for the last year. Mamacita, Sis, Ma, Pa, DBRO and all the crew at work. You guys have been very supporting of my crazy idea to host up the remixes of strangers.

Couple of new mixes for tonight.

CosmoKramer  with one of his own, and one he was nice enough to do for me since I've now become hooked on the Sopranos after never having watched an episode before last week.
Electrify - Come On Down Remix a.k.a Price is Right
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Sopranos Remix

Fatty Ratty with An Open Letter to NYC - Scratch Your Bare Ass Remix
I'm a big sucker for any mix with scratching in it!

Thanks Guys,   I'm taking the rest of the night OFF........

Guess what?   NEW REMIXER TONIGHT ! !  Please welcome our newest guy, Lazer Robot, he's got ONE Two mixes, but has been getting lots of play on the Beastie Boys forums.  If you haven't heard his mix(es), do so now.  Drop him a note, and let him know Beastiemixes.com sent ya'.

PWN Productions with 2, count em' 2 new mixes for tonight. Go get them NOW!!!
In a World Gone Mad - ft Gary Jules
Unite - mcJymE Remix

Added a couple new headers to the Beastiemixes 2.0 header preview page. Gawd I suck!!

  Six months in negotiations,  may I present the NEW REMIXER TONIGHT ! !
Spacemacs,  you've seen him on the boards,  now hear him on Beastiemixes.com !
Don't be shy,  download all 36 Mixes,  because there's no bad ones.  and don't forget to drop
him an e-mail.

   Also, for the geek in all of us... check out NERDCORE RISING The Movie Thanks for the heads up Sis'

   Ok, so I'm a few years behind on my TV watching, but I just started watching the Sopranos,  I'm like 5 shows into the first season and I'm hooked.  Anybody want to hook up a Sopranos mix? No rewards, no prizes,  just fame, and lots of it..!! A little Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun maybe some Sure Shot.

(1-28-2007) Early AM
CosmoKramer with a smoooooth mix tonight,
Grasshopper Unit - Slantize Symphony Remix very cool mix,  You should check it!!

Human Beatbox By Yolq4 (kid is good)
A-Trak, Shortkut, Mixmaster Mike & Mista Sinista

Human Beatbox "Lasse Gjertsen"
One for Bassdriver
One For ME!

(1-26-2007) Early AM
After a short break, he has returned!! Hector Feelgood is back with a nice little jam..
Ch Check It Out - Basement Mix       (Isn't that where all remixes come from?)

   While we're here chatting, I want you all to go check out my friends site Turn Up The SKA!  Streaming Ska music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  (He streams a lot of ska!)  Anyway, if you're into the Ska music like all the kids are these days, go Ch Check it out.....  :-)

Learn how to scratch with Mix Master Mike
Grand Wizard Theodore needle dropping blindfolded
2004 Hip Hop Honors - Tribute to Kool Herc & DJ Hollywood
DJ Scratch Set Live (from EPMD Reunion Show in NYC)
(Funny) The Internet - DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: "A Series of Tubes"
Chris Rock about Rap Music

PWN Productions is Baaaaaack!  Two new mixes, One bumpin one, and one very relaxed one. Download them both and figure out which is which
Stop That Train - Remix ft Frank Pourcel
An Open Letter to NYC - Technomix

Nice work mc JymE

An annonymous source sent me this the other day and said you guys might like to hear it.
Its Yours Scratch Party Death Mix (Feat. Beastie Boys).mp3  I believe it came from this vinyl, but I'll be damned if I know what part the beastie's played in this.  I will say that it came from someone who knows a LOT about the Beastie Boys.

nYgel and Bobaratt aka Fatty Ratty have released a collaboration mix
Electrify - nYgel Bobaratt Collab.   You can grab it from either of their pages.

OK, so the other day, we got a new remixer, Damon Tedesco, he uploaded a mix, for
We Got The,  only in my infinite stupidity, I listened to the mix, but at no time did it register that it was actually All Lifestyles..  Duh,  Soooo, today we have a new We Got The mix from him, and an old All Lifestyles that was wrongly labeled We Got The...  Clear as a muddy lake??  Anyway, this mix starts of kinda mellow then turns into this high energy dance tune,  very nice..

If you're from New York,  you live in New York, or you just like New York,  Cosmo Kramer
has just the mix for you,  An Open Letter to NYC - Take Me Home,   loaded with some good NY love!

Updated "The Collection" page, it's probably all jacked up, but it's a real pain.

Added new headers to the Beastiemixes 2.0 header preview page

(1-17-2007) 11:40pm
I know the site says no new hosting blah blah,  but I've been mailing this guy back and forth for about a month now, so if you're waiting for hosting, please check back next week.

 NEW REMIXER TONIGHT   Introducing our newest member, Josh Furey he comes to us with a 14 track mixtape titled Pretty in Pink, I've been listening to it for a few hours now, and I've got to say, it's a nice collection of pretty mellow mixes.  Very Clean! Go download, and drop him some love on his MySpace page.  Remember to tell him who sent you......

(1-17-2007) 2:13am
Cosmo Kramer with a Terminator 2 remix tonight (Updated),  very dramatic sounding..

2.0'd a few more pages, take a look around and see if you can spot the changes. Also added a few more headers to the preview page.

nYgel is back today with a tribute mix for Uru-Nitro Body Movin - Uru-Nitro Tribute

Cosmo Kramer back with a couple new ones today..
All Lifestyles - Smells Like Electro Spirit
Hey Fuck You - Muppet Babies Remix

Sorry about the late update.......  I don't know why you guys keep coming back here, I provide such crappy service,  late updates, missed e-mails, bad attitude....  :-p   Anyway, big load of mixes for tonight,  I would like for everyone to download them all, and at the very least comment on them at the Beastie Boys Remix Forum, or Send an e-mail to the DJ saying thanks!!!  Alright,  it's been a long day for me,   I'm out....

All Lifestyles and Just a Test - Orygidalbeatz Sanidade Remikz

Fatty Ratty
Brr Stick Em - Beatsies VS The Beatboxers

Cosmo Kramer
Electrify - A-Team Remix
Three MCs and One DJ - Linkin Problems Remix
Stop That Train - Duck Hunt Remix

Cosmo Kramer king of the theme mix, has a whole new batch for tonight.
An Open Letter To NYC - Real American Remix
Time To Build - Runaround Sue Short Remix
The Grasshopper Unit - Dock Of The Bay Remix
Pass The Mic - Cheers TV Remix

(1-9-2007) PM
Orygidalbeatz back tonight with two new mixes.  Go Check Em'!
Intergalacitc - Solar Remikz
Thats it thats all - Smokin Haze Remikz

(1-9-2007) Early AM
Cosmo Kramer back with even more !!!  This guy needs to take a nap.. And so do I.
3 The Hard Way - Long and Winding Road Remix
Electrify - Ring My Bell Remix
Hey Fuck You - Jeopardy Remix
Stop That Train - Hit The Road Jack Remix
We Got The - Welcome To The Jungle Remix
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Wheel Of Fortune Remix

Go download some remixes kids,  I hear downloading music on the interweb is all the rage,  you should try it.  :-p   I'm still rockin Cosmo's Brr Stick Em' -  Bites the Dust Mix from a couple days ago,  I don't know why but I love it.......  Must be that whole backwards masking thing,  makes me feel all evil....  Headphones on,  Volume to 11.

Added 9 new headers to the Beastiemixes 2.0 header preview page

Cosmo Kramer back with a couple more mixes,  
Body Movin - Foxy Lady Remix
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Bohemian Rhapsody Remix

And Guess What!!!  2 New Hosted Remixers  Please Welcome Damon Tedesco,
and Don Loop to our ever growing family. Go give them a listen, and drop them some mail. Headers coming soon, have patience.

  I would also like to mention we've now hit the 50 member mark in just under a year! We started in February of 2006 and have grown steadily since.  Where do you go now when you want to download some quality Beastie Boys remixes?  That's right, Beastiemixes.com!!!

   We Had a dry spell around here during the Holidays,  but it seems to be over now,  some nice jams have been uploaded lately....  Hope to have a couple new DJ's in the next few days, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  Oh well,  we'll see.   Have I mentioned lately that you guys are the best!!!!

Hey Fuck You - Remix
The Brouhaha - Remix

Kai Tombo
Ch-Check it Out - Nuff Drums Mix

Cosmo Kramer
Flowin Prose - Pink Floyd-Hey You Remix
Brr Stick Em - Bites The Dust Remix

I've got a very busy night ahead of me, so I don't have time to give a heads up for each mix, but these are the new ones for tonight,  I did however listen to them while updating,  and Oh Yeah!!!!  Nice Work Guys!

Fatty Ratty
So Whatcha Want - Lose Yourself Mash
All Lifestyles - Christina is Smokin Hot Mix

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Industrial Mix

Hey Ladies - Remix

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Re-Powered Remikz
Unite - Movin on and on Remikz

Orygidalbeatz Back tonight with a smooth mix of Triple Trouble with a nice little shout out to your home and mine,  BEASTIEMIXES.COM  First time that the site has actually made it into a mix, thanks!

(1-2-2007) Mid PM :-)
Guess What!!!   NEW DJ TONIGHT!!,  Orygidalbeatz from Reading, PA.  With no less than 15 smokin' mixes!  You've seen him in the Beastie Boys remix forums, and if you've heard his mixes you've wanted more...  Go check this guy out and drop him some e-mail...  Good stuff Guaranteed!

Added 3 shows to the LIVE page
Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale NY,  Aug 24th 1998
London England (Check Your Threads) June 22nd 1994
Dusseldorf-Germany December 13th 2004

(1-2-2007) Early AM Again :-(
Dj PSX was here way earlier in the day YESTERDAY,  I was out, and about,  and then in and working on a friends site for her.  Now I'm back and ready...
DJ PSX with a Beastie -vs- Troggs  battle to the death,  We Got The -vs- Wild Thing
It's a little after 1am here, and I don't think the neighbors appreciate the bass,  but I've listened to theirs all weekend, now it's my turn.  Sorry for making you wait PSX....  

(1-1-2007)Early AM

Happy New Year!!

    Hope you guys are all rested up and ready to mix that shit up in 2007,  and hopefully we'll be up to the challenge of hosting it up and giving some love back to the remixing community with a new and improved site.   You guys are the best!!!   Thanks for the blast that was 2006,  and for the 2007 to come.



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