Welcome StumbleUpon overloards,  You're wreaking havock on my server,
but while I've got you here, you should check out some remixes,
sometime next week please, I don't think she can stand much more hammering tonight.

In the rush to welcome our StumbleUpon visitors I accidently deleted the little explanation paragraph..   Anyway,  these photos were taken in May 2008,  yeah,  5 months after the due date.

The photos are real,  and the webbing stuff around the candy cereal goodness is not like mold, it's more like a web, or cocoon material.  The package was completely sealed before my friend opened it and freaked out,  he threw it away but we thought it would be neat to show it to other people,  don't ask why we thought this,  but we did.

So apparently we are eating bug eggs that just haven't hatched yet, and it makes me wonder what other bugs would hatch in our food if we just wait long enough.


And to greenchair  who commented: "Stumblewhore piss off."

I did NOT submit this to StumbleUpon I don't even have an account at StumbleUpon,  the traffic that StumbleUpon was bringing forced me to see where the traffic was coming from and I was trying to be nice by welcoming traffic that was actually taking down parts of the site.  I took the photos in May, my friend submitted it to Digg, and we forgot about it until the other day, when the site started crumbling.

So NO, I'm not a Stumblewhore, and NO I will not piss off.   I was just trying to welcome the people who actually found the photos interesting,  obviously not Digg users who only generated 2 diggs.   Next time massive traffic starts taking your site down, see if you roll out the red carpet and welcome wagon.

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