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Please DO NOT take this site seriously it was an April Fools joke I played
On the guys at Beastiemixes

** BEASTIEMIXES.COM IS NO LONGER, See Explanation Below. **

Almost a year later, and IceMixes is still going strong with a new mix tonight.
Globemallow Spike with a new twist on an old song.
Download Below....
Ice Ice Baby - Still Bitin' Bowie Remix

Finally got around to getting the domain name,  
http://www.icemixes.com for now it just redirects to the beastiemixes domain/hosting,  until I can get the hosting switched to the new site's name.

So far we don't have much,  but rest assured,  soon the site will be going strong and we'll have all kinds of ICEmixes for you to download.

I've been diving into the Vanilla Ice remix scene and there's a lot of good stuff out there,  pellas are kinda hard to come by, but I'm sure you guys will make due until he releases some more.  I heard that he might do like the Beasties did and release a big pella pack for all the remixers,  should be great.

Oh Yeah!!  
Once again it's on like a brand new morn!  Only our first day at this new game and we already have one hosted DJ.  I didn't know if this was going to go off that well with the hosted guys,  but CosmoKramer has come over from the old site, and is now our first ICEmixes.com hosted DJ.   He's already got a couple mixes on his page, so go Ch-Check it Out...  So I'd like to invite all you guys from the old site to follow Cosmo's lead, and start remixing the ICE man.

    I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but I've been thinking about this for a long while.  I've decided to stop running Beastiemixes.com.
You wanna know why - because I'm..
December 31st - that is my date of birth, also I think we've come to the point where you guys are pretty much running out of steam, maybe if some new pellas were released it would help, but I don't know.  Things look kinda grim and something's got to give, I would like to keep the site alive, but
shit's getting duller and duller and that's a fact.

     I have put a lot of work into the Beastiemixes site and have made a lot of friends, but it's time for me to move on and go where the the beats are clear the rhymes are bold

     Hosted guys,  all I can say is I'm sorry.....  Just look at it this way,  your mixes were hosted for over a year and got some extra exposure.  If you need hosting for your Beastie Boys mixes, you might try Soundclick.com or some other hosting service.  I know you guys will find a cool place to host you up because I know you can't you won't and you don't stop.  Good Luck Guys,  it's been lots of fun. You know I'll still be here hosting up remixes, just not for Beasties songs. You know I'll never let you down with the stereo sound.

     The new site will have to use the beastiemixes.com domain name and hosting for a while, because it's already paid up for the next 3 years, that is unless someone wants to buy out the site and run it themselves,  that would free up some money so I could try and get the IceMixes.com domain and another hosting plan to put this site on.  You can contact me at beastiemixes@gmail.com if you'd like to make an offer on the site.  I could mail all the files etc to you on DVD's or just give you all the FTP info.  As an extra bonus if you do want to buy me out, I'll throw in my complete collection of Beastie Boys remixes on 2 DVD's.

    So anyway, now I'd like to pass the mic, so  I'm starting this new site, and we don't yet have any Ice mixes yet, because we don't have any remixers yet.   If you would like to be the first one, click the "Get Hosted" link in the menu above and drop me an e-mail.

This is not for free you must pay a fee
Cash on delivery like a C.O.D.

If you'd like to read up a bit on Vanilla Ice, and see what a great guy he is, you might want to
check out his 
Wikipedia Entry










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