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This year has turned out to be a real son of a bitch towards the end,  I've got more crap going on in my life at the very end than I've had all year.

On a nice happy note..... Dj PSX is back today with an Open Letter to NYC mix,  I like it a lot and it brought a smile to my face after the 3 hours of shit I just went through. Thanks PSX!

If you've mailed me in the last few days, and I haven't got back with you yet, I'm sorry,  I've been in a cave,  and I'm in the process of crawling in deeper, apparently....

(12-23-06) Very Early AM
Sorry to have to make you guys wait on this one, I had company over.
Kai Tombo with a new mix for Hey Fuck You, titled Unconventional Mix,  and the title fits it to a "T", still a very cool, different, original sounding mix,  Go get it.

Check this Myspace blog entry for a little info on the new site, some background info on the site in general, and just a bunch of rambling from me,  It is fairly long,  and I didn't want to crowd up the front page of this site with my ramblings.

Dj B bringin' us a Beastie Boys remix tonight that has brass to spare!
Shake Your Rump - Egg Roll Remix

Added Babelfish translation,  (look left) a couple of the languages screw with the page formatting, but it's a small price to pay.  I'll see what I can do to fix it.(12-19-06)
The new mixes are here!!! The new mixes are here!!!! J.J. Hunsecker back with a couple of jams,
Stop That Train - Wicked Pickett Number Nine Nice groovin tune..
Thats It Thats All - Shadrach Piper Love Child  Oh hell yeah, it's the bells!!!

Also added a show to the LIVE page:
Live in Milwaukee - Mecca Arena - May 22 1995  (2cd's 31 Tracks. 77.5mb)
    Have Fun!

New mix from B-Side beats crew member Felixe Deluxe  Sure Shot - Body Shot Mix Nice mellow stuff....With a beat....

    I'm preppin' a little sneak peak at what you guys' new headers will look like,  check back later for a link. I won't be able to show you guys a full DJ page just yet. In the mean time I want to stress that,  the new site will be done when it's done,  and no amount of money, love, or e-mails will make it happen any sooner,  as it stands we are further away from launching it than ever,  but I'm taking the oportunity now to show you guys a little of how I would like the site to look, whether other people like it or not, this is probably going to be the site for a while.  So far you guys have been more than understanding and I'm going to ask for more of the same...

       Thanks for hangin' in there,


Sneak a peak at some of the new headers HERE

J.J. Hunsecker today with a smooooth mix of Ch-Check it Out - Real Lowdown Apache mix

Yes, I'm a moron,   the two mixes below are NOW available for immediate download... Sorry...

Two DJ's double teaming the mixes tonight.
J.J. Hunsecker with: Alive - Wrong Magic Rubber
Kai Tombo with:  
Ch-Check It Out - Fuzz Face Megafone Mix

    You may have also noticed that the site doesn't look the same ;-)  Well this is partially to gauge how well everyone likes the new colors etc...   The DJ pages all still look the same for the time being. But I have a few surprises for the DJ's once their pages are up.   

    I will admit that we have suffered a pretty significant setback with getting the new site up.  As far as I'm concerned, the site is working great as is, and anything else would just be an improvement.  Being as I started this site as just a place for people to get their mixes hosted.   It's doing that right now,  to the tune of over 100,000 individual mp3's downloaded so far.    You like features?   I do to,  I just don't know when they will be coming.

     Please live with this mainpage design for a little while,  as these will also be the DJ page colors,  if you have any feedback etc etc, just drop me a note.  The DJ pages will be designed a little differently than this, but will retain the same flavor, and have some cool new features.  Bear with us over here, we are in this for the long haul.

J.J. Hunsecker is back at it tonight with two fine mixes.... Get em' while they're hot!!!
Electrify - 2 Tickets Already
Flowin' Prose - Black and Blue Shame In Your Game

(12-12-06) Evening
Hector Feelgood with a ver cool remix tonight,  I don't know what song the guitar parts come
from but it makes for a cool mix,  Bassdriver you should check this one out!
Time to Build - Harry Tapp Mix

(12-12-06) Very Early AM
NEW DJ!!!!!!
 We've got a new Dee Jay tonight boys and girls.  Goes by the name
J.J. Hunsecker, and he's got some nice jams that you should already be downloading now
instead of reading this.  But if you made it this far do not miss the Open Letter mix.
(My Personal Fav.)  and don't forget to drop him a note and let him know how he's doing......

        Silence7 OUT!

Don't know where he's been,  but he's back, nYgel with a new mix for
Right Right Now Now
tonight,  Go get it!!

Sorry about making you wait on this one Bassdriver,  Oh Word - B-Minor Mix.  
This one is low and smooooth..   Nice work!

Okay I don't want to find out a year from now that all of you DeeJays have been using 
little turntable setup to do all of your remixing and beats.

Couple of announcements tonight,  TWO NEW DJ's
Introducing,  Brudi from Brudi Productions,  and
Odd Lockset  
go check out their mixes and send them some mail telling them what you think
of their mixes.I'll have real headers up for them soon,  it's very late here.

Kai Tombo came by today to drop a new mix,
Right Right Now Now - Brontosaurus in Munic Mix
You know you wanna check it out!!!

Third announcement,  we've passed the 100,000 mp3's downloaded mark!  
Good Job guys. Be sure to pass the site address to anybody you know
who likes the Beasties.

        Silence7 out....

Ohhhh We've got some good stuff for you guys tonight!!!

First up,  DeeJayZap with a NEW MIXTAPE - DJ Zap - Golden Collection Vol 1  
An early Christmas present from the man spinnin' the wax.   Oh Hell YES!!!

Second up,  The Cheadster with four new jams,  High quality stuff....

You guys made my night!

On your mark,   Get Set,   DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PWN Productions with a very spicey little remix.   Alive - Jazz Mix  
Go check this out,  Niiiice!

Adding an A Cappella that I'm not quite sure you guys are going to know what to do with.
Cypress Hill  8-9-92 Wantash NY - So What'cha Want Accapella
Found and sent to us by the 9th Beastie,  apparently......
"Their turntable lost its power for a moment so B-Real did the lyrics from So WHat'Cha
Want to fill the time." The sound quality isn't that great, but you can check it......

Hector Feelgood with a new mix today that make even Crawlspace sound good!
Crawl Space - Remix

The Lone new mix for today..  DJ-B bringin it out tonight with his Spam - Vegetarian Mix,

   Starting of the new month right.   We've got a NEW DJ,  Not the one I mentioned yesterday,
but a good one none the less.  Introducing
Da Master Jay Leave, Go check his mix,
and drop him an e-mail and say hi.  Let him know Beastiemixes.com sent ya'

We've also got a couple new jams from some guys that have been rockin' beats forever.
DJ Uru-Nitro  Body Movin - Komm Schon Baby Remix
DeeJayZap  Triple Trouble - Clap Remix
You should really check these out!!

Go here and e-mail Dj Phosphoros to hurry up with the link to his new Spam remix,  Tell him
Silence7 sent ya.  You know when Phos drops a mix, it's gonna' be nice.  I've heard it, and so
should you.   Demand a link!!   Mucho Respect Phosphoros!

    Received a cool mix the other day from a guy

(Juiceman/D. Vintschger) who just wants to spread some Christmas cheer,  
little does he know,  I hate Christmas,
(at least the whole commercialisation of it) but for the rest of you,  

may I present

Triple Trouble_Sleigh Ride Mix_JuicemanD-Vintschger.mp3 You can

e-mail him HERE and let em' know what you think.

   Should have another new DJ in our giant posse by tomorrow night sometime.
Can you say remix album?   I knew you could

I would like to throw out a special thanks to Sheila from Argentina. Uploaded a live show, an
almost 300mb wav file! Buenos Aires - Club Ciudad De Buenos Aires Nov 3rd 2006.
I've put it up on the
live page as a 61mb mp3 So get at it.   And Thanks Again Sheila!!

PWN Productions with FOUR,  yes I said FOUR new mixes tonight.  All top notch.
I think my fav. is the Rhyme the Rhyme Well mix,  but judge for yourself. They're all pretty
f-ing wicked.
Flowin Prose - Deep Bass Mix
Negotiation Limerick File - Happy Jazz Mix
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - 808style Mix
We Got The - Soul Mix

In other news we've,  Ok I've added a link on the links page for www.b-boys.com
as their tag line says: "Representin' all aspects of Hip Hop culture and music."  Pretty nice
site with lots of info.

Bassdriver today with a fine mix, Flowin' Prose - Drum and Bass Mix

2 new mixes today......
Chromium05 with Brr Stick Em' - Remix4
Kai Tombo with All Lifestyles - Ova the Club Mix

    Good stuff all the way around.......

Tricky Dick back today for another round..  Sure Shot - Orchestral Mix

Added two shows to the LIVE page
April 25th 2003 HOB Jam Master Jay Benefit
$2 Dollar Bill Show June 06 2004 - Las Vegas NV

(11-23-06)Late PM
Just what I needed after a long day of being lazy celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday
here in the states,  
Tricky Dick  bringin' the mellowist mix of the week so far
Pass the Mic - Jazzy Mix

(11-23-06)Early AM
Added London England (Check Your Threads) - 06-22-1994 Show to the
LIVE page.

The Cheadster with a double shot tonight.
Brr Stick Em' - Waterworld  Remix     mmmmMMMMM

Unite Mad - Scientist Remix

Good stuff tonight,  three new mixes for your listening pleasure,  I enjoyed them, and so will YOU!
Hector Feelgood With a Body Movin' - Remix   &  a  Rhyme The Rhyme Well - Remix
Fatty Ratty With his Sure Shot - Simple DRE Mash

Bassdriver with the only new mix today,  Shake Your Rump - Radiohead Remix Good stuff, kinda mellowish,  Don't know the original song, but the mix is cool.

Couple of new mixes today and a live show added.
The Cheadster with Electrify - Eccentrelectricity Mix
CosmoKramer with An Open Letter To NYC - Another Remix
Live at The Melkweg - Amsterdam  May 16 2004

Couple of fine remixes tonight from a couple guys you know and love,
Felix Deluxe with his Beastie -vs- Roots remix of Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
Kai Tombo with a bass heavy
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Baked Canadian Mix

DJ's help me out.   I've received a couple requests via e-mail in the last couple days.

First One:
"Looking to find acapellas for the following: Sabotage, Paul Revere, Time to Get Ill?"

Has anyone made any "homemade" pellas for these songs

Second One:
The 2006 Hip Hop Honors performance link at the top of this page,  at right around 4 minutes in, MMM samples a song for about 56 seconds as background music.  What is this song?

,  Not new to mixing, but new around here, I would like to introduce Mike-Vee. He's got a couple of Beastie Boys remixes he'd like you all to check out, and is open to feedback. I'm lovin' the 3 the Hard Way mix myself.

Kai Tombo with a new mix tonight,  Body Movin - Super Dooper House Mix,  kind of a dreamy little mix,  very cool.

(11-11-06)Late PM
Sorry about the late update tonight,  but I assure you it was worth the wait. :-)
2 new remixes tonight,  one,  pretty mellow,  the other mellow in an industrial kinda way.
Tibor Fredmann with Root Down - Wasteland Remix
Tricky Dick with Sure Shot - Phatbass  Mix

    I am ver pleased to announce that tonight we have a NEW DJ,  I've admired this guy's mixes for a long time and am glad to have his mixes on the site. Lando's Dad !!!  If you haven't heard his mixes before,  now's the time,   Go get em'.

Quite a few new mixes tonight,

First off tonight,  Tricky Dick with So Whatcha Want - Engine mix    Nice and dirty!!

Next is The Cheadster with:
Ch-Check It Out - Jazz Flute Jive Remix
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Double Barrel Remix 1
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Double Barrel Remix
2     (bang-bang)

Good stuff all the way round' tonight. Thanks Guys!

Groove633's a busy man,  but he had enough time to bust out a mix for all you fans of the reefer, the ganja,  you blunt smokin' crazy boys.     Kids these days!  ;-p
Everybody Must Hit It and Hold It Now - B-Boys -vs- Bob Dylan

The Cheadster.  You might remember him from his entry in the last contest, anyway,  he's now a member of the beastiemixes family,  so go check his mixes, and drop him an e-mail to let him know what you think.


CosmoKramer has provided some CD covers for a couple of his mix collections
One for his Nineteen Seventy Something 9-Track Mixtape
And one for his I Love The 80's - Mini Remix Album
Go check em' out!

    Went and voted after work today,  and for someone who spends his entire life surrounded by computers,  day and night I'm sitting in front of one computer or another.  I just don't have any trust in voting electronically.  Then I keep reading these reports about how the Diebold machines are so easy to hack etc etc.  Makes me long for hanging chads.  Next contest,  I swear we are going to have punch card voting!

Speaking of politics,  I've got a couple things for you guys tonight,  because you know that there are people out there who believe sampling is wrong.

Copyright Criminals Documentary, preview. 41mb .mov file. Very good stuff.
Downhill Battle Music Activism
Bannedmusic.org Fighting for your right to sample
Remix Culture - Lawrence Lessig talk about remixing. (downloadable mp3's)

You guys have got to hear this!  Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew  Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop

   Small Announcement

   Don't be surprised if we have a new Dj or two around here in the next week or so,  I have a couple guys lined up,  I know the top of the page says No New DJ's.  That will be changing from time to time,  as my time allows.  As in,  If I feel I have the time,  I'll change it to now accepting X-number of new Dj's.  And the first ones to e-mail will be in until I have more time.

    I know you guys can go to AcidPlanet, or Soundclick and get an account in 5 minutes,  and I don't blame you,  in fact I encourage it,  the more you can get your music out there the better. If you can please be patient, I would still like to host your Beastie Mixes here also, where people know they will be able to come and always find new mixes..

    As some of you know, and some of you are about to learn,  this site is run by one person, me, and I'll need to put on the brakes from time to time to get caught up on my life.  If you're already hosted, don't worry,  you'll still receive the same service as always. :-p

          Thanks for your understanding,


Three new jams tonight......
Guy Incognito - All Lifestyles - Adam Mike Adam and Ray_A Guy Called Gerald V Beasties
Bassdriver - Ch-Check it Out - Spell Mix
nYgel - Looking Down Barrel of A Gun - StopThatTrain - Gettinrich

You guys just keep getting better and better.  I guess practice really does make perfect.

   The chat box sucked so I killed it. :-(

Went out Geocaching today with my girl,  you guys should check it out,  we've been doing it for a few years.  It's a good excuse to get out of the house and into nature.

Added the Live at the Hiro Ballroom Oct 4th 2006 show to the
live page,  this is the 1 file, unsplit version,  but I've included a Set List/Cue sheet that I found on the boards in the Zip file.

Back tonight,  Dj B is back with a new mix "LIVE acapella mixed with a track called
Eminence Front by The Who."  So What'cha Want_Don't Front Mix    Niiiice...!!!

   Added a printable cover to the Night of the Living Beasties contest page. This is a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Both front and back covers will print on a single sheet of paper.  When you go to print this be sure and UN-Check the "Fit to Page" checkbox, and it will print correctly and fit nicely in a jewel case so that you can proudly display it with the rest of your CD's. See how nice I am  :-)

Also Added Instrumentals to the A Cappella page. We have 4 albums worth so far.

Added a show to the
live page Live Hollywood Paladium-L.A February 7th 1987 The Beastie Boys and Run DMC throw down together in Hollywood.

Happy Halloween Guys!!!!!!   Hope you had as much fun as I did!!

Tricky Dick hit us up with a new mix today with a little Cypress thrown in,
Grasshopper Unit - Beasties vs Cypress Hill  Is it just me or does
B-Real have one of the coolest voices in rap?

Bassdriver back tonight after his victory over the dead, with this mix that I'm sure is named after his post win partying.  Electrify - Drunk Mix, guitars, guitars and then some more just for the hell of it.

(10-29-06) Midnight

Contest Has Ended

Bassdriver Has Won
For His Brr Stick Em' - Grab Me Mix / Leatherface
Lucky #13

I would like to thank all of you guys for jumping all over this contest,  For playing fair, and most of all being patient towards the end.  I don't know how many times I can say this but you guys really are the best!!!   If you need anything from Amazon.com,  Contact Bassdriver.

Bassdriver is Now Drunk!!

Felix Deluxe
with a mix today that should make our guitar playing friends happy.
Tripple Trouble - Tripple Trouble 65 (Beasties vs White Zombie)

Felix Deluxe with a kickin' mix tonight for Pass the Mic - Beasties vs XTC Pass the Nige

Still waiting on votes *sigh*

nYgel back with another new mix,  Car Thief - nYgel Remix .  Gettin a little MC Chris action in there,  it's a fun mix.

Almost all of the votes are in,  very interesting results.  I think there's only a few missing voters, I'll be adding the ones I received today in a little bit, but from what I can see so far, there are a few mixes that you guys liked a little more than the rest.   Stay Tuned.    S7

(10-27-06) 9:40pm
Yes, I screwed up and left a mix off of the list,  I am sorry beyond words,  If you have already voted and missed Track #29 please drop me a note with your vote....  And (You know who you are)  I am very sorry for leaving you off the list,  it was NOT intentional.


(10-27-06) 12:07am

Halloween Remix Contest Has Ended
Voting Starts NOW.
If you entered a mix for the contest and haven't received a ballot for some reason, please let me know, I sent all ballots to the same e-mail address you used to submit your entry.

Contest ends tonight at Midnight,   I will be e-mailing ballots to all who entered soon after.


Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock........ Contestants,  Get Moving,  Time is not on your side.

Added 3 live shows tonight.   Are you guys/girls actually downloading any of these shows???
Live RPI Fieldhouse, Troy-NY 4-17-1987
Live in Glasgow Scotland-UK  5-3-1999
Live New Orleans-LA October 16 2004 Voodoo Fest

New Accapella thanks to lain,
The New Style *Fuck* *fuck* fUck*

Fatty Ratty with a new mix tonight The Move - Funky Town Remix ,  Very Cool...

Added another contest mix tonight, Herman Munster

Site passed 75,000 mp3 downloads since Feb 2nd 2006
This does not include zip files.

DeeJayZap has got a new 14 track mixtape out tonight,  the one I hinted at the other day.  Let me tell you.. This is hot.  Go check it NOW...  Represent NYC - Remixed by DJ Zap

Three more contest mixes tonight,  Loki,  Stephen King,  and Jack Torrance

Somehow when I made the new DJ list I forgot one DJ,  Kai Tombo,  it was an accident. Nobody was dropped I swear!   So go check his mixes, he's very good!

Added two LIVE Shows
Paris, Elysée Montmartre 05-21-04
Coachella Saturday April 26 2003

It's coming down to the wire,  if you have contest entries, ya better get them in.

nYgel back today with a mix for Time to Build - nYgel Mix  Good stuff my man.

Lots of mixes tonight.......
Guy Incognito with  Body Movin - Jelly Movin, Beasties V The Staunton Lick
Kai Tombo with  3 the Hard Way - funKiclavmix
Dj B   with  All Lifestyles - Uprock Remix

Three more contest mixes tonight, Bride of Frankenstein, Blackula, and Freddy Krueger

Also I have a new mixtape in waiting while I'm busting the DJ's chops over file naming.  It'll be worth the wait I promise,  All I can say is,  he kicks some ass on the turntables.  Sorry man....

Bassdriver with us tonight with a mix I hinted at in the forums,  I asked why nobody has mixed Hank Williams Sr. The result Triple Trouble - (T)Hank(s) Mix, B-Boys -vs- Hank Williams

Tricky Dick with a new mix  The Move -  Drum n Bass Mix  Glow sticks and ecstasy are in order. Are those Smurfs I hear??

nYgel is back on the scene, with a new mix for Alive.       Mellow, and bouncy..

    Good stuff tonight.

Hector Feelgood with a new mix for Just a Test,   Niiice... Also fixed a link on his page for his
mix for
The Move

Two more contest mixes tonight,  The Mummy, and Jack The Ripper

Dynamixx Prince's website link fixed.

It's all about the Halloween for you kids isn't it??
Hector Feelgood back tonight with a non-contest Halloween mix for us
Electrify - Hectoween Mix
Starts off slowly and creepily,  and the it jumps on your chest and rips your heart out.

Also two new contest mixes tonight,  Swamp Thing, and Medusa submitted by Dj ???.  Hahaa


40 Hosted Remixers
Thanks to all the guys hosted now and in the future!!

  Damn I tried to get done before the VH1 Hip Hop Honors started,  Sheiiit,  too late... Anyway. These guys just slipped in under the new temp. DJ ban... Sorry about the temporary headers guys, I'll try to get something a little more "official" up in the next few days. :-)

 Eddie Machete      with 3 mixes.
 Hector Feelgood   with  2 mixes.
 Sergio L. Kasmin  
with  1 mix.

  Go Check em' out!!!

Also,  Dynamixx Prince with a new 5 track mixtape Oldschool Blast.

Just watched the opening performance by the Beasties, and MMM,  That shit was HOT!!  I'm done for the night,  time to get back to the TV.   Here's the Beastie's performance from last year HERE

If you've already contacted me about hosting, and I've sent you "The Letter" Don't worry, I'll take care you. ;-p  I'm working on some new stuff for the site, and trying to also have a life,  fear not, this no new dj's thing is temporary.  I just need a breather.

Without further adieu, I present to you, the ultra sophisticated remix listener, A NEW DJ,  Dj B,  with a Car Thief - Foiled Plot Version Remix. Go check his mix.

2nd NEW DJ for the night,  Felix Deluxe, with three mixes,
Intergalactic -vs- More Human Than Human
Root Down -vs- Welcome to the Jungle
Shake Your Rump -vs- Hollaback

Added another mix to "The Contest" page.

    Go Download,  I order you!! :-)

CosmoKramer with an Electrify - Johnny Cash - Hurt Remix today.  It always seems weird that people remix this song,  I wonder who suggested that Johnny should cover a NIN song in the first place,  was it Johnny or Trent?   I ended up looking it up and it was Rick Rubin who suggested it. you can read about it here.

Why doesn't MMM look like this ???!! The Beasties should hire her as a backup DJ.

(10-14-06) PM
Guy Incognito with a nice mix for us tonight. Says this is his first attempt at a propper mash-up and is looking for some feedback on this one.  Working on unfamiliar software can make anyone question themselves.  :-)  Give him a shout and let him know how he did on his
Triple Trouble - We Are Your Friends Mix

Added 4 more entries to the Halloween Remix Contest Page.

(10-14-06) AM
New mix from Bassdriver today Body Movin' - Still Bill Remix
And a new mix from Tricky Dick,  
Intergalactic - Chill out MIx

Both Quality mixes, and both mellow as hell,  if you like em' smooth low and slow, check these.

Also received another entry for the contest,  will be uploaded in a few days.

CosmoKramer Back with another mixtape,  this time it's an 8-track 80's love fest titled:
I love the 80's - Mini Remix Album  Good stuff that brought back some weird memories. Go check this thing,  it's good for some smiles.

A little late, but better than never, Groove633 with an entry for the Rooster Mix contest, Grasshopper Unit_Cockle Doodle Doo Unit,  See the Non contest entries on this page.

Also added 2 new contest entries for the current Halloween Remix Contest. Norman Bates, and Angel Cruz.

Am I the only one?? Every time I watch the Three MC's and One DJ video I bust out laughing, They look so serious in the beginning and end of the video, but it's just so silly.  :-)

(10-12-06) 11PM
New mix from Guy Incognito tonight,  The Brouhaha - Dark Lady  This thing is smooth as hell,  glad to see Guy Incognito getting back in the game.  Go check this mix out.

Added the 12-03-2004 Transmusicales, Rennes Fr. show to the live page.

Are you guys working on your contest mixes???  I've got a couple waiting for me to put them up, but I'm holding off for a few more.

Big night tonight,  CosmoKramer with a new mixtape,  a couple songs you might have heard, the rest are fresh and 'New'   Nineteen Seventy Something,  Go check it out.

Also,  2 new remixes for the contest have been uploaded, time to check out the competition!!

CosmoKramer with a Flowin' Prose Remix - Stairway to Heaven Remix. Mellowist mix I've heard in a while.  Stark contrast to his Superman mix,  that thing is bangin'. This is kinda kick back.  Fits my mood today. It's been a rough weekend.

Received another mix for the contest today, (you know who you are),  will not put it up til' we have a couple more to go along with it.  Gotta keep you guys guessin'

Also Check the contest page for the new cover,  I'll do up a back cover after all the entries have been,  errrr,  Entered!!  


Bassdriver back today with a mix for Hey Fuck You,  Hey Fuck You - Sub Bass rmx. Nice and Mellow.

Also there have been a couple new entries added to the contest page,  go check em'.

(10-7-06) 1:20am
Sorry about the late update again tonight guys,  it's been a rough night.

Uru-Nitro is back!!
Electrify - Uru-Nitro Remix With DJ Zap

nYgel is also back!!
Brass Monkey - Evil Monkey Mix
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - nYgel Remix

CosmoKramer back at us with some more themed mixes
3 the Hard Way - 3 The Pac-Man Way Arcade Remix
It Takes Time To Build - Zelda Dungeon Remix
Right Right Now Now - X-Men Remix

And in case anybody's interested,
I uploaded the first 3 entries to the
Halloween Remix Contest

(10-5-06) PM
I have clarified some of the times on the contest page to be a little more specific as to when the contest ends, the voting starts and stops etc.

I have also added a 64kbps version of the audio track for people who are having a hard time downloading the 128kbps version due to the large size.

I have receivied a couple entries so far and will be putting them up for download in a couple of days.

(10-5-06) Early AM

Click the here for more info.

Loooong day today,  sorry for the late update,  So here it is, and it's a good one.

CosmoKramer with a couple Super Hero mixes,  Nice work.
Electrify - Superman Remix
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Classic Batman Remix

DeeJayZap with a mix that I'm LOVIN,  but it seems like there's something wrong with his record,  it's Scratchin' all ove the place,  Zap you might want to have that checked out.   ;-)
An Open Letter To NYC - Xire vs Beastie Boys

PWN Productions, gettin' brave with a song you don't see mixed everyday.
So Whatcha Want -Claude Zaque Remix ,  Nice,  Nice.....

See you guys tomorrow, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel....
If I'm up to it, there might be a surprise.

A couple of kickin' remixes for you guys/girls tonight.
Situation(Guy Incognito) with a remix for Right Right Now Now.  Very spacey feel,  I'm likin' it.
CosmoKramer with
All Lifestyles_Tony Montana-Scarface Remix, It's Tony!!!  Nuff Said.

   I've been asked quite a few times by various people how they can send me things, people have offered money to help out.  Frankly I'm (Very) far from rich, but I can pay my own bills.  If you really insist on hookin' me up,  I've put up a link to my Amazon.com wishlist on the right hand bar.  This is voluntary and has no hidden benefits to you.  Completely ignoring this button will not change how the site is run or get you any favors. I will not upload your mixes faster, and I will not say nice things about bad mixes.   I promise to send a nice thank you note though.  :-)

Bassdriver with a slap bass version of All Lifestyles - Jesus Christ Superstar Remix  This guy really can play the bass.  And all this time I thought it was because he liked to drink Bass, and drive home drunk.  ;-)

Over 60,000 remixes downloaded so far!

New remix from CosmoKramer tonight,  We Got The - Then and Now Remix

All Lifestyles - Rough Cut
resurected from the Un-identified mixes list by Guy Incognito.

I'm probably the only loser who hasn't seen this video yet,  but I thought it was funny.
Beastie Boys AOL Sessions Interview

    It is my pleasure to announce a NEW DJ TODAY, Guy Incognito, he was around when I started lurking the BB forums and is one of about 6 guys who  got me started collecting.  He's got some software issues now that are keeping him from mixing, so If anyone can help him out with some software to get him mixing again see his page and drop him an e-mail.  After you hear his mixes you'll want to hear more.

   Make sure you guys check THIS GUY,  he's on the boards as kool-g.CPA but not gettin' the respect I think he deserves,  he's got some quality groovy vibe mixes, and you can add comments on his site, go check em' Tell him beastiemixes.com sent ya'  ;-)

Tricky Dick tonight with a rockin' mix:
Rhyme the Rhyme Well - Sleazy Eric vs Tricky Dick collab

DJ Wiseman back after a long absence with a damn fine mix.
Brrr Stick Em' - Hobo Remix

If any of you guys/girls are gamers, or remember the beginings of home computing, and like rap ;-)  go download this album by YTCRACKER it's free and it's fun as hell.

A few new remixes tonight, and then I'm taking the rest of the night off. :-p

DJ PSX with: his Super Disco Grasshopper Move Mix

Tricky Dick with:
The Move - Oceans 12 OST Mash
The Move - Old Skool Beasties

PWN Productions with:  Hold it Now Hit it - Old Skool Remix

New A Cappella for Sure Shot

Big day today!

First off,  CosmoKramer Dropped a 13 track MixTape titled BeastieVille

Dynamixx also dropped off a mix today, Electrify - Short Cut Mix with word of more to come

Ulisse also showed up with a brand new mix Stop that train - Razorbladeremix

New (Homemade) A Cappella for Get It Together Thanks Mudfoot !!

Awesome work from all you guys!
Lets see how long it takes the server to melt!

Very nice mix from Bassdriver tonight,  Shazam_Jazzam-rmx,  I think this guy is starting to develop a cult following.   Don't let hit tempting music brainwash you.  ;-)

We're now hosting up some A Cappellas that aren't currently available on the
Beastie Boys Official Pella download page.   Have Fun.  Thanks Cosmo!

(9-23-06) PM
CosmoKramer with a smooth little mix for The Move - Shadows of Doubt Remix,  Nicely done.

(9-23-06) AM
New DJ Today
,   please welcome DJ PSX,  AKA  Johnny 5.  He's got 8 mixes on his page for you to check out,  So Go Check Em' Out.

We've got a 2 pack to start the weekend off right.
CosmoKramer with Putting Shame In Your Game_Neptunes Remix, and a
Hold It Now Hit It - Shadowville Remix      Go take a listen,  I promise it won't hurt.

   Also, in case you haven't noticed,  a new DJ menu because there's just getting to be too many of you guys to be listed all at once,  (Aren't there any girl DJ's??)   If you have any problems with the menu please drop me a note.

Also,  Go and check out Weird Al's new video for "White and Nerdy" on his MS page. Awesome!!

CosmoKramer with a 3 in 1 mix for us today,  
Rhyme The Rhyme Right Now and Unite - Wu Chessboxin Remix

Tricky Dick
with another mix for us We Got The - Robots with a fatass bass rule the world  Did I hear a little nod to "The Contest" in there??  :-)   OH and No. 5!  You know, He's Alive!!!

Tricky Dick with a We Got The - Nineties House Remix V2,   Where's my glowsticks, and strobelight when I need them.

(9-17-06) 11a.m.
Bassdriver back today with a Rhyme the Rhyme Well remix with the guitars from Johnny Cash's song Hurt.  Guitar for this mix played by Bassdriver.  Very Mellow, Makes me miss Johnny even more.

(9-17-06) 2a.m.
Got home from work tonight at almost midnight,  then remembered I had Two New DJ's on the list for tonight. and a couple new mixes sitting on the server,  No Sleep Til' Brooklyn for me!!  :-)

Please welcome Unisys,  and  Professor mo' to the Beastiemixes.com family.

Tricky Dick was also busy today with a new remix. Electrify - Barry White FLC
CosmoKramer Also busy as usual with a new one
Ch-Check It Out - Human Beat Box Remix

   It's now after 2am, off to the showers!  Happy Downloading!!!

Double shot of goodness from CosmoKramer tonight..
Brouhaha - Beastie Groove Springfield Remix
Stop That Train - Pass The Marijuana Remix

Fatty Ratty with a 3 The Hard Way - Eazy Mambo Number Six Four Remix, Nice stuff!

Tricky Dick back with another hard ass metal mix, Thats It Thats All - Twin-pedal to the metal mix - Tricky Dick -vs- Sleazy Eric

CosmoKramer with a new Brouhaha - Beastie Groove Mix.

Oh this is a smooth one,  CosmoKramer's Crawlspace - Pink Floyd Money Remix I'm waiting for an Another brick in the wall mix :-)

(9-12-06) PM
NEW DJ Tonight
,  Fatty Ratty!  One remix so far with more on the way I hear.

PWN ProductionsCar Thief remix ft Plot,  Oh yeah!

CosmoKramer 2 kickin' new mixes, Shake Your Rump - Dre-Rolling Stones Remix and
An Open Letter To NYC_Dream On Remix
Nice work as usual.

Tricky Dick a nice as hell remix for 
An Open letter to NYC - Eric's Gibson Les Paul Mix

Warm up your hard drives because it's time for some download action.  Go Get Em'!

TWO New DJ's Tonight
,  Both with some impressive work,  Both from different sides of the globe, DJ#1 Bassdriver from Switzerland.
Alex Westmore from the City of Angels (Los Angeles)   

    Both have e-mail addresses on their pages for a reason,  they want some feedback, so go get some fresh mixes, and help a fellow DJ out with an e-mail letting them know how their doing.

     There's a big flashing button under the DJ list that it seems nobody has noticed, Live Beastie's shows.  Are you guys hittin' up the LIVE page?  If you want more you guys need to speak up. I haven't heard from a single person about it.  Either a thumbs up or a thumbs down? And if you have any shows that aren't listed and would like to donate, drop me a note.

Website Closed for the day.

New 3 The Hard Way - American Woman Remix from CosmoKramer,  Fun Stuff!

Oh Yeah!!!  PWN Productions stopped by and uploaded a fun as hell mix today.
No Sleep til' Brooklyn -vs- Joan Jet's I love Rock n Roll Remix Nice work my man.

Also tonight,  Dakurv is back with a couple new mixes, one for Stop That Train,  and another that I was accidently sitting on for a week and a half,  Sorry Dakurv,  An Open Letter to NYC Remix.  Both quality mixes!

Go Download Some Remixes!

New groovy Just a Test remix from PWN Productions.
New DJ Today from New Zealand,  Did you know that they're a day ahead of the U.S.  Please welcome DJ HG
aka DJ HamGizzle Drop him an e-mail and say hi....

Couple of fresh (as in Dougie) mixes for you guys tonight. Tricky Dick with a That's it That's all - Hail to the Synthesizer Mix.   And one from one of the new guys around here, DJ Lopez with his Intergalactic - Lopez Jazzy RMX.   Go get at em'  They're good, I know,  I've heard them!

New DJ Tonight
, from Switzerland, please drop Ulisse a note to say "hi", and let him know if you like his mixes (or not, I'm sure He's open to feedback), go check em' out.

Another new mix from CosmoKramer,  The Move - Fallacious Remix, This is a fun one folks, which is good if you've had a day like mine. :-)

New DJ Tonight
,  Please welcome DJ Lopez,  He's from Chile,  and his remixes are HOT!!  Drop him an e-mail and let him know what you think.

Also, CosmoKramer hitting us with both barrels tonight,  with a mix for Hey Fuck You, and another for Intergalactic.

Today is a very special day for a couple reasons.  Today is my Sister's Birthday,  
Happy Birthday Sis'   And also because we've got another new DJ on the way,  his page should be up tomorrow. DJ Lopez.  He's got some very clean mixes,  you'll have to come back tomorrow to check em'

Also, PWN Productions stopped by to bring us a remix for Triple Trouble - Featuring Fun Lovin Criminals Loco

Two new mixes today.  Unite - Eric B. Mix from Tricky Dick  and an Intergalactic - Slayer Mix from Dynamixx,  Both worth a listen,  so GO LISTEN!  :-)

 Dynamixx Go give his stuff a listen, he's impressing a few folks over in the BB Remix Forums.  Go download and see for yourself.

Tricky Dick is on an f-ing roll,  2 new mixes today... Crawlspace - Mastermovies Mix and
The Brouhaha - Que pasa mix Crawlspace is probably my least favorite song on TT5B,  but Tricky Dick makes it all better...  The Brouhaha mix is Jammin,  I love it.

 Tricky Dick bringin' the old school flavor today with his newest mix,
That's it That's All - All these feelings in me head mix ,  Very fine, Very Fine...

(8-26-06) Midnight+15mins
Tricky Dick payed us a visit today and dropped a new mix for Intergalactic, Smok-A-Galactic Mix.  Pretty mellow mix,  Just what I needed after my 14 hour day today at work. Something to relax me a bit.  Oh my God, Becky!

(8-24-06) Midnight
Tonight I am proud to announce our newest member, Broomhead!  He's got some good stuff on his page,  go check it out and drop him an e-mail to let him know how he's doing. (I bet his head isn't really made out of broom) ;-)

   Driving home from work today,  Judas Priest's song Breakin' the Law came on the radio,  I had it cranked and was singing along and feeling rebelious when I realised that the whole time I was making sure to keep my speed a couple miles per hour under the speed limit so I wouldn't get a ticket.  Yeah I'm a rebel.... :-)

    Tonight we have a mix for Body Movin' that could have only come from one person I know Tibor Fredmann,  The Dr Frankenstein Mix..  Go check this mix,  Horror, Industrial, and Hip Hop.  I don't know it's just me but I'm hearing some freakish samples in this one. Dark and fun at the same time.

    My desktop computer is down for a couple days, and I don't think I will ever get used to a laptop keyboard... Arrrrgh!  I did discover one thing though,  My laptop sound card is way louder than the one in my desktop (With the headphones on) This things' freakishly loud.

I don't know where he finds his samples but I'm starting to think that
PWN Productions is the sample master.  He's got a new In a World Gone Mad mix for us tonight.  Nice job PWN.

CosmoKramer with a new remix, 3 The Hard Way - Lucy In The Sky Remix

   The site passed a small milestone the other day!  100gb of Beastie Boys remixes downloaded since February 2nd.  44,925 MP3's downloaded so far.  I would like to take this time to thank all the people who I've met because of the site, you guys have all been very supportive and positive and that's exactly how I hoped it would work out.  Here's to the next 100gigs.  I would also like to thank all the DJ's who have signed up,  and even those who haven't, it's because of you guys that this site is here and we have so many great mixes and mashes.   Silence7

I don't know if he knows I have this mix, but
Joakizmo has graced the internet with another fun mix, he didn't give it a name so I did.  It's a mix for We Got The I'm callin' it the Pac-Man Mix, go get it and you'll know why.

Couple of mixes from
Gurt B. Frobe tonight, One for All Lifestyles and another for
Rhyme the Rhyme Well.  
CosmoKramer is also with us tonight, with an Open Letter / Iron Man mash.

What are you waiting for?? Get Busy Downloading!

PWN Productions dropped by to upload a mix today.  A sweet mix for...............
An Open Letter to NYC Feat. Grandmaster Flash

On a side note:  When you come and download mixes,  be sure and drop your favorite remixer an e-mail and let them know you appreciate them.  You tip your waitress,  the least you can do is drop an e-mail to your fav. remixer for releasing all their mixes as free mp3's for you to enjoy..    S7

New mixes from
Gurt B. Frobe,  and CosmoKramer tonight.
Gurt with a rockin'  We Got The mix.
Cosmo with a Super Mario Bros mix of 3 The Hard Way. and a re-tweked version of the Time To Build / Lynard Skynard mash.

I thought I had heard every kind of remix until I heard CosmoKramer's
Beastie Boys -Time To Build -vs- Lynard Skynard Sweet Home Alabama Mashup

Also snuck in some new mixes from Chromium05 and an oldie from Joakizmo Go Check Em'

CosmoKramer with a Doors - Riders on the Storm -vs- Beastie Boys - Brouhaha Mash today, damn good stuff.

PWN Productions with a Battlestar Galactica remix of Intergalactic.  Cool mix for you sci-fi fans out there.

CosmoKramer with a Beastie Boys All Lifestyles -vs- RunDMC's Mary Mary.  My favorite RunDMC song mixed with the Beasties,  How can you go wrong there.

4 new remixes from
CosmoKramer.  Go check em' and if you like them be sure and drop him an e-mail and let him know.

(8-4-06) New DJ tonight, (One of the ones mentioned above) Please give a big welcome to CosmoKramer,  Some nice stuff on his page,  Ready...Set..... Go download some remixes!!!

Gurt B. Frobe back at us again with 2 new mixes, 1 mellow one for Right Right Now Now, and 1 Beasties' -vs- Xzibit mix for 3 the Hard Way.

    Check out the new member for today,
MCCRD,  he's got up a
Beastie Boys' TT5B -vs- MixMaster Mike's Bangzilla  partial album remix called Boroughzilla.  I've had his page prepped for a while now, but have been awaiting the go ahead. Good Stuff!

Introducing our newest member
Gurt B. Frobe, go check his page!! Some nice work there!

New mix from
Gareth Vader,  Electrify-vs-birdy-nam-nam Let him know what ya think here

We also have a new remixer with us tonight,  Dakurv.  I'm awaiting more info on this guy, but in the meantime, go check his mix.  

Kai Tombo with a New Rhyme the Rhyme Well remix today,  and DJ ZAP brings us a new mix for This Government Needs a Tune Up.

(7-28-06) Last week I clocked in 17 hours of overtime at work,  only to come home for the last few weeks to a non working air conditioner.  Where I live more than 120 people have died because of the heat over the last 3 weeks or so.  And there's a 98% chance that I will have 2 more weeks of the same.   Damn I hope it cools down soon!

    I haven't been in the mood to even check out new mixes in the forums.   But I have however been listening to submissions for the site.  And speaking of submissions.   Does anybody like Beastie Boys remixes???    GOOD!   We've got three new ones for ya tonight.

Kai Tombo with two new mixes for Unite,  unite-rave virgin  &  unite-ignight the roach mix.
PWN Productions with a new mix for Crawlspace.

   Turn off your Backstreet Boys CD,  and go download some fresh mixes,  I know they'll bring a smile to your face,  they did to mine.

Kai Tombo has got a new one for us today!
All Lifestyles - Mélange magique de porc et de poulet
A free translation site gave me this translation "Magic mixture of pork and of chicken"  If it's wrong...  I dunno...

Tricky Dick is back!  With a crazy Shake Your Rump - Insane Mega Mix. This thing is all over the place. Go download this thing NOW..!!

PWN Productions has got a new one for us today, Triple Trouble La Raza Mix,  "Because he wanted a Cool Pop!"  :-)   Go get it boys..... And Girls!

    Oh,  we also have a new DJ on the way that you may or may not have heard of,  he'll be coming at us with a nice TT5B full album remix.  Stay Tuned!!

A new mix for Joakizmo,  Hold It Now Hit It_BistiBois Mix...  :-) I Like it.....

Four new mixes from PWN Productions today.....  Go Check 'em  

Check it out Just Blaze_Remix ft. Peter Moore
Right Right now now_ ft David Bowies Lets dance
Brr stick m_ Bossa Remix
All Lifestyles_ ft Grand Groove Bunch

         Have Fun!


Tibor Fredmann with a new mix,  Shake Your Rump - Ballroom Rumble Mix  Nice stuff, go listen now!

Kai Tombo,  There was a time that I thought he never rested,  then he disappeared for a few weeks,   well,  he's back..... With a Shazam Acapella_Dooper Mix.

Next just won't give up,  He won the contest and is back with another smokin' version of his winning entry. Brr Stick Em_Brr Cock Em Dub Version Hit up his page or the contest page and take a listen.     Every time I hear a new mix of that damn song I smile and giggle like a little kid!

New Electrify Scratch Remix from PWN Productions today.

Kai Tombo is back from a long needed rest, and is here with a new mix tonight.
Just a Test - Mile and a Half High Jetlag Club Mix

Also added some of Chromium05's mixes that have only been seen before in the Beastie Boys forums.  If you're not a regular in the forums, you might have missed them,  go check em'.

Remix Contest Wrap-up

   When I came up for the idea of the remix contest,  I figured at most it would be like $100 plus about $20 or so for shipping.     Here is a behind the scenes look at how quickly costs escalate.

     Needless to say,  it might be a while before I have another contest.   Looking into buying online for the next one and having the stuff shipped directly.

     NEXT, and Joakizmo,  Check your mailboxes,  your packages are on their way.

First Place




iPod Shuffle



Custom Painted Iron Rooster



Rubber Rooster



Stuffed Rooster



Musical Turntable Keychain



Rooster Potholder



Second Place




Beastie Boys CD



Rubber Rooster



Stuffed Rooster



Musical Turntable Keychain



Rooster Potholder



1970 Ford Pinto



Trips to the UPS Place



Cost to ship it all to Denmark And Norway


Click To Enlarge
Will open in a new  window.

Grand Total


Getting Nine Kick-Ass Remixers to remix an almost impossible to remix song, and having them come up with some amazing mixes.....


Thanks Again Guys!!!!

DeeJayZap with a new mix for Alive tonight.  Go Check it...!!

Beastiemixes.com "I love My Little Rooster" Remix Contest Winners

1st Place NEXT
2nd Place Joakizmo
3rd Place

CLICK HERE for the gory details

   I would just like to thank EVERYONE who entered the contest,  and also thank you for being patient while the votes trickled in....  I played the lottery twice a week this whole month with the hopes that I could give you all the first place prize.  Sorry I didn't win.   I hope to have another contest in the future,  be on the lookout.

                        Thanks Again!


    I know you guys are itching to hear who won the contest,  and believe me I am as eager as you,  maybe even more, but I gave the judges til' the 30th,  and by God they seem to be taking it.   I have some of the votes but not all.   I will however give you a sneak peak at the prizes.  The extra stuff shown in the photo not mentioned on the contest page will be divided up between the 1st. and 2nd place winners.  Thanks for being patient guys.

Click to Enlarge
Will open in a new window.

Be sure that you've checked the links page and hit up the other DJ's sites I've got listed,  and tell em' Beastiemixes.com sent you!

Some of the votes are in for the contest (No I won't post them) the rest should be in soon.  Believe me I've been pushing.

New Time to Build remix from PWN Productions today,  Check it, it's nice...

This one's for Dando Mario beat box  and These Kids Are Just Crazy!
YouTube Videos..

Beastie Boys Retards
Run DMC Retards
Transformers Breakdancing
Cubicle Warrior Breakdancing
Hyun Joon OMG!!

Judging will now begin, I will announce the winners as soon as I find out.
All Contest Entries Received So Far are Available for Download!

I made CD covers for those of you who have downloaded all the
contest tracks and would like to burn a CD

They will print fine if you print them at 100%

I would like to extend a Big Thank You to all the remixers who participated in the contest and wish you all the best of luck.  If all goes well, we'll do this again in the future.

The clock is ticking for the Remix Contest,  5 hours and some change from my end of the world.

Three new entries tonight so far,  1 entry from nYgel,  and 2 from Uru-Nitro  go check em out.

Voting starts tomorrow,  I wish you all good luck!

New entry for the contest,  Next with his Brr Stick Em' - Brr Cock Em' Remix,  Give it a listen.

I have also added quite a bit to the prize pool, I picked up a couple more things (Again) to add to the prizes,  the winners are going to be receiving quite a bit of stuff.  I've got some surprizes for you.

New That's it That's all -vs- ICE T's Original Gangsta Remix from PWN Productions.

New Rhyme the Rhyme well remix from DJ Wiseman tonight. and a new mix from DeeJayZap for...... Are You Ready for this?   Get it Together!  Oh Yeah!
Ready,  Set,  Go Download!!

Click to Enlarge
In recognition for his achievment in stumping me with his remix of Honky Rink for the remix contest I would like to present this award to DJ Fartcar.  It seems that I've not heard EVERY song the Beasties have done. :-)

2 new entries for the contest today! Another one from Fartcar, and one from Matt Butters. Head over to the contest page to check 'em.

Joakizmo showing 8 new mixes today and another mix for "The Contest"

DeeJayZap back today with something tasty....  Beastie Boys vs Run DMC Remix Album. And an entry for the remix contest.   Also added 2 entries for the contest from DJ Fartcar.

2 new CrAzY mixes today,  first one is an Oh Word mix from Tibor Fredmann,  This thing is crazy,  you'll just have to take my word for it.  The second one is a Sure Shot mix from Dj Zap, that starts off all normal,  then it takes a turn for the freaky.  Both good mixes,   :-)

Miles Away From The 5 Boroughs  -  Miles Davis -vs- Beastie Boys full album mix,  go give this guy some love.   This is good shite.......  S7

New Root Down mix from PWN Productions  and DeeJayZap with mixes for Oh Word,
Root Down and two mixes for Three MCs' & One DJ.   Go download these NOW..!!

   I also picked up a couple cool things I'm going to throw in the boxes for the first and second place winners of the remix contest.  :-)

New Shazam remix from DeeJayZap today,  good stuff.

   New Remixer today!!!   PWN Productions has joined our happy little family. Give his mixes a listen,  he's goood...

New remix from DeeJayZap today for Looking down the barrel of a gun . And another for today 6-7-2006  for 3 the Hard Way.

New DJ tonight,  DJ Sirvalence,  very talented in his own right, trying his hand at remixing. I'll get an e-mail address for him soon.


   As we start out our fifth month here at beastiemixes.com (Site was born on Feb. 2nd) I would like to take this chance to say thanks! (slow day today) First to the Beastie Boys for releasing the pellas.  Second I'd like to say thanks to all the remixers, hosted here or not, who bring us crazy ass mixes of songs we all know and love.  And third to the random surfer who somehow finds this site and downloads some good mixes.

    I do have a request for you, the random downloader.  If you download a mix that you really like, drop the Remixer / Dj and e-mail and let him/her know, believe me, they love feedback. Almost 16,000 MP3 downloads, and how many of you have sent a nice note to a DJ lately? :-)

            So Thanks Beasties,  Remixers,  and Downloaders.


DeeJayZap with a 2 new remixes and an entry for the contest today.  Remixes for Alive and
Shake Your Rump. Nice work Zap.   Go download these NOW...

3 entries for the contest already,  and I know of 3 or 4 others who are working on their entries,  the ones I've received so far are far better than I would have expected given the song that I supplied.

Couple of announcements tonight.  First one is we have 2 new remixers today,  the first one is River Styx,  with a couple of nice mixes,  the second one is Joakizmo,  Joakizmo's page isn't quite ready yet ( but I'll try for tonight ) as I've been trying to ready my second announcement,

Sure Shot remix today from DeeJayZap!

And a New Mixer, Gleechi Gleechinson, with mixes for Electrify, and We Got The...
Quality Work.

DeeJayZap with a new remix today for Crawlspace,  Nice stuff.

Kidda is back with a new Kidda -vs- Beastie Boys Mix tape,  "Fake Boogie Tapes" Go now and Ch-Check it out...!!!   And don't forget his original mix tape, On the bus to NYC

 New Body Movin' remix from our newest member, JonJon.  Drop him a note and let him know how he's doing.

   New Looking down the barrel of a gun remix from DeeJayZap,  and a New All Lifestyles mix  from Dj Kai Tombo,  Time to delete some of your pron to make room for some sweet remixes.

   The man who NEVER sleeps,  Dj Kai Tombo,  he must have been awake for the last three nights because he's got 3 new mixes for us.  Remixes of Triple Trouble, Shake Your Rump, and That's it That's all.   I'm diggin' the That's it - Hillbilly Mix...

   Is it just me or can you mix the Beasties with just about any kind of music?   I think so!!!  And we shall soon find out??!!

DJ D / Tricky Dick is on the job today, this time he's got a nice mellow one for us.
Stop That Train BBoys -vs- Def P

As for my friend's Charlotte Church remix request below.  If you want to try this one, you can contact him HERE and he'll get you the song.  Just tell him I sent you..  :-)

 Kai Tombo back at it again with a new remix for Oh Word... Check it!

New Looking down the barrel of a gun remix from DeeJayZap,  and a New All Lifestyles mix  from Dj Kai Tombo,  Time to delete some of your pron to make room for some sweet remixes.

   The man who NEVER sleeps,  Dj Kai Tombo,  he must have been awake for the last three nights because he's got 3 new mixes for us.  Remixes of Triple Trouble, Shake Your Rump, and That's it That's all.   I'm diggin' the That's it - Hillbilly Mix...

   Is it just me or can you mix the Beasties with just about any kind of music?   I think so!!!  And we shall soon find out??!!

DJ D / Tricky Dick is on the job today, this time he's got a nice mellow one for us.
Stop That Train BBoys -vs- Def P

As for my friend's Charlotte Church remix request below.  If you want to try this one, you can contact him HERE and he'll get you the song.  Just tell him I sent you..  :-)

 Kai Tombo back at it again with a new remix for Oh Word... Check it!

Do you guys do requests' ?
I'm sure DJ's hate it when they hear this.

   A friend of mine,  he's a big fan of Charlotte Church's older more operetic?, operatic? work and was wandering if anybody would be interested in doing a Beastie remix of a song called Habanera from her CD titled Enchantment.  Any Beastie track you want to mix it with is fine, you're the experts.  (I don't have the song, sorry)

   The other request is for me,  and this is going to sound like a stranger one than the one above,  but in the movie Gummo (Yeah, freakish movie, I know), in the beginning there's a song by Almeda Riddle called I love my little rooster,  and you can download it HERE.  Mixed with any Beastie's song would be great.  I can guarantee it will get a lot of play (at my house) :-)

    I don't have any big prizes for the best remix,  in fact I don't have any small prizes either, but I will allow you to name your first born after me if you wish.  


Two,  Count em' TWO new remixers today.  You guys know the drill,  Get busy downloading and feed-backing...  First up  JonJon with a remix for Alive,  and second,  Stashspade with remixes for 3 the Hard way, Rhyme the Rhyme Well, and Stop That Train.

  Last but certainly not least is our old friend Kai Tombo with a remix of Flowin' Prose, and a mix of Crawlspace.

 DJ D/Tricky Dick is back with a new mix for Oh Word,  fire up the download machine,  kick it into gear and give this one a listen.

 It's a good day today Boys and Girls,  we've got a new DJ here at Beastiemixes.  Please give a big welcome to  DJ Tibor Fredmann,  He's been DJing 3 years mostly Punk, 60ties and Trance, but has just begun remixing. Tibor is looking for some feedback so go download his mixes and give him some. His e-mail address is on his page.

Have Fun,  Silence7

   As Promised,  two more remixes from DJ D/Tricky Dick.  Body Movin' and Electrify.

   New mixes from DJ D/Tricky Dick tonight,   3 The hard way(Thundercats Mix) and
We got the(Jungle love) with more on the way soon. He's now got some contact info, so show him how much you like his mixes, drop him a note.  

Set your phazers to Download!!

You Gotta check this TT5B full album remix "On the Bus to NYC" from Kidda  GO HERE! Now!
I promise it'll put a big smile on your mug.

Link for nYgel's "NEW' Brr Stick Em' mix fixed.  Sorry about that gang...

New Rhyme the Rhyme well mix from NEXT,  I give it 2,  yes 2 thumbs up!

Some Beatbox stuff for tonight, Because I felt like it  :-)
Rahzel in Amsterdam (Youtube) Jammin!!
Rahzel - Ironman Oh Damn, The Drums!!!
Beatbox Audio Downloads
Google Beatbox videos
Rahzel Documentary (Youtube)
Beatbox Effex, Tampa 2003 (Youtube)
Youtube Vids
(1)  (2)  (3)
Austrailian idol beat box (Youtube)

   Kai Tombo is at it again,  This time bustin' out a new mix for Stop That Train,  Trip Hop on the D-Train Mix.   Get it Heeeere!               What are you still doin' here?   Go get it...!!

Some fun links for tonight,  a few of my favorite Beastie Boys YouTube videos.
Have Fun!!  

Funny Beastie Interview Funny!
2004 VH1 Hip Hop Honors  Run DMC Tribute With Doug E. Fresh F-ing Kickin' performance!!
Letterman Performance
Beastie Boys (1984) Scott and Gary show (with Kate) Old as hell
Scott, James, Dustin perform "The Beastie Boys" They did a pretty good job
Beastie Boys 2004 yahoo Japan interview
Celebrity Death Match BEASTIE's vs Backstreet Boys B-Boys for the WIN!
MMM Pageant Intro Düsseldorf, Germany 2004,  Mike is the MAN!!

Brand new from nYgel  a remake of his Hello Johnny,  Johnny Cash -vs- Beastie Boys Mixtape,  now includes 13 songs.  Also,  a new Brr, stick 'em mix.On Your Mark,  Get Set,  DOWNLOAD!!!

   New mix from DeeJayZap,   Various Tracks-Beastie Scratch Track,  a mini-megamix of sorts, with lots of big beats and mucho scratchin'... Good stuff!    He never sleeps,  Kai Tombo with another new mix today.  Tombo is also looking for rappers to colab. with.  Get in touch with him through the address on his page for details..

New Brouhaha mix, a bumpin' All Lifestyles mix, and two mixes of The Move from Kai Tombo today.  Nothing says love like a download. :-)

I am very proud to announce that we have a new DJ on the site tonight, Chromium05.     I've been a long time leech of this guy's mixes, and I'm glad to be able to help out hosting these great mixes.   If you've heard his mixes, You already know how good he is.  If you haven't,  now's the time to get busy downloading.Have Fun!


Be sure and take a listen to our newest member Spakatronik,  I promise to clean up the front page soon,  in the mean time,  the site is progressing,  you might not see it,  but believe me,  it is.    Thanks for coming and giving the hard working DJ's a listen.  If you like what you hear, give them a big thanks HERE.

    Be sure and check the new mixes from Uru-Nitro,  nYgel, and DeeJayZap.

   This guy has somehow managed to fly under my radar for far too long.  I've now been made aware of his presence and I want to be sure that you are made aware also. Phosphoros .  He's done a great job at a TT5B complete remix, and also has a set of misc. B Boys mixes that I'm enjoying thoroughly.  Go check his mixes,  drop him an e-mail if you like what you hear,  I did!

     Why is DJ BC getting so much crap over The Beastles,  when they can sell This CD on Amazon.com? Beatles Regrooved. Is it because a free alternative to this is taking away sales? Who knows....

      A nice article on sampling was found by a friend of mine, you may or may not have already have seen it,  but it's an interesting read. ZDNET. You might also want to check out this article on remixing, Hartford Advocate.

      I know this is a Beastie's site,  but I'm also a gamer and thought I'd throw out a link to a fun site,  remixed video game music.OverClocked ReMix


  Another new place to download DJ BC's Let it Beast album HERE. That is, until it dies. :-(

    New mix for the weekend from nYgel,  and also a couple from Uru-Nitro!   Also I want you guys/girls to check one of my many favorite mixes,  see if you like it too, and give the guy some feedback Unite (J-Pop Lesson Mix, feat. Koda Kumi) There's a lot to like about this mix.

   Small update tonight,  A couple new mixes from DeeJayZap,  and a new links page. If you have a Beasties related site you would like linked to see the links page for info.  The site is coming along slowly but surely,  we've got a few guys being hosted, and everything seems to be moving along ok.   I would like to talk a little about what is in the works for the site in the future.

    These are by no means things that are going to get done tomorrow,  and probably not the next day. These are things that I personally would like to have on the site.  Please don't bug about them.  They will come when they're finished.

Commenting for each mix.
Remix ratings

     And for as long as I can afford it, I never want to have anybody have to log in to download mixes.  However for the forums, and possibly uploading mixes you will have to have an account.  This is not all worked out, but is in the planning stages.

        Til' next time,


    A big welcome to our newest remixer,  DJ Wiseman,  Check out his sweet Open Letter mix on his page. Nice Job.  Hope to see more mixes from you.

   I would like to welcome DJ Uru-Nitro as a new remixer on BeastieMixes.com please check his page for a partial listing of his Beastie Boys mixes,  with more to follow soon.


    I would just like to extend a big thanks to all who have visited over the last few weeks.  We've had 1627 remix downloads in the last 14 days, and we're only hosting 45 mixes.  The Beasties are truly world wide, I know this because we have had visitors from all over the world.

     If anyone out there is in need of an easy way to get their Beastie Boys remixes hosted,  Just drop me a e-mail, I'll give you instructions and put a page up for you ASAP.  (We're still running on the manual labor system here.)

     Until next time,  enjoy the mixes, and be sure to thank the guys in the forums.

Welcome Remixers & Beastie Boys fans.

      A little update tonight, and a little explanation of what this site is, what I would like it to be, and when it will get there.

      For the longest time I have been collecting Beastie Boys remixes,  I've collected right around 400+ so far.  Some of them are great, some not so great,  but they all have one thing in common.  They need a place where people can download them.  For some remixers this was their own website, for others it was a free file hosting service, or a temporary website.  And therein lies the problem.   The remixes that were hosted on temporary sites, or free file hosting sites like putfile,  or the likes were often never seen or heard again after the first batch of people downloaded it.  The file get's deleted off of the server after a period of time, then it's never uploaded again.  Thus the files are unavailable for people who are just starting to collect.

      I would like to make this site a place for people who don't want to bother with hunting down a way to get their files out to the public.  People who should be worrying about their next mix and not if their bandwidth allocation for the month is about to dry up.   I want this to be a place where you can reliably come and upload your mixes, and know that a year from now people will still be able to come here and get them,  and also new mixes by other people.

           All of this does not happen over night.  I will be doing what work I can to get the site to the next step over the next few weeks. First thing will be a site design, as this is just temporary until I can come up with a design I'm happy with.  I will also (hopefully) be getting some help soon with adding some features such as the file upload script.   We have a list of features right now about a mile long, and will be going through and adding ones we feel would help keep the site moving forward and tossing out the rest. It's going to be a slow climb, but we'll get to the top.

    Until then,  If you really need to get your mixes hosted, and you have nowhere else to turn, drop me an e-mail, and I'll see what I can do for you as I have done with the guys currently being hosted here.

     In closing,  I want to thank the Beastie Boys for all the great music they give us. And a big thanks to all the DJ's and Remixers who Rip, Mash, Scratch & Remix that shit up and give us new and interesting ways of hearing the same songs in a very different light.

For More Info: Contact me HERE

Fighting for your right to sample.


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